Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 145

Published at 31st of May 2020 12:11:15 PM

Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Feng Wan’er’s Malicious Plan

Bai Luochu managed to calm herself down before Ying Lan flew over . The reason she almost exposed her identity today was not for revenge . She wasn’t strong enough right now and even if she went over, she would be creating more trouble for Ying Lan . Not only would Ying Lan need to fight against Lu Wenshu, he would also need to take care of her . This would cause him to fall to a disadvantage .

Right now, she should be working on a plan to rescue the Green Flame Eagle .

After the first person went to fight against Lu Wenshu, everyone assumed that he was overestimating his capabilities . No one would think that the evil dao witch’s competent subordinate was the one to engage Lu Wenshu . It was even further of a stretch to think that the evil dao witch was here in person .

Now that Lu Wenshu was tangled with Ying Lan, the battle instantly broke out once again . Bai Luochu was the closest to the Green Flame Eagle and she dashed towards it .

Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard had already been left behind as he wasn’t as agile as Bai Luochu . She was dodging Feng Wan’er attacks earlier and he wasn’t able to catch up to her . After some effort, he managed to spot her . Although he could see that Bai Luochu was extremely close to the Green Flame Eagle, he also saw that the Phoenix King Valley had their eyes on her . His head immediately started to ache . After all, his master had already ordered him to protect her . Since he was already part of the battle, he had to carry out his task . He immediately started to move forward and he approached Bai Luochu . He might not be able to stay by her side, but as long as he could rush over when she needed him, it would be enough . Of course, there would always be hiccups when carrying out a plan and just as Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard took a few steps towards Bai Luochu, he was surrounded .

Around the Green Flame Eagle, there were only members of the Phoenix King Valley and Bai Luochu . It seemed like she was in an awful situation . No one knew if Bai Luochu would be able to walk out alive .

Pei Qingfeng saw that Bai Luochu was isolated and his personal guard was surrounded . In a state of panic, he turned his wheelchair around and started to head towards Bai Luochu .

When Feng Wan’er saw that Bai Luochu was alone and surrounded by members of the Phoenix King Valley, a malicious plan appeared in her head .

Heh . You are really eager to die . I was irritated by the fact that I wasn’t able to kill you . However, you charged into our encirclement yourself . It seems like the heavens are sending you to your death .

When Feng Wan’er thought about Bai Luochu’s death, her lips curled upwards .  These few days, everytime I close my eyes, I will dream of you standing in front of Wuchen questioning him about the time I threw you into the Bestial Battle Arena . Wuchen would develop a sense of disgust towards me because of your actions . A cheap slut like you should have perished in the Bestial Battle Arena… You shouldn’t be allowed to affect anyone with your rotten luck .

Feng Wan’er understood that this was the perfect opportunity for her to kill Bai Luochu but she wasn’t in a hurry to make a move . After all, no one was making a move yet and she wasn’t near enough to the Green Flame Eagle . If she were to make the first move and kill Bai Luochu, everyone would become suspicious of her . If that were to happen, her gains wouldn’t be able to make up for her losses .

When the disciples of the Phoenix King Valley saw that their eldest senior sister hadn’t obstructed Bai Luochu, all of them stood at the side . It was as though they didn’t want to be involved in the matter .

Bai Luochu made use of this opportunity to push her movement skills to the limit as she flew towards the Green Flame Eagle .

Apart from battling with Ying Lan, Lu Wenshu was also silently observing the situation on the ground . When he noticed that Bai Luochu was close enough to the Green Flame Eagle, he started to make some preparations in his heart . However, he wasn’t able to keep up with Ying Lan and had no way to obstruct Bai Luochu .

Finally, Bai Luochu arrived in front of the Green Flame Eagle . The Green Flame Eagle was already weak after giving birth and after struggling against its enemies, its body was filled with injuries . Right now, Bai Luochu didn’t possess the same appearance but her spirit was the same . Spirit beasts had stronger spiritual energy compared to humans and when it noticed its saviour, the Green Flame Eagle’s hope was reignited .

“What are all of you standing around for?! Can’t you see that there is someone trying to snatch the Green Flame Eagle? Take him down! I don’t care if you kill him . ” When Feng Wan’er saw the strange interaction between Bai Luochu and the Green Flame Eagle, an unsettling feeling appeared in her heart . She felt that the Green Flame Eagle knew Bai Luochu before this and if this were to go on, there was a chance she would obtain the Green Flame Eagle . As such, Feng Wan’er quickly ordered the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples to surround and attack Bai Luochu .

This was Feng Wan’er’s plan . When they crossed moves earlier, Feng Wan’er knew that Bai Luochu’s movement skill was bizarre and brilliant . It was nearly impossible for her to approach Bai Luochu even if she wanted to . Hence, she ordered the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples to deal with Bai Luochu . This would also emphasise the fact that no one could take down Bai Luochu . She would then launch a sneak attack in order to deal with the ‘troublesome’ being .

This would allow her to show off her flawless skills . She would also be able to find a reason to kill Bai Luochu . As Bai Luochu wanted to steal the Green Flame Eagle, she had no choice but to make a move in order to secure the Phoenix King Valley’s interest . To everyone in the Phoenix King Valley, it would seem as though she gave her all to protect their interests . She would also be able to use the chance to make up for Pei Wuchen’s mistake . Those stubborn elders wouldn’t be able to lecture her in front of her father after she returned to the Phoenix King Valley

When Bai Luochu saw that the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples were going to surround her, she knew that it was Feng Wan’er’s plan .  Feng Wan’er is really a sinister snake .  Does she know my true identity? Since she already saw Feng Wan’er true self, Bai Luochu had another reason to save the Green Flame Eagle . She couldn’t allow the Green Flame Eagle to fall into the hands of such despicable people .