Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 118

Published at 17th of May 2020 11:53:45 AM

Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Construction Complete

When the construction of the Palace of Brilliance of Resurgence was complete, there were still three days left till the two weeks deadline Bai Luochu set . These additional three days should be enough for Bai Luochu to make arrangements before departing for the Falling Cloud Mountain Range .

“Cai Ling, now that the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is complete, quickly inform Mistress to make use of the additional time to make arrangements in advance . I will go and inform the other members to assemble here at 9 am tomorrow . Remember to inform Mistress about it . The attention we gathered in the past two weeks is indeed too much . Putting aside the fact that we monopolized all the craftsmen in the capital city, just blasting the mountain and leveling the ground is enough to attract countless eyes . I am afraid that the small factions surrounding us will be ready to charge at us the moment we complete our construction . The first to make the move will possess the advantage and the last to move will face a calamity . Although we do not need to care about those smaller factions, it is better for us to avoid conflict completely . ”

During these few days, Cai Ling had been rushing around as she provided assistance to both the frontline and backline . Now that the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence was constructed, there was nothing else for Cai Ling to do here . Hence, Ying Lan gave these orders to Cai Ling .

When Cai Ling heard Ying Lan’s careful considerations, she knew the severity of the task . She replied, “What Commander Ying said is extremely correct . This place no longer has any need for this servant . This servant shall return and inform Mistress of the news . ”

Cai Ling replied before running off . She seemed much faster than before . It could be imagined that the burden which was weighing her down the past few days was lifted off her shoulders the moment the palace was successfully constructed . She was naturally delighted .

After Ying Lan saw Cai Ling leave, a headache started to set in . When he started a conversation with Cai Ling earlier, he was extremely depressed . Without a doubt, it was because of the silver-haired man . Apart from the night where the silver-haired man was negotiating with him, he had been quiet the whole time . Adding on the fact that his hair and eyes were both silver in color, he was basically a lump of ice .

The only time his voice could be heard was when there were disagreements among the other workers . After all, these people were well-known individuals in terms of construction work . The master class figures of their respective trade would inevitably possess their own views when working . When everyone insisted on different things, conflicts would rise . Every time disputes arose, the silver-haired man would propose a solution that could please all the parties involved . No matter how they looked at it, they wouldn’t be able to find any fault . In the end, no one wasted time on meaningless disputes .

Over time, whenever the silver-haired man proposed a solution, everyone wouldn’t bother scrutinizing it and would simply implement his ideas . That was how the massive project was completed with three days to spare . The contribution of the silver-haired man was truly undeniable .

However… apart from the time when the silver-haired man was speaking to propose his solution, he would never speak for the rest of the time . His expression would be ice-cold and he seemed unapproachable . Even when those craftsmen were giving praises or trying to strike up a conversation, the silver-haired man wouldn’t say anything . These craftsmen who were rather prideful were unsatisfied with the silver-haired man’s manners and ultimately, Ying Lan had to mediate and deal with the situation .

It was precisely the reason behind Ying Lan’s headache . Now that the silver-haired man wasn’t talking, wouldn’t his status be lowered if he had to explain the silver-haired man’s actions? If he knew this would happen, he would ask Cai Ling to stay and explain everything before heading back to inform Bai Luochu .

Ying Lan’s back was facing the silver-haired man but he could feel a burning gaze on his back . It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to avoid this matter and had to give the silver-haired man an explanation .

“We have troubled you by asking you to make a trip down here to give everyone your guidance . You really saved a lot of time and we are only able to complete the construction thanks to you . Now that there is nothing left to do, why not return home and take a break? When the time comes, I will send someone to notify you . ”

Ying Lan might sound polite, but he was hoping that the silver-haired man would leave as soon as possible . When the time for them to leave for the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, he was definitely going to leave the silver-haired man out .

Ying Lan was able to think so far ahead, but with the silver-haired man’s intelligence, how could he not understand Ying Lan’s plan?

The silver-haired man was thinking silently in his heart .  Heh, this person is probably trying to get rid of me after using me . He wants to kick me out as soon as the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is complete . Does he think I’ll be a burden on the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range? With my strength, I’ll be able to help her if anything happens . If someone is going to tell me that I’m a burden, his mistress has to be the one to say it . No matter what, even if the lass’ cultivation isn’t strong enough, her movement skills are incredible .

“I’ll come back tomorrow . I might be of some help . ” After the silver-haired man knew what Ying Lan was thinking, he interrupted the conversation .

Ying Lan never expected for the silver-haired man to speak . Even though he wasn’t able to avoid the topic, Ying Lan was rejoicing in his heart that he didn’t set the location of the conference to be in the secret room . If the silver-haired man learned of the secret base, it would definitely spell disaster .

Ying Lan forced the corner of his mouth to curl upwards as he revealed a reluctant smile . “I am really embarrassed for the trouble we caused . Since you insist on doing so, I shall not persuade you otherwise . I still have a lot of work waiting for me to handle at the Remote Paddy Inn and I shall take my leave . Tomorrow at 9am, we will meet here again . ”

Ying Lan finished speaking and pushed his movement skills to the limits . He didn’t even turn back as he headed straight towards the direction of the Remote Paddy Inn . From the looks of it, he seemed to be afraid of the silver-haired man asking him more questions .

When he saw Ying Lan’s reaction, the silver-haired man stayed silent as the corner of his lips curled upwards . Even his icy cold eyes seemed like they were going to melt .

He didn’t care what Ying Lan thought about him as he had already achieved his ultimate objective . Right now, he was going to see how much he could achieve at 9am tomorrow .

The silver-haired man no longer thought about it as he returned to his courtyard .

At this current moment, Cai Ling had already returned to the general’s residence and had conveyed Ying Lan’s message to Bai Luo Chu .

“Since that is the case, you will follow me tomorrow . There are still three days before the deadline of two weeks . Good planning is definitely required for the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . We also have to come up with a plan for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s future developments . ” Bai Luochu notified Cai Ling with a calm expression on her face .