Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 142

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:14 PM

Chapter 142

Chapter 142: End of Battle

Only Feng Wan’er and the old hall master glared at Lu Wenshu with fire spitting out of their eyes . They wanted to puncture holes through his body . However, the reason behind their rage was different .

The old hall master was angry due to the fact that he had forcefully broken through the restriction . Moreover, he did it shortly after the old hall master bragged about the restriction’s strength . It was the same as humiliating the Phoenix King Valley in front of everyone present . Because of this, the old hall master felt more embarrassed than resentful .

As for Feng Wan’er, she was simply taking out her anger on Lu Wenshu . Initially, she wanted to take the opportunity to kill Bai Luochu . She never expected for Bai Luochu to possess such unique movement skills and dodge all her killing strikes . Feng Wan’er wasted so much time that she was unable to assist the Phoenix King Valley in taking down the Green Flame Eagle . The more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became . Furthermore, she was the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter and had deep feelings for the Phoenix King Valley . Seeing how the Phoenix King Valley’s plan was disrupted by a person who had already withdrawn from all conflicts in the world, Feng Wan’er was enraged . Moreover, Feng Wan’er suddenly thought about how Lu Wenshu’s past love was called ‘Luochu’ and another ball of rage appeared in her heart . She directed all her anger towards him .

One of the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples was the first to react . When he saw how their ‘amazing’ restriction was broken by Lu Wenshu with a single strike, he yelled with a voice full of indignation . “What is this sire’s intention for doing this? Are you trying to go against our Phoenix King Valley?”

The disciple who spoke out was doing so in a fit of anger . Obviously, he was a junior who didn’t take part in the ‘Battle of Thousand Brilliance’ . As Lu Wenshu had hidden himself from the world three years ago, there were some people who did not know what he looked like . As a result, some disciples started to shoot their mouths off as they wanted to show off the Phoenix King Valley’s might .

“What a disgraceful being . If the Green Flame Eagle lands in your hand, won’t it be a giant waste?” One of the disciples ran his mouth off .

Bai Luochu snickered . If one were to talk about it being a waste, nothing would be more wasteful than if the Green Flame Eagle landed in the hands of the Phoenix King Valley . The Phoenix King Valley treated most of the spirit beasts like slaves . If the owner of the spirit beast were to die, they would take advantage of the fact that the beast was in a severely weakened state to forcefully set up another contract with it . They would replace the owner of the spirit beast almost instantly . In the long run, the spirit beast’s spiritual energy would be affected and it would turn into nothing more than a feral beast . If that were to happen, the Phoenix King Valley would force the beast to mate and give birth to young spirit beasts for the sect . The moment the young spirit beasts grew up, the Phoenix King Valley would discard the old and aged spirit beasts into the wild, disregarding its well being . The new generation of spirit beasts would live out a life worse than death .

Bai Luochu thought about how the Phoenix King Valley would use underhanded means to achieve their goal as the disciples continued to curse at Lu Wenshu . The things they said were getting nastier .

“Shut up!” Feng Wan’er femenine senior brother snapped and screamed at all of them . “You brainless idiots! The person standing in front of you is Lu Wenshu, the number 1 talent in the cultivation world! What are all of you even saying? All of you can’t even match up to the spirit qi he blows out of his mouth when he exhales… Are all of you crazy?!”

When the Phoenix King Valley disciples heard the words ‘Lu Wenshu’, all of them instantly fell silent . All of them might not be aware of his appearance, but all of them heard the legends of Lu Wenshu in the cultivation world . The only thing they knew was that he should never be provoked . All of them were worried that he would remember their faces as they were the ones who scolded him . If that were to happen, it would be anything but reassuring .

When they thought about it, the disciples who hurled abuses at Lu Wenshu had their backs drenched in cold sweat .

The feminine man spoke in an unhurried tone, “Let me offer an apology to sire . Since the ‘Battle of Thousand Brilliance’ ended three years ago, sire didn’t appear in the cultivation world for a long time . The juniors failed to recognize your honorable self . I wish for sire to pardon them . ” The feminine man bowed towards Lu Wenshu . In his heart, he respected this man who held unbelievable power in his hands . If they were to fall out with this person, it would be detrimental to the Phoenix King Valley .

After everyone learned that the person standing in the air was Lu Wenshu, they were shocked . They wondered if he was possessed by demons as this was such a desolate area . If he said he came from the Green Flame Eagle, all of them wouldn’t be able to believe it . With his status, what kind of spirit beast could he not own? Why was he so insistent on obtaining this Green Flame Eagle? Was it because the evil dao witch once owned a Green Flame Eagle and he was here to grab another one? Was it to show that he was still in love with her?

Everyone was at a loss for words and they felt that Lu Wenshu had been cursed . Otherwise, why would he still long for the evil dao witch after so many years? Despite the fact that there were many young talents in the cultivation world willing to spend their entire lives with Lu Wenshu, he never accepted any of them .

Feng Wan’er suddenly felt that she couldn’t understand Lu Wenshu . Since she was young, she heard legends of Lu Wenshu . Even her father who doted on her so much would always compare her to him . After such a long time, Feng Wan’er already knew Lu Wenshu’s personality . She wouldn’t believe it if anyone told her that Lu Wenshu wasn’t here for the Green Flame Eagle .

“Why is sire here? Why did you break our Phoenix King Valley’s restrictions?” Feng Wan’er calmed herself down and started to question Lu Wenshu . After all, she had already failed to assassinate Bai Luochu . She didn’t want to cause anymore trouble .