Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 125

Published at 20th of May 2020 10:20:41 PM

Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Appointing the Palace Master

Guan Yue seemed to have expected Bai Luochu’s question and had already prepared an answer . As these routes were marked out with his grandfather’s many years of experience as a transport envoy, Guan Yue felt rather proud of it . He who was originally indifferent and unfriendly started to explain himself .

Before giving his reason, he asked Bai Luochu a question of his own, “According to Divine Physician Bai’s wise opinion, what do these routes emphasize?”

Bai Luochu was rather astonished when faced with a question from Guan Yue, but she quickly regained her composure and replied, “Safety, comfort, speed . ”

These three words that came out in succession were the exact ones in Guan Yue’s mind . Guan Yue didn’t keep everyone in suspense and immediately explained, “What Divine Physician Bai said is correct and that’s the exact reason I chose the two paths . The main path is constructed by the imperial court and is both smooth and spacious . Be it for horses, carriages, or foot, that is the most comfortable way to travel . Of course, that path is guarded by soldiers and that ensures the safety of all travelers . Furthermore, The main path is used when military secrets and important resources are transported . This path passes through the least cities and is the shortest possible route we can take . ”

“As such, there will be a lot of people traveling along the main path . It won’t fulfill our requirements at all . We need to use alternative routes . ”

“Safety is our top priority . Before this, I eliminated the hidden dangers on the map based on my memory . Other paths should be safe for us to travel on . Only three of the five routes are left and most of them will cause us to pass through huge cities . These are the only paths left leading to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . For those people who don’t choose the main path, they will definitely choose one of these three paths . ”

“Out of the two left, one of them will cause us to take a detour to the back of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range before we can ascend the mountain . Furthermore, it will lead us on a winding path that passes through random towns on the way there . As for the last route, it’s a small path hacked out by people carrying out shameful businesses . It’s narrow and regular carriages will not be able to pass through . The road is uneven and those so-called outstanding individuals will definitely not choose this path . ”

“No one other than those involved in those shady businesses should know of that path . Why is it on the map?” Bai Luochu already knew the answer in her heart . She was simply asking to confirm her thoughts .

When Guan Yue saw that Bai Luochu already had an answer in her heart, he no longer hid anything . “To be honest . When Commander Ying looked for someone to draw this map, I was there as well . I was the one looking at the person who drew the map . This route was originally not there on this map, but after quarreling for some time, someone filled this route in . Commander Ying can be a witness as well . ”

Bai Luochu looked at Ying Lan who nodded in response as an indication that Guan Yue was speaking the truth .

“But, Young Master Guan pointed out that this path is used by people who are involved in some shameless business . It is hard to say if these people are fugitives or not . If we are to recklessly take this path, won’t it be dangerous?”

Hearing the doubt in everyone’s mind, Guan Yue took the initiative and replied, “Everyone doesn’t need to worry about this . These people are simply trying to secure their livelihood and hope that no one sees them along the way . As long as we don’t stir up any trouble, there will not be any danger . After the reformation of the authorities’ governance, it’s really difficult to smuggle items in and out of cities . With the even harsher conditions right now, those who use that path will definitely have their own concerns . Everyone can be at ease . ”

“Young Master Guan is someone who considers all aspects of a plan thoroughly . Seeing as how he is able to explain the reasoning behind taking either two paths, shouldn’t we put our trust in him?” When Bai Luochu gave her opinion, it became clear to everyone that they should place their trust in Guan Yue .

When everyone heard Bai Luochu’s words, all of them fell silent . In the end, they were just subordinates and they were lucky their master was including them in important discussions . What more could they wish for?

“My lord, we should assign the teams now and pick out the route . There isn’t a lot of time before our deadline is up . It is better for us to come up with a plan now . ” When Ying Lan saw that no one was raising any objections, he immediately exhorted and hoped that Bai Luochu could make use of this opportunity to convince everyone to agree to her arrangements .

Bai Luochu naturally understood Ying Lan’s thoughts . She didn’t hesitate anymore and she immediately acted .

“Right now, I am still ‘Divine Physician Bai’ to the outsiders . I’m not related to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence in any way and because of my identity, many people are paying attention to me . I cannot officially take up a key position in the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence for now . Ying Lan is someone who has been following me for a long time and he always does things appropriately and with thorough considerations . Right now, I am appointing Ying Lan as the Palace Master of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . When I am not around, everything will be handled by Ying Lan . If any of you need to clarify anything, you can ask him . Does anyone object to my arrangement?”

Bai Luochu might be bent on making Ying Lan the Palace Master, but if anyone had any objections or other candidates, she would need to take them into account .

Bai Luochu was rather surprised that under Ying Lan’s leadership, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence was united and acted as a single body . When Bai Luochu spoke of her decision, no one refuted . Instead, all of them clapped their hands and offered their congratulations to Ying Lan .

Ying Lan responded politely to all of them . “Many thanks to everyone’s trust and appreciation . I will live up to your expectations . ”

After thanking everyone, he turned around and kneeled in front of Bai Luochu with one knee on the ground . “This subordinate shall live up to Master’s expectations . I will give my all to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and I hope that Master will be at ease . This subordinate will do his best to make the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence the strongest backer for Master!” After finishing his statement, he kowtowed to the ground with a loud ‘thud’ .

Bai Luochu responded by helping Ying Lan up . “Of course I trust you . There is no need for such actions . You may stand up . ”

Bai Luochu understood the meaning behind Ying Lan’s words . His words were to ensure that she could still command the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence even though she didn’t possess the position of Palace Master . After all, Bai Luochu was Ying Lan’s mistress and no matter what, she had higher authority than him .