Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 137

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:14 PM

Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Joyous Conversation

When she recalled how she met this Green Flame Eagle, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but lament at the wonderful fate that brought people together . She decided that she was definitely bringing the Green Flame Eagle back .

Bai Luochu arrived late and everyone was no longer on high alert . Many people looked over at her group and all the princes noticed her . These princes obviously didn’t think that Bai Luochu would come to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Even though her medical skills were unrivaled, they knew that in terms of cultivation, she was a complete wastrel due to her broken meridians . Was she trying to throw her life away? The thoughts of all the princes were the same as they looked at each other with shock in their eyes .

The only prince who had a different reaction was the Second Prince, Pei Qingfeng . When Pei Qingfeng saw that Bai Luochu had arrived, he immediately left the company of the princes and headed straight for her . After all, the reason he came all the way to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range was because of her . The reason behind his early departure was to prevent any harm from befalling Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu didn’t reveal herself for half a month and everyone assumed that she was still a wastrel . None of them thought highly of her .

“Divine Physician Bai is finally here! You didn’t step out for over half a month and the people in the capital city are all looking for you . They almost leveled the doorstep of the First Prince’s residence . ” Pei Qingfeng was extremely relaxed and he had an indifferent expression on his face as he gently fanned himself . Those who didn’t know might think that he was a graceful and fine young master with peerless bearing . Of course, Bai Luochu understood the meaning behind his words . ‘Your life is pretty good . Wasting away half a month, making use of Pei Rumo and I to clean up your mess… You’re really amazing . ’

Bai Luochu naturally wasn’t going to allow Pei Qingfeng to say whatever he wanted and she shot back, “I am also surprised that the Second Prince would come to this place . The atmosphere is so hostile and everyone might even break out into a fight soon . I think Your Second Highness might be crippled both physically and mentally . ”

After Bai Luochu spoke, she turned to look at the expression on Pei Qingfeng’s face . She saw how the magnificent smile on his face froze and how lines slowly formed on his forehead . She started to giggle to herself and wasn’t able to stop .

It seemed like Pei Qingfeng was already used to Bai Luochu’s sarcasm . In just a few seconds, he thought of another topic . “Is Divine Physician Bai here because of the Green Flame Eagle? If that is the case, I am able to provide some help . ”

Bai Luochu chuckled in response, “Your Highness must be kidding . No one will come to this god-forsaken place without a plan . Even if I say that I have no interest in the Green Flame Eagle, will you believe me?”

“In regards to this Green Flame Eagle, it seems like you…” Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to finish his sentence before he was interrupted by Bai Luochu .

“I must obtain it . ”

A look of resolution flashed through Bai Luochu’s eyes . Pei Qingfeng was delighted as he knew that he didn’t make a trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range in vain . With this lass’ personality, how could she waste half a month in the general’s residence? Since she disappeared for half a month, she definitely came up with a grand scheme . When he saw how determined she was to obtain the Green Flame Eagle, Pei Qingfeng felt that he had to help her during the crucial moment .

Bai Luochu wasn’t standing in the middle of the encirclement and was far from everyone . Pei Qingfeng had intentionally made it such that no one could hear their conversation . It was a no-brainer that Bai Luochu didn’t want to reveal her true identity and she had already set up a restriction that could stop people from eavesdropping . When everyone saw how they were enjoying such a casual conversation in such a tense situation, they felt that the relationship between the two was pretty good .

However, the conversation between the two caught the attention of a few pairs of eyes . The first to notice were the First and Third Prince .

When Pei Rumo saw the two of them having such a joyous conversation, he felt rather upset in his heart . After all, during her absence, he was the one cleaning up her mess . She enjoyed her days over at the general’s residence while he suffered tremendously . Pei Rumo was someone who didn’t like to strike up conversations with others and he would usually disregard everyone . The only time he would take the initiative to speak was when offering respects to wise sages . He lied to all the officials in the capital city, saying that Divine Physician Bai was cultivating in seclusion, turning them all away .

She lived a carefree life as she schemed and plotted in the general’s residence . Right now, she even managed to appear at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range… It seemed as though she had actually developed some skills .

The other thing that enraged Pei Rumo was the way Pei Qingfeng interacted with Bai Luochu . His second brother should already know of Luo Chu’s true identity . He was treating her so well even though that was the case . . . Pei Rumo really wanted to uncover his second brother’s objective and if it was similar to what he had in mind, he felt that he had to be more careful .

Pei Rumo wasn’t the only one who was affected . Pei Wuchen also felt that it was a miracle for Pei Qingfeng to approach Divine Physician Bai . His second brother was someone who avoided women at all cost . Listening to the rumors about how Pei Qingfeng and Divine Physician Bai were on good terms, everyone started to assume that they were both homosexuals . However, the rumor quickly stopped when Pei Qingfeng started to visit the former general’s residence because of Luo Chu . The same Luo Chu who was Pei Wuchen’s fiancée .

Pei Wuchen hadn’t developed feelings for Luo Chu yet, but he was afraid that some princes might make use of this information to thwart his original plan . It was also the reason why he started paying more attention to her . Looking at Pei Qingfeng’s earnest appearance now, a bold conjecture appeared in his heart .  Could Divine Physician Bai be that lass, Luo Chu? After all, when one of them appeared, the other disappeared . It seemed like after this incident with the Green Flame Eagle he should carry out a proper investigation . If Luo Chu truly possessed such remarkable abilities, he should reconsider the engagement .

Pei Qingfeng was currently standing together with Bai Luochu . One of them might be crippled, but it didn’t diminish his elegant appearance . Instead, there was a peaceful air around him . The other was wearing a mask and exuded an air of confidence .