Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 126

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Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Volunteering

Everyone present understood what Ying Lan meant . He was afraid that his master might no longer possess any authority in the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence in the future . But in everyone’s heart, it was already an extraordinary matter for Bai Luochu to convince so many of them to join the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . In their eyes, a person like Bai Luochu who was proficient in medical skills, adept at schemes, together with the fact that she had otherworldly wisdom, it truly seemed like she was an existence close to the gods . Apart from the fact that her cultivation was slightly weaker, the rest of her attributes were flawless .

After Bai Luochu helped Ying Lan up, she carried on, “As for the rest of the matters, they shall all be handed over to Ying Lan . I will only be taking charge of the specific arrangements for the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . ”

When Bai Luochu saw that no one had any opinions, she continued speaking .

“Since Guan Yue has pointed out two routes, let us not waste his efforts . We have to make good use of his suggestion . According to my plan, Ying Lan shall lead a team and use the route that brings them on a detour to the back of the mountain . I will lead a team to take the narrow path . Splitting up will ensure that there shall be no delays even if one of the teams encounters some mishap . We will be leaving behind a few individuals to take care of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . ”

“Who is Divine Physician Bai planning to pick for the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range? Who will be in charge of taking care of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence in your absence?” The one who spoke was the scholar-looking man . He was in charge of the teahouse and it was obvious that he had some prestige among this group of people . When he spoke, he addressed the question in everyone’s mind .

Bai Luochu looked at Ying Lan and saw that he also had an awkward expression on his face . She hastily spoke up in order to alleviate the awkward atmosphere . “We will respect everyone’s opinion on this matter . Is there anyone who doesn’t wish to go to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range? You may voice out your opinions now . I will not force anyone to head over . ” 

Just as Bai Luochu’s voice fell, a few of the ladies raised their hands immediately . As this was within Bai Luochu’s expectation, she didn’t say anything . The trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range was extremely dangerous without the Green Flame Eagle’s presence . With the Green Flame Eagle’s presence, the trip was exceptionally dangerous .

Bai Luochu raised her hand and indicated for everyone to lower their hand . Just as Bai Luochu was about to move on to the next step of the arrangement, she saw the scholar-looking man raising his hand .

Bai Luochu and Ying Lan looked at each other and saw the stunned expression on each other’s face . This person was rather arrogant and his noble and virtuous aura wasn’t inferior to Guan Yue in the slightest . Why would he volunteer to stay in the capital city?

Bai Luochu turned back and tilted her head slightly as though she was mulling over something . He saw that Bai Luochu was starting to become suspicious and he explained himself, “Although a man should aspire to travel far to make his mark, if Commander Ying is going to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, there will be no one here to take care of the businesses in the capital city . Everyone’s cultivation is adequate and it won’t matter if I go . In terms of business matters, apart from Commander Ying, I am the next best individual . I thought of staying behind in order to make use of my abilities for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . I hope that Divine Physician Bai will understand and grant my request . ”

Bai Luochu was shocked at his ability to see the big picture . She immediately agreed to his request .

“You are… Meng Luoping, right?” Bai Luochu asked the scholar-looking man .

That man was also surprised that Bai Luochu actually remembered his name . He immediately replied with a pleasantly surprised tone, “That is correct . My name is Meng Luoping . I am indebted to Divine Physician Bai’s attention for remembering my name . ”

After all, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence had plenty of people . It was truly a difficult task for Bai Luochu to remember all of their names .

As for Ying Lan who was standing beside Bai Luochu, he didn’t think anything of it . In the past, Bai Luochu had thousands of secret guards and most of them looked the same . As a secret guard, none of them could possess any special traits as that would allow their enemies to remember them . Thus, not even the former temple master were able to differentiate between all of the secret guards under Bai Luochu . However, Bai Luochu was actually able to identify each and every one of them . She could even remember what they were proficient at . When Ying Lan looked at everyone who had their own unique style of dressing, he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart as these people were so much easier to identify compared to her secret guards . When Ying Lan recalled those brothers and sisters who were willing to risk their lives and limbs for each other, he felt a little sorrowful and the atmosphere around him immediately became a little heavier .

Bai Luochu was the first person to detect something wrong with Ying Lan . However, she never expected him to be thinking of the past . She assumed that he was thinking of the fallen temple and she quickly changed the topic to shift his attention .

“Ying Lan, pick some people to bring along on the journey, Make some arrangements for the rest of them . ” Bai Luochu gave her instruction .

When Ying Lan heard the order, he immediately started to categorize them based on their strengths and weaknesses . He picked over ten individuals, forming a small team . They would be the vanguard team and Guan Yue was part of them . As for the other team, Bai Luochu had yet to list out the names .

“Guan Yue cannot go . Leave him behind, I have something more important for him to do . If you think that you don’t have enough men, choose another one . ” Bai Luochu’s statement caused a commotion and Guan Yue couldn’t sit still .

“Why does Divine Physician Bai want to keep me in the capital city?” Guan Yue still had that cold and prideful expression on his face as he spoke in a faintly enraged tone .

Bai Luochu could faintly see the bursting veins on his forehead even though Guan Yue was restraining himself . She understood that this prideful youth was really angry this time . She lamented his hardheadedness and felt that extra training would greatly benefit the impatient Guan Yue .

“This evening around 5 pm, I will look for you in the Silk Flower Pavilion and I will tell you my plans . If you still wish to go to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range after that, you can simply follow Ying Lan . If you choose to stay behind, remember to get someone to inform me . ” Bai Luochu was helpless and could only pacify him for now .

Ying Lan saw that his mistress was probably going to make Guan Yue stay behind no matter what and he decided to look for another strong individual .

Everyone suddenly recalled that Bai Luochu was thinking of using both paths . Meng Luoping had to stay in the capital city to handle the business, Ying Lan had to personally make a trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Even Guan Yue was forced to stay in the capital city . Who else was going to travel to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range along the narrow path? This was really going to be a problem .