Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 139

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:14 PM

Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Chaotic Battlefield

As soon as the words left the old hall master’s mouth, the Green Flame Eagle released a loud cry . One could hear the suffering behind its cry and the thunderous shriek caused the color of the sky to change . The entire Falling Cloud Mountain Range seemed to tremble and it was probably caused by the terrified spirit beasts who were running away from the source of the miserable howl .

All of a sudden, someone yelled, “Look! The Green Flame Eagle is giving birth!”

Everyone turned their gaze to the Green Flame Eagle and saw that an egg with exquisite markings appeared below its abdomen . Hearing the Green Flame Eagle’s unending cries, all of them deduced that there were still eggs in its stomach .

Everyone knew that this was the best time to take action . With the Phoenix King Valley in the lead, various factions charged into the encirclement . In order to prevent someone from profiting in the chaos, all of them started to launch out attacks one after another . None of them cared about their targets as they went all out .

Around the Green Flame Eagle, the killing began . As long as they weren’t brothers and sisters of the same faction, anyone else was fair game . All of them unleashed their killing moves with no intention to spare the other party . The alliances they had formed before the battle were broken as ex-allies slaughtered each other . There were even those factions who held grudges against each other . They slaughtered mercilessly and took the chance to carry out their revenge . After all, everyone at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range were the elite disciples of their respective factions . If all of them were to die, the faction would definitely suffer a huge blow .

Bai Luochu didn’t join in the killing and instead, she went to the side and observed quietly . As for Pei Qingfeng, he stood beside Bai Luochu using his ‘crippled’ legs as an excuse . He wanted to see what this lass was up to .

Ying Lan brought the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence to the side and didn’t join in the battle . Without Bai Luochu’s order, Ying Lan didn’t dare to move . He was afraid that he would ruin her masterplan .

After a quarter of an hour, the battle started to clear up . Even though it was a mess in the beginning, the Phoenix King Valley was able to obtain the upper hand due to their advantage in numbers . Their disciples were stronger than the rest as well . If Bai Luochu didn’t make a move, the Green Flame Eagle would fall into the hands of the Phoenix King Valley . Shooting a glance at Ying Lan, Bai Luochu gave him the signal to attack . Ying Lan received the order and charged into the fray, causing the battlefield to turn chaotic once again .

Bai Luochu brought the silver-haired man and Cai Ling to join the battle as well .

When they launched their attack, Bai Luochu didn’t speak to Ying Lan at all . On the surface, Bai Luochu was still Divine Physician Bai . He moved alone and possessed an arrogant personality . Somebody like that usually moved alone and would not be part of a faction . Bai Luochu did not want her identity as the hidden master of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence to be revealed . After all, as the saying goes, “The tall tree attracts the wind . ” Her identity as Divine Physician Bai was eye-catching enough . It was better to leave her other identity as her hidden trump card .

Pei Qingfeng could no longer use his legs and even if he wanted to join the battle to assist Bai Luochu, he couldn’t . In his anxiousness, he smashed the armrests of his wheelchair . No matter how many ideas popped up in his head, he realized that they were useless . Raising his hand, he snapped his fingers . In the next instant, his personal guard appeared beside him .

“Go . Protect her . ” Pei Qingfeng passed down his order to his personal guard .

The guard was shocked . However, he managed to calm down in the next instant . “Master, I cannot carry out your order . If I join the battle, there will be no one left to protect you . ”

“Did you not hear what I said? Right now, everyone’s attention is on the Green Flame Eagle . Who will bother with a cripple? This isn’t the imperial court . No one will try to kill me here… are you retarded?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he didn’t wait for an answer . With a single move, he sent the guard flying towards the group of people who were fighting with each other .

Seeing as how he had already appeared in the middle of the battlefield, the guard knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave . He had no other choice but to exchange moves with whoever was in front of him . He slowly made his way to Bai Luochu . Even though he didn’t want to protect her, it was an order from his master . He had no choice .

At the same time, Feng Wan’er discovered Bai Luochu’s appearance on the battlefield . A delighted expression appeared on her face as she sneered in her heart .  Oh, Luo Chu… You are actually sending yourself to the gates of hell . If you die here, you won’t even be able to complain to King Yama that you died an unreasonable death . There are so many swords flying around and you are actually eager to throw yourself in the middle of all of them . You can’t blame me for being merciless!

The air around Feng Wan’er changed and she started to slaughter mercilessly . She used a sword, but didn’t possess the elegance of a swordsman . It was as though she was holding a cleaver in her hand as she chopped down towards the opponent in front of her . After killing everyone around her, she turned and started to head towards Bai Luochu .

The moment she stepped onto the battlefield, Bai Luochu released all her spiritual energy . She could feel the killing intent all around her . However, Feng Wan’er killing intent was so strong that even without releasing her spiritual energy, she could tell that someone wanted her dead .

Bai Luochu obviously knew that Feng Wan’er was approaching her with nefarious intent . As she fought against her opponent, she watched as Feng Wan’er approached . When she felt Feng Wan’er sword stab towards her, she twisted her body to dodge . Taking advantage of the situation, she moved closer to the Green Flame Eagle .

Seeing as she wasn’t able to kill Bai Luochu even after several moves, a ball of resentment appeared in her heart . Based on what she knew, Luo Chu was a wastrel . Today, she was actually able to avoid death even though the one who wanted her life was the daughter of the Phoenix King Valley Master! As the resentment in her heart started to clear up, she became clear of the situation in front of her . Bai Luochu actually made use of her to approach the Green Flame Eagle!

Feng Wan’er was no longer able to hold back her anger as her moves became deadlier . The killing intent around her became so dense that no one dared to approach the two of them .

Bai Luochu only realized that saving the Green Flame Eagle was harder than she thought after stepping onto the battlefield!