Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 141

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:14 PM

Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Lu Wenshu’s Appearance

The injuries on the Green Flame Eagle were getting more severe and its reactions slowed down . It became weaker and weaker and due to the layer of restriction, it was no longer able to move about as it wished . If Bai Luochu was still unable to break the restriction, the Green Flame Eagle was definitely going to fall into the hands of the Phoenix King Valley .

Bai Luochu was more anxious about the Green Flame Eagle’s injury than her own . She didn’t rescue this Green Flame Eagle back in the days just for it to face such a disaster today!

Just as Bai Luochu was panicking, the sound of something shattering entered her ears . She felt a little doubtful but the next thing she knew, the restriction shattered in front of her like how a copper mirror would when it fell to the ground . Everyone was shocked even though they were standing in a chaotic battlefield . No one understood how the restriction broke .

That Phoenix King Valley’s old hall master had an awful expression on his face . He had just bragged about the strength of their sect’s restriction but it was immediately shattered . It was the same as slapping the face of everyone in the Phoenix King Valley .

Presently, the Phoenix King Valley were feeling resentful because their restriction had been broken . As for the others, there was a look of confusion on their face . Ying Lan was extremely delighted as he assumed that his mistress had successfully shattered the restriction . After all, with his mistress’ current spiritual energy, once the restriction was broken, it was an extremely easy task for her to set up a contract with the Green Flame Eagle .

However, Bai Luochu knew that the breaking of the restriction had nothing to do with her . In fact, the restriction was broken with a single sword strike . In this world, the only person who was able to do something like that was her previous self… and there was someone else who could do the same . Lu Wenshu!

Bai Luochu suddenly raised her head and saw the disgusting appearance of her former lover once again . The face that appeared in all her nightmares .

Lu Wenshu was currently standing on his sword as it hovered about in mid air . He stood in the sky as he looked at everyone below him with disdain . He seemed like an immortal from heaven looking at ants in the mortal realm .

He was flying across the sky earlier and when he heard the old hall master boasting so arrogantly, he immediately used his spirit qi to launch the flying sword under his leg . Just the tip of the sword was enough to shatter the restriction .

His appearance didn’t change at all . His white robes were pristine and his unrestrained personality was clear to the world . Compared to regular cultivators, he stood out from the crowd . Even among cultivators, he was an elegant, matchless, and brilliant young master . His habit of flying around on a sword made it seem like he was an immortal who had just achieved ascension .

If there was something different about him, it would the aura around him . He was much colder than before . When she thought about it, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but mock herself . It seemed like his gentle and considerate behavior was all just a pretense in front of her . It was truly ridiculous when she thought about how a disciple from the righteous sect would fall for an evil dao witch like her .

Actually, Lu Wenshu wasn’t pretending . He was originally a gentle and elegant young master . However, after Bai Luochu’s death, his heart turned cold as he felt extremely guilty for causing her death . He withdrew from worldly matters and guarded the temple’s inheritance . He even helped several disciples of the temple change their names before sending them to lead a new life .

However, Bai Luochu would never be able to see what he did and Lu Wenshu felt rather dispirited when he thought about it .

Originally, Lu Wenshu wasn’t intending to make a move . However, he found out that the Green Flame Eagle was the one Bai Luochu had rescued in the past and he didn’t hesitate to rush over .

The only reason he wanted to rescue the eagle was because it had something to do with Bai Luochu . After her death, his head was filled with the times he shared with her .

Lu Wenshu’s sudden appearance shocked everyone . Lu Wenshu might be a person from the orthodox factions and was a well-known figure among the new generation of disciples, but ever since the evil dao witch’s death, he turned into a guardian for the evil cult’s inheritance . It was as though he was possessed . Everyone claimed that Lu Wenshu was cursed by the evil dao witch as he turned from a righteous warrior to a member of the evil sect .

That wasn’t all . Lu Wenshu fought everyone who coveted the evil dao’s inheritance and turned many of them into cripples . Ever since then, no one has tried to obtain the inheritance .

Putting aside the fact that Lu Wenshu was protecting the inheritance, he had even assisted those evil dao members secretly . He didn’t only help them change their names and obtain a new life, he even silently eliminated all those people who wanted to secretly kill them off . After all those incidents, no one dared to make a move on them .

After Lu Wenshu did everything, everyone expected him to return to his sect to resume his journey of cultivation . With enough time, he would turn into one of the strongest grandmasters in the world . It was either that or he would fall towards the evil dao to continue to legacy . If that were to happen, he would turn into a great devil .

No one expected him to do otherwise . However, he looked for a place close to the broken temple in order to live out the rest of his days . He continued to cultivate and when he felt hungry, he would hunt for food in the nearby mountains . He no longer participated in worldly affairs . If anything serious were to happen in his sect, he would return . However, he would never express his opinions and he seemed like a puppet with broken strings . Apart from his cultivation, he behaved just like an ordinary person .

When everyone saw how Lu Wenshu was acting, all of them knew that this peerless young master had really fallen in love with the evil dao witch .

Of course, Bai Luochu didn’t know any of these things . After all, when Bai Luochu reincarnated into another body, it had already been three years since the destruction of the temple .

Bai Luochu knew that it wasn’t time for her to get caught up in the past . She cleared her head and stood at the side, ready to approach the Green Flame Eagle .

When the members of the Phoenix King Valley saw Lu Wenshu destroying the restriction set up by the elder, they were momentarily at a loss . After all, it was considered one of the stronger restrictions and without the elder present, none of them would be able to set it up . Right now, someone destroyed this restriction with a single sword and all of them felt embarrassed . The disciples of the Phoenix King Valley looked at each other and were at a loss of what to do .