Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 147

Published at 31st of May 2020 10:02:09 PM

Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Risking One Life to Save Another

Bai Luochu could hear the sword qi as it pierced through her body . However, it didn’t feel as painful as she thought . Bai Luochu became suspicious and her eyes snapped open . The scene in front of her caused her to turn pale with fright .

Pei Qingfeng stood in front of her as a bright red flower blossomed in front of his chest . Lu Wenshu’s sword qi was extremely strong and when it entered Pei Qingfeng’s body, it damaged a majority of his organs .

Pei Qingfeng had been standing at the edge of the battlefield with his eyes glued onto Bai Luochu . When he saw that she wasn’t able to dodge Lu Wenshu’s attack, he disregarded the fact that he was a cripple as he slammed his palm onto the armrest of his wheelchair . He used the force to fly in front of Bai Luochu, just before the sword qi struck her .

Pei Qingfeng had achieved what he wanted to do . When Bai Luochu helped Pei Qingfeng to treat his legs previously, she sealed off a portion of the meridians in his legs . Right now, Pei Qingfeng had used his spirit qi to forcefully open up the blocked meridians, causing some internal injuries . The moment Lu Wenshu’s attack struck him, he vomited a mouthful of blood . Without a doubt, this was the closest Pei Qingfeng had been to the gates of hell .

Pei Qingfeng lost all strength and collapsed into Bai Luochu’s arms .

The thick stench of blood filled Bai Luochu’s nasal cavity and her clothes turned red due to the blood gushing out from Pei Qingfeng’s wound . Bai Luochu wasn’t able to support Pei Qingfeng’s body and she reached out to hug him in order to prevent him from sliding to the ground .

The moment her hands touched his body, she felt a sticky liquid sticking to her skin . It was clear that her hands were filled with Pei Qingfeng’s blood .  It’s so warm . . .

“Pei Qingfeng, wake up! Don’t you want to make fun of me? Say something!” When Bai Luochu saw how Pei Qingfeng sacrificed himself because of her, a feeling of guilt and fear filled her heart .

That’s right, Bai Luochu was afraid . Not because Pei Qingfeng was a prince and his death would infuriate the imperial clan . She was afraid because she didn’t want to see anyone else die because of her . Too many people died because of her… the temple’s disciples, her guards… she caused the deaths of too many people and in this life, she didn’t want anyone to die because of her .

Bai Luochu sat there as she hugged Pei Qingfeng . She stared into space and didn’t know what to say .

Because of the sudden change in events, everyone became silent . Feng Wan’er was panicking as well as the person who had suffered grievous injuries was the second prince of the Cloud Water Nation . He was also Pei Wuchen’s imperial brother! If the imperial family were to investigate the matter, she would be dragged down as well . It would definitely affect the engagement between Pei Wuchen and herself .

Even now, Feng Wan’er was still thinking about herself . She wasn’t feeling the slightest bit sorry .

Bai Luochu was no longer able to stay still as her head snapped upwards to glare at Lu Wenshu .

It is you again, Lu Wenshu! You’re really something else . In my previous life, you wrecked my temple and seized the inheritance . My temple’s disciples had to run away like beaten dogs and no one knows if they are still alive . You made use of my feelings before allowing the Three Great Immortal Sects to surround me . In this life, you tried to snatch the Green Flame Eagle the moment you appeared . You didn’t even notice that this was the same Green Flame Eagle we saved . Had it not been for someone blocking your attack, I wouldn’t be able to survive… What the f*ck! Sentimental people won’t live a long life but betrayers are like cockroaches who can’t be killed . The heavens are truly blind! They can’t even distinguish between right and wrong!

Bai Luochu was in a state of disarray . Adding up her debts from both lives, the glare she sent Lu Wenshu was rather frightening . The look of wrath, enmity, and the desire to tear him to shreds flashed through her eyes . She wanted nothing more than to kill Lu Wenshu . Bai Luochu looked like a lunatic who was on the verge of collapse . It was at this moment where Bai Luochu displayed her true nature as the evil dao witch .

Before she encountered Lu Wenshu, this was her personality . She was surrounded by a murderous aura that could strike fear into the hearts of anyone who looked at her . When she looked at someone, their soul would scatter . After her encounter with Lu Wenshu, she revealed her charming personality as a woman and became a cute, helpless-looking, regular young lady . After Bai Luochu reincarnated, she developed a calm and steady personality . She became much more mature and she lived like an old grandmother .

Now that Pei Qingfeng was severely injured, Bai Luochu’s accumulated resentment came bursting out .

When Feng Wan’er felt Bai Luochu’s intense killing intent, she couldn’t help but take a step back . She couldn’t understand the reason behind Bai Luochu’s outburst . She was still that dimwitted and stubborn lass who was thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena . How could she possess such a scary air around her? Feng Wan’er was silently frightened . What if… what if Bai Luochu knew what she had done? Wouldn’t she . . .

Feng Wan’er had turned ghastly pale when she thought about the possibility . She took several steps back and wanted to get as far away from Bai Luochu as possible . It seemed like this was the only way to stop Bai Luochu from seeking trouble with her .

“Master!” When Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard saw that Bai Luochu was hugging a bloodied second prince, he shoved his way through and quickly arrived beside them .

When Ying Lan saw Bai Luochu’s current state, he felt rather guilty . If he wasn’t distracted, Lu Wenshu wouldn’t be able to send out the attack . Even though his mistress wasn’t the one injured, he knew that she blamed herself for Pei Qingfeng’s injury .

The more Ying Lan looked at Lu Wenshu, the more disgusted he became . “Will this sire only be satisfied after he kills an innocent person?”

Ying Lan didn’t hear Lu Wenshu’s reply and he turned his head to look at him . He saw that Lu Wenshu was staring blankly at his mistress . Looking at Bai Luochu’s current appearance, he felt that something terrible was about to happen .