Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 138

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:14 PM

Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Scheme

When the two of them stood side by side, rays of sunlight fell through the gaps of the leaves and fell directly on them . The picturesque scene looked extremely magnificent and the two of them seemed to have blended in with nature .

It was beautiful, but when this scene fell into the eyes of some people present, they felt that it was an irksome image .

The moment Bai Luochu made her appearance, Feng Wan’er could no longer sit still . If there weren’t so many people present and if the Green Flame Eagle wasn’t there, she would have long rushed over to turn Divine Physician Bai into mincemeat .

Although Feng Wan’er’s feminine senior brother asked her not to be rash, how was it possible for Feng Wan’er to do so when there was a walking disaster in front of her? What if Bai Luochu jumped in between Pei Wuchen and her during the crucial moment and started stirring up trouble? She would probably be angered to death .

When Feng Wan’er found out that Luo Chu was still alive, she passed down an order for some people to secretly investigate her survival . From the results of the investigation, she found out that Luo Chu was bought by someone who had nefarious intentions . Later on, Feng Wan’er became even more shocked due to a piece of news . Divine Physician Bai who had been extremely popular in the capital city was actually Luo Chu!

No one knew what she did, but everyone was singing her praises . Even the noble and official clans sent people to invite Divine Physician Bai from the First Prince’s residence every now and then . Even the two most sacred individuals of Cloud Water Nation, the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, treated Divine Physician Bai with respect .

If the Emperor learned of Luo Chu’s other identity as Divine Physician Bai, he would definitely bring up the engagement between Pei Wuchen and Luo Chu . If that were to happen, all her efforts would have gone up in smoke! Pei Wuchen could only belong to her and she would never share him with anyone else!

Feng Wan’er thought about it and turned to look at Pei Wuchen . She realized that his eyes had been on Luo Chu the moment she appeared . There was a weird expression on his face and Feng Wan’er couldn’t help but feel alarmed .  Did Pei Wuchen already uncover her identity? If Pei Wuchen had already found out about the engagement and realized that Luo Chu was worthy enough to be his wife, Feng Wan’er would probably . . .

Feng Wan’er eyes were no longer filled with wrath but it became a gaze filled with jealousy and resentment . Feng Wan’er was scheming in her heart and thought about how she would use the chaos to her advantage . She was planning to make Bai Luochu disappear during the chaos in order to dig out the root of her problem .

Heh, Divine Physician Bai indeed . You actually deceived so many people in the capital city . Since you scammed so many people, I’ll take it that you committed the crime of deceiving the world . Luo Chu, oh, Luo Chu, you shouldn’t have been engaged to Big Brother Wuchen . You shouldn’t have thought of obtaining the Green Flame Eagle . The Green Flame Eagle is the objective of my Phoenix King Valley! You will definitely die today . Don’t blame me for being ruthless, you are the one in my way . Today, there is no way you are leaving in one piece!

After a long period of consideration, the corner of Feng Wan’er’s mouth curled upwards It seemed as though she had already seen Bai Luochu’s appearance when she met her miserable end . Her smile hid a sinister intent and the air around her became frosty . Anyone who saw Feng Wan’er’s current appearance would feel goosebumps all over their body .

Right now, Bai Luochu didn’t know that Feng Wan’er had already found out about her true identity . She was thinking about the best time to take action in order to save both the Green Flame Eagle and its younglings . She didn’t detect the burning gaze directed at her by Feng Wan’er .

Everyone was eyeing the Green Flame Eagle but no one dared to make the first move . There were several reasons why they didn’t dare to move out . Firstly, the Green Flame Eagle was not in labor yet . Even though its strength had already diminished by half, it was still a massive spirit beast and should not be underestimated . Secondly, there were too many factions around . The first one to make a move would definitely face attacks from all sides .

As everyone wasn’t willing to make the first move, the situation became trapped in a deadlock . Before long, the main body of the Phoenix King Valley arrived . The old hall master led the way as they made their way towards the encirclement .

“This old man is late . I have truly failed as a Hall Master of the Phoenix King Valley by making everyone wait for such a long time . This old one is truly ashamed and wishes for everyone’s forgiveness . ” The old hall master immediately greeted everyone with civilities as though none of them were here to battle to the death for the opportunity to own the Green Flame Eagle . The old hall master’s words made it seem as though all of them were gathered there for a martial arts competition .

Everyone knew that this old hall master of the Phoenix King Valley was one of the elders in the Phoenix King Valley who knew how to play around with words . He was a true fox who hid his evil intentions behind his smile . No one knew what the old man was scheming and none of them responded .

The old hall master’s expression didn’t even change as he started to talk about other stuff .

“Don’t look at how this Green Flame Eagle is prostrating on the ground . This old man had once seen the mystical appearance of a Green Flame Eagle . Everyone should know that apart from the elusive secret guards around the evil dao witch, Bai Luochu, she owned plenty of spirit beasts as well . One of them was a Green Flame Eagle . I was curious about why she would choose a Green Flame Eagle as her mount as she had other rare and unique spirit beasts . I only found out the reason on the day of the battle . ”

“On that fateful day, the evil dao witch descended the mountain alone without any servants or guards . All of us had been lying in ambush along her path and the moment she appeared, we were going to strike out with all our strength in order to kill the evil dao witch once and for all . We will be able to eliminate the root of all evil and the righteous path will spread far and wide . ”

“The evil dao witch had profound cultivation and even though she was surrounded by so many of us, she wasn’t at a disadvantage . She managed to slowly wrestle away the advantage we had . One of us understood that the spirit qi we had wasn’t a match for her evil techniques . If we were to drag out the battle, we would be on the losing end . In the end, one of us sent out a hidden weapon . ”

“She fell into the trap and the battle tipped in our favor . Just as we were about to finish her off, there was a flash of green light and her Green Flame Eagle appeared to protect her . Her Green Flame Eagle simply flapped its wings and a hurricane was swept up . We were sent flying . Before we were able to react, it flapped its wings vigorously and branches and rocks were sent flying towards us . The Green Flame Eagle picked up the evil dao witch and left without a trace . ”

“By the time we recovered, the witch and the beast had already vanished without leaving so much as a shadow . ”

“Seeing how mighty the Green Flame Eagle is, our Phoenix King Valley is determined to obtain it today . I won’t be sparing a thought for our friendship if we were to fight . The strongest will obtain the Green Flame Eagle!”

In the end, everyone felt as though the old hall master wasted their time . After speaking for half a day, wasn’t the Green Flame Eagle going to fall into the hands of the strongest party?