Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 133

Published at 26th of May 2020 10:42:43 AM

Chapter 133

Chapter 133: The Reason Within

After exiting from the Silk Flower Pavilion, Bai Luochu didn’t return to the general's residence . She went straight to the Remote Paddy Inn to look for Ying Lan .

When the innkeeper saw Bai Luochu, he didn’t say much and immediately led her into the study room .

Ying Lan wasn’t too surprised to see Bai Luochu as there were still plenty of things for her to settle . If Bai Luochu was here right now, there should be something important she needed to discuss with him .

“Mistress, is there anything you need?” Ying Lan asked while pouring a cup of tea for her .

Bai Luochu received the teacup and took a sip before saying, “There is . First is the good news . Guan Yue has willingly accepted to stay in the capital city to take care of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . When you lead the men to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range and when Meng Luoping takes care of the businesses, there will be no need to worry about the well being of the palace . ”

Ying Lan let out a sigh of relief in response . After all, Guan Yue was someone that his mistress had spent a lot of effort to recruit . If Guan Yue were to leave in a fit of anger, his mistress would surely find it hard to accept .

“Now that this major issue is settled, I have one less load off my mind . That said, I didn’t venture out of the residence for half a month and I didn’t know that the rumors in the capital city were getting more and more intense . I noticed that the number of people in the city increased by more than two times and most of the people on the streets were experts . What in the world is going on?” Bai Luochu might have heard from Cai Ling, but she was still curious and started to question Ying Lan .

Ying Lan knitted his brows slightly and felt a little strange that Bai Luochu actually didn’t know anything about what was going on . “Mistress, didn’t Cai Ling tell you about the situation in the capital city?”

“She did, but it sounds rather ridiculous . Firstly, it is the Phoenix King Valley disciples letting their mouths slip after getting drunk, then it is the people rushing like ducks for a Green Flame Eagle . I don’t understand something . . . ” Bai Luochu saw Ying Lan’s doubtful look and had no choice but to explain herself .

“Mistress, you don’t know this yet . Back during the ‘Battle of Thousand Brilliance’, the Three Great Immortal Sects might have worked together to eliminate you, but they suffered losses as well . The Phoenix King Valley had contributed the most and were also the ones who suffered the most . In order to quickly regain their strength, the Three Great Immortal Sects had been using their prestige to oppress the smaller factions to plunder more cultivation resources . It is extremely normal for various factions to strive for resources as this is a dog eat dog world . However, the Three Great Immortal Sects were too overbearing and they took around 80% to 90% of the available cultivation resources, leaving the measly remainder to the rest of the factions . With such scarce resources, the factions that were originally respectful to the Three Great Immortal Sects are now starting to hate them . This is why so many factions want to fight for the Green Flame Eagle . Firstly, the Green Flame Eagle is considered a high grade spirit beast . Secondly, these factions want to make things difficult for the Phoenix King Valley . ” Ying Lan explained clearly about the entire process as to why there were so many factions going against the Phoenix King Valley .

“But why will those Phoenix King Valley disciples cause so much trouble for their sect?” Bai Luochu could understand the dispute between the various factions, but she was currently referring to the internal strife in the Phoenix King Valley . After all, in her previous life, her temple might be considered the way of the evil dao and unorthodox in the eyes of the public, but the situation within the temple was much better than that of regular factions . The disciples got along with each other and there were hardly any disputes .

“You should know that the Phoenix King Valley respects the strong and spits on the weak . They might look like an immortal sect in the eyes of the common people, but in fact, they treat everyone the same way . Even the disciples within the sect . . . The outer valley disciples are all commoners with superior cultivation talents and have all been secretly selected by the Phoenix King Valley . When the commoners heard that their children could learn in the Phoenix King Valley, they were naturally proud of it and didn’t think twice before sending their children into the Phoenix King Valley . However, the Phoenix King Valley is a place where the strong looked down on the weak . ”

“Those inner valley disciples took more than 80% of the cultivation resources in the Phoenix King Valley leaving the outer valley disciples with 20% . That’s the first point . ”

“Those outer valley disciples may be called disciples, but they are simply toys and slaves for the inner valley disciples . Things will be fine if all they had to do was to serve the inner valley disciples . However, there are inner valley disciples who will kill and beat up the outer valley disciples in a fit of rage . This is the second point . ”

“As for the third point, the outer valley disciples are sacrificial pawns for the inner valley disciples . This is the cause of the rift between the two sides . The outer valley disciples are unhappy and their so-called ‘accidental’ reveal of the information is revenge against the inner valley disciples . ”

Bai Luochu stayed silent for a long time before coming up with another question, “I know that the Phoenix King Valley has been using their status to abuse and take advantage of other people in the cultivation world . I didn’t think that they wouldn’t even spare their own disciples . Those outer valley disciples didn’t do anything wrong . Look at what they are doing! They are paving the path for those so-called noble descendants . They are simply disgraceful degenerates of the cultivation world . ”

When she spoke up to this point, Bai Luochu silently swore in her heart . Since the heavens allowed her to reincarnate, she would definitely make this life worth it . The animosity of her previous life was still vivid in her mind . Today, she learned of the hideous crimes committed by the Phoenix King Valley . She, Bai Luochu, swore that there would come a day when she would wipe the Phoenix King Valley off the face of the earth . Only by doing so would she be able to repay the heavens for pitying her and giving her another chance .

“Mistress, now that the Falling Cloud Mountain Range is going to be a sketchy place, it isn’t a problem for me to bring a group of men in the name of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . However, will it be fine for you to be so lightly protected with Cai Ling and the unknown silver-haired man?” When Ying Lan thought about this, he couldn’t help but worry again .

Bai Luochu glanced at Ying Lan and placed her teacup down . A light flashed through her eyes as she spoke . “Who said that I am going to clash head-on with them? Putting aside all the factions that are gathered in the capital city, just the Phoenix King Valley is already more than enough for me to handle . I have a brain on my head . . . Why not use my brain and think of ways to outsmart them?”

Bai Luochu smiled after speaking . When she saw Ying Lan pouring another cup of tea for her, she picked up the teacup and took another sip .

When Ying Lan saw how his mistress had a determined expression on her face, he became even more worried . He was afraid that his mistress might do something beyond her abilities in order to obtain the Green Flame Eagle . He was about to speak and dissuade Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu already made up her mind and there was no way she would listen to Ying Lan’s persuasion . She immediately interrupted Ying Lan who was about to open his mouth . “I have my own ideas on this matter and you don’t have to persuade me . It is already getting late, I shall head back first to avoid any suspicion . ”