Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 121

Published at 19th of May 2020 11:45:00 AM

Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Pei Wuchen’s Scheme

“What did you say? Her cousin has been trying to frame her all this while?” When Pei Wuchen heard this, his brows locked together . He placed the imperial note to the side and sank into deep contemplation .

The secret guard knew that his master was a person who had tender and protective attitude when dealing with members of the opposite sex . Seeing that his ‘official’ fiancée was suffering, it didn’t surprise the secret guard that his master’s mood was affected . The secret guard immediately consoled his master, “My lord can be at ease, Young Lady Luo Chu isn’t some pushover . Her cousin’s schemes never succeeded and Young Lady Luo Chu came up with her own plans to make her cousin suffer . ”

“She is a young lady who cannot cultivate . How is it possible for her to defend against her uncle’s family who are like jackals and tigers? I know that she is an orphaned daughter and she should be facing a hard time in the imperial city . Here, aristocratic families are conspiring against each other and even family members can’t be trusted . Her uncle’s family must think that she is a weak pushover . ” Pei Wuchen shook his head and sighed . He was seemingly lamenting over Luo Chu’s difficult life

Pei Wuchen muttered for a moment and instructed the secret guard . “Forget it . This is all part of her fate . Now that this engagement is no longer valid, why do I need to think about her well being? Return and keep tabs on her . Report to me if anything major happens . Make sure no hard befalls her . ”

Pei Wuchen wasn’t really bothered with Bai Luochu and he was only offering her some assistance as she was supposed to be his concubine . In Pei Wuchen’s opinion, he had already carried out his duty and was simply doing so to allow his conscience to be at ease .  She isn’t worthy of my attention . . .

“Senior Chen, whose safety are you concerned about?” Just as Pei Wuchen’s sentence ended Feng Wan’er walked into the room . The secret guard was about to leave but he became trapped in the room once again .

Pei Wuchen was shocked . He was in love with Feng Wan’er and she had feelings for him . His Emperor Father and Master were glad to see them together . However, he knew that Feng Wan’er had always been arrogant and willful . If she knew that Pei Wuchen was looking out for another woman, she would probably throw a fit . His concern would cause Bai Luochu more harm than good . In the end, Pei Wuchen decided to lie .

“Nothing much . I’m asking him to look out for an elder who once took care of me . His living condition isn’t too good right now and I’m just showing my goodwill . ”

Feng Wan’er smiled in response and praised him . “Senior Brother really cares for the commoners!” Feng Wan’er trusted Pei Wuchen fully and wasn’t suspicious at all . After all, he was the man she was giving her all to . She believed that in this world, apart from herself, there was no one else worthy enough to be with such a refined and handsome gentleman . Not to mention that he was from the imperial family .

“Why are you here?” Pei Wuchen saw that Feng Wan’er wasn’t suspicious and quickly shifted the topic .

When Feng Wan’er heard the question, her face immediately changed and asked in return, “Senior, do you know about the rumors of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range circulating around the city?”

Pei Wuchen’s brows rose upwards slightly and his actions stiffened . “Is the information true? Are they speaking the truth?”

When Feng Wan’er saw Pei Wuchen’s face of disbelief, she thought about the actions of the outer valley disciples and she was immediately enraged . She stomped her feet and crushed her handkerchief before snapping, “That’s right! The Green Flame Eagle is our main objective for leaving the valley . We were originally thinking of capturing and raising the young spirit beast after receiving a secret report from our agents outside the valley . Our intelligence network was watertight and all we had to do was to scout out the area before completing the mission . Who knew that when those outer valley disciples went out to drink, they would spill everything out in a state of stupor? Look at the situation now! The capital is now filled with people and after a short investigation, I found out that all of them had profound cultivation . They are probably here to take a share of the pie . ”

Pei Wuchen naturally knew the severity of this matter and immediately consoled Feng Wan’er . “You don’t have to be too worried . These people might want to dip their hand in, but they need to look at whether they have the ability to do so . Since our Phoenix King Valley is one of the Three Great Immortal Sects, we are definitely stronger than all of them… You can relax . . ”

“Senior brother, I am clear of everything you just said . We took advantage of our title as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects to plunder nearly all the cultivation resources from them . All of them had been dissatisfied for a long time and might use this opportunity to form an alliance to hinder us . Other than a single elder, the rest of our forces are made up of juniors like us . Furthermore, the capital is now filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, not including those that had already set off for the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . If anything were to happen, we would probably be at a disadvantage . ”

Feng Wan’er had already analyzed the situation in detail and her heart was filled with indignation, hence, she started to complain, “It is the fault of those outer valley disciples! If it weren’t for the fact that they are my senior and junior brothers, I would already punish them according to the rules of the valley!”

Pei Wuchen fell into silence and he understood that Feng Wan’er was speaking the truth . He fell into a daze as he didn’t know what to do .

Feng Wan’er saw that Pei Wuchen wasn’t saying anything so she turned and left .

“Junior sister is truly considerate about the camaraderie between disciples . . ” Feng Wan’er had just returned to the relay station when the feminine man started to make fun of her .

“I didn’t know that senior brother had the hobby of eavesdropping . ” Feng Wan’er wasn’t in a good mood and she wasn’t polite when speaking to the feminine man .

He wasn’t angry at all as he replied to Feng Wan’er, “It is better for junior sister to pay attention to the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Elder has already been summoned by the Emperor of the Cloud Water Nation . I am afraid that those princes will be getting involved in this too . ”

“They are really useless! Why are they creating so many problems for us?! They are merely outer valley disciples… If not for the fact that they are the ones who are throwing their lives away to form the contract, I would have killed every single one of them by now!” Feng Wan’er was infuriated by his words and a sinister expression appeared on her face .

The feminine man giggled and said, “That’s right . This is the Junior Wan’er I know . There is no hurry . . . wait till we seize the Green Flame Eagle . There will be plenty of opportunities to take care of them . ”