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Chapter 12

Soft smoked gauze and cloud brocade? Despite the fact that Bai Luochu was used to such luxury in her previous life, she was still speechless nevertheless . If even a personal servant’s attire was made with soft smoked gauze and cloud brocade, this Lord definitely had too much money and nowhere to spend it .

When the servant girl saw that Bai Luochu didn’t have a change in expression after hearing ‘soft smoked gauze’ and ‘cloud brocade’, she was rather surprised and couldn’t help but feel a little bothered .

Bai Luochu didn’t reveal any trace of greed or flattery when she heard that her attire was made of soft smoked gauze and cloud brocade, to make matters worse, she didn’t even blink . To the servant girl, it seemed as though their Lord really brought back an extraordinary lady . It was no wonder her Lord had personally appointed her to take care of this newcomer .

When she recalled that she hadn’t introduced herself to Bai Luochu, she smiled and said, “This servant is called Zi Su . My Lord took into consideration that Young Lady had just arrived here and would face many problems trying to settle down and sent me to take care of you . ”

After speaking, she even bowed towards Bai Luochu .

There was even a servant to serve her?

Bai Luochu was startled as she looked at the servant girl’s attire . Wasn’t it also made from cloud brocade?

Zi Su was actually here to be her servant girl?

This development of this plot was getting more and more interesting . Bai Luochu was getting more and more curious about this “Lord” .

Mere curiosity wouldn’t let Bai Luochu forget her initial objective . Turning her body, she addressed the servant girl, “Then, Zi Su… You mentioned to me that I can move around the residence as I please . However, I don’t know the way and it won’t be good if I were to wander around as I might bump into some distinguished guest or accidentally venture into some forbidden places . ”

Bai Luochu wanted to have a better understanding of this residence but didn’t make her intentions too obvious . Looking at how shrewd this little servant girl was, she should be able to understand Bai Luochu’s hidden intentions .

Zi Su didn’t disappoint Bai Luochu as she nodded and replied, “In order to save time, will Young Lady please follow this servant? Do not move around randomly or you might lose your way . ” Finishing her statement, she bowed and turned to walk outside the door .

The residence might be huge, but everything was in order .

After exiting her courtyard, they walked through a reception pavilion and long hallway before arriving at a mansion on the other side . The northwest corner was where the servant girls who were tasked to do odd jobs and chores were housed . It was also the place where they worked .

The southeast corner was where the residence’s physician resided and it was also where the medicine store was . The northeast corner was where the embroidery ladies resided and the residence’s clothing and accessories were produced .

In the southwest was the kitchen and they were responsible for the meals in the residence . The accounts room was located in the eastern residence, and it was where the members of the residence would draw their salary .

“If Young Lady isn’t feeling well, you can send someone to call for the physician . If you need herbs for cultivation, you can come over and take them . If your clothes are dirty, you can send a chores servant to wash them . Clothes and meals will be sent to the Young Lady’s residence according to the schedule . As for money, Young Lady’s monthly salary is sufficient and there is no need to worry . ”

Zi Su explained all the important information in one go . Bai Luochu didn’t have anything additional to ask and simply followed Zi Su back to her room .

On the way back, Zi Su suddenly stopped and pointed at the tall pavilion in the distance . “Young Lady, can you see that tall pavilion?”

Zi Su turned around and looked at Bai Luochu, seemingly waiting for a response . When she saw Bai Luochu nodding, she then turned around and continued . “That tall pavilion is the Glass Treasure Pavilion . It is where the residence keeps all the mystical and valuable treasures . Before my Lord returns, it is best that Young Lady avoids going to that place . ”

After Bai Luochu and Zi Su walked around, she had a near-complete understanding of the structure of this residence as she had been releasing her spiritual energy all along .

The residence was situated in the north and facing the south . There weren’t many discrepancies when compared to the normal aristocratic clans apart from the Glass Treasure Pavilion . Everywhere else looked a little more high-class and the furnishing looked like they were done up by a huge clan .

Yet when looking at the west side of the residence, at the detailed and delicate manner of how the labor was divided up, Bai Luochu had a subtle feeling that the Lord who bought her was from the imperial clan . After all, be it the arrangement of personnel or the structure of the residence, she could see the shadow of the imperial palace .

Now that she was clear about the structure of the residence, Bai Luochu would be able to prevent herself from making any mistakes unknowingly .

Night finally fell but the weather wasn’t too great . The dark clouds were concealing the moon and there was a huge gale blowing through the land . There was a saying, “When the moonless night is accompanied by strong winds, it is the best time for murder and arson . ” Although there might not be any murders or arsons taking place, it was the best opportunity for people to flout the law .

After taking a stroll around the residence, Bai Luochu went back to cultivate in her room . She only paused her cultivation when the kitchen sent servants to deliver her dinner . She then cleaned her hands and prepared to eat .

Zi Su had brought the meal in and arranged them all on the table beautifully as Bai Luochu couldn’t help but sigh with emotions . “It is truly good to be wealthy!” Previously at the Bestial Battle Arena, she had been eating leftovers and cold gruel . There were even a few times when the gruel had gone sour .

Right now, she only had the status of a personal servant but her dinner actually consisted of four dishes and a soup . Furthermore, the ingredients for these dishes were all exotic delicacies as they shone with a brilliant luster .

When Zi Su saw Bai Luochu’s suspicious look, she spoke up and explained, “The food in the residence has always been good . When this servant thought about how Young Lady wasn’t able to eat properly back in the Bestial Battle Arena, I informed the kitchen to add several dishes for you . ”

“Why… are all of you treating me so well? Apart from not being allowed to exit the residence, the treatment that I am given isn’t any different from those Young Ladies from aristocratic clans . Why are you doing this?” Bai Luochu laughed as she probed .

These people… Why are they doing this? Is it because of the original owner of the body? When Bai Luochu woke up from the Bestial Battle Arena, she didn’t recall anything . She had no clue if the Lord had any actual relationship with the owner of this body .

Wait, Bestial Battle Arena . . .

Could it be that… could it be that her movement techniques used in the Bestial Battle Arena were recognized by someone?

When she thought about it, Bai Luochu felt a chill down her spine . If it was truly the case, she didn’t know if the Lord was an enemy or an ally . She was in the open, while her enemy was in the dark, she might not even be aware of what had actually happened if she died .

But in the small Bestial Battle Arena in the Cloud Water Nation… was there truly someone that could recognize her moves?

It was about time for her to investigate the identity of the original owner of her body . She also had to know why she was trapped in the Bestial Battle Arena the moment she reincarnated .