Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Undercurrent in the Imperial Study

On the same morning, not only were the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence having a discussion about the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range at their new base of operation, the same scene could be seen in the imperial study .

After the morning imperial court assembly, the Emperor summoned his sons into the imperial study . As some of the princes weren’t appointed with important roles in the imperial court, they would only join in the grand imperial court assembly every 1st and 15th of the month . During the normal imperial court assembly, only the First Prince, Pei Rumo, and Third Prince, Pei Wuchen, would be around .

However, today wasn’t the 1st or the 15th, but all of the princes were summoned into the palace by the Emperor . As for the reason, everyone had a clear answer in their heart . It was probably due to the fact that the information about the Phoenix King Valley heading to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range to capture the Green Flame Eagle had reached the ears of their Emperor Father . Just the day before, the Emperor had even summoned the old hall master of the Phoenix King Valley . With how things were going, it seemed as though the old emperor was planning to send his sons over to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range as well .

The atmosphere of the imperial study was rather strange . The Emperor was seated on the host seat as he dozed off with his eyes closed . The ambergris incense was lit and the smell filled the room . The chief eunuch stood beside the Emperor silently . There wasn’t a need to mention those palace maids who waved the fan as they stood at the back . They obediently remained in their position as they continued to fan like a machine .

It seemed extremely peaceful but the undercurrents were surging . .

The smell of the ambergris incense continued to spread and those who were not used to it started to get headaches . When everyone started to feel uncomfortable, the incense finally burned out . Perhaps it was too quiet, everyone seemed to be able to hear the sound of the ash falling to the ground .

No one knew if the Emperor felt that the smell of the incense was fading or if he heard the sound of the ash hitting the ground . His eyes snapped open and his gaze shifted to all the princes .

The old emperor raised his hand and waved it lightly as though he was trying to scatter the concentrated smell of incense . When the chief eunuch saw the Emperor’s action, he instantly dismissed all the other eunuch and palace maids .

Since those two palace maids could serve the Emperor, they were naturally tactful . They instantly placed the fans down properly and left the imperial study .

In the room, only the most respectable and influential people of the Cloud Water Nation were left .

“Wuchen, what is your opinion of the Phoenix King Valley’s actions?” The older a person was, the wiser he became . The old emperor started his questioning by going straight to the point .

Pei Wuchen already expected that his Emperor Father would start with him . After all, among all the princes present, he had the closest relationship with the Phoenix King Valley .

It was fortunate that Pei Wuchen had already made preparations in advance . As soon as the Emperor asked, he immediately replied according to the script he prepared . “In response to Emperor Father’s question, this son just learned of this matter . I believe that the Phoenix King Valley had recently obtained information through some secret sources and it caused them to make the decision to capture the Green Flame Eagle . When this son heard the rumors, I was also extremely astonished . The Phoenix King Valley had strict rules and they were not allowed to drink excessively . However, from what I know, the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples released this piece of news after getting drunk . This son didn’t believe it and didn’t seek confirmation from the Phoenix King Valley . Since this information might not be accurate, I couldn’t make a report to Emperor Father . It was only the day before when Junior Sister Wan’er looked for me that I understood that the rumors were true . Before I had the time to report, Emperor Father summoned me . ”

Pei Wuchen’s explanation was watertight and flawless . Firstly, he expressed that he had just obtained the information before explaining his late reaction to report the Phoenix King Valley’s intentions to the old emperor . After making all these excuses, he managed to shake off all the dirty water on himself .

The old emperor’s expression didn’t change in the slightest . He knew his third son had a skillful mouth and all his words were calculated . The Emperor’s inquiry was simply a way for him to beat some sense into Pei Wuchen . He wanted to see if Pei Wuchen was siding with the nation or the Phoenix King Valley . Furthermore, the Emperor wanted Pei Wuchen to know that no matter how much glory Pei Wuchen had, the Emperor was the person holding all the authority in the Cloud Water Nation .

“Do you have any good plans?” The old emperor sat straight and narrowed his eyes a little, seemingly waiting for his prey to jump into the trap .

Cold sweat was about to roll down Pei Wuchen’s back as this matter involved the Phoenix King Valley’s interests and also the Cloud Water Nation’s interests . Furthermore, his current situation as the bridge between the two factions was a strenuous and unrewarding task . If he didn’t handle it properly, both sides would turn on him .

Pei Wuchen had no choice but to force out a smile before replying to the old emperor . “In response to Emperor Father, in this son’s humble opinion, the capital city is filled with crooks . The Phoenix King Valley won’t be the only ones heading out to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Why not use the excuse of this son wanting to provide assistance to the Phoenix King Valley to bring all my brothers to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range?”

When this Emperor heard the reply, he knew that his third son was clear on his stance . He laughed heartily and said, “Hahaha, it will be for the best . I am not wrong . . . Chen’er understands my intention . Since that is the case, we will do as you say . ”

Pei Wuchen sighed in relief . He finally passed the Emperor’s test and what he had to do next was to convince Feng Wan’er and the old hall master .

“Emperor Father, this son can’t travel due to my injured legs . However, I still wish to look at the Green Flame Eagle . Can this son head over in a carriage? I’ll travel on the main path and the rest of the brothers will follow the Phoenix King Valley . ” The one who spoke was Pei Qingfeng . He was worried that he couldn’t follow Bai Luochu into the Falling Cloud Mountain Range but a single decision from the old emperor settled all his worries .

The Emperor loved this son who had superior foresight and ability to take care of the country . Had it not for his body being crippled, the Emperor wouldn’t allow Pei Qingfeng to just be an idle prince . He immediately agreed to Pei Qingfeng’s request .

“This son thanks Emperor Father for his approval . ”

When the old emperor saw that the matter was settled, he didn’t keep them in the study . He dismissed everyone back to their own residences .

Everyone quickly sought permission to leave and was afraid they would accidentally infuriate this old dragon . Only Pei Wuchen hoped that he would be able to stay for a longer time . His mind was flooded with different explanations when he dealt with Feng Wan’er . In fact, he hated the fact that time was moving so quickly .

In the end, life was unfair . No matter how Pei Wuchen tried to drag it out, he still arrived quickly at the relay station .