Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The Queer Green Flame Eagle

When Lu Wenshu looked at Bai Luochu, the incident three years ago resurfaced in his mind . Three years ago, when Bai Luochu learned of his betrayal, she had the same expression on her face . He carved her expression into his mind and no matter what he dreamed of when he fell asleep, her face would appear to haunt him . After seeing the wretched appearance on her face, he would recall the scene where she died in front of him . She died from the combined attacks from the Three Great Immortal Sects . Just like that, she vanished from the face of the earth . He was the one who caused her death . Since then, all the wonderful memories he had with her and that charming, attractive smile could only be part of his dreams . Even in his dreams, she hated him .

Right now, Bai Luochu might be using Luo Chu’s body but Lu Wenshu would never forget those eyes . Was she still alive?

When he thought about the possibility, Lu Wenshu’s eyes turned red . If she was still alive, even if she hated him to the core, he was going to make her return to his side . Even if he had to tie her up, he wasn’t going to allow her to leave him .

When Ying Lan saw Lu Wenshu’s expression, he was silently concerned . Lu Wenshu might have betrayed Bai Luochu, but there was no denying that he spent a long time with her in the past . It was certain that he understood Bai Luochu’s expressions and behavior . If this incident allowed Lu Wenshu to find out that his mistress had reincarnated, it would be disastrous . It was clear that his mistress no longer wanted anything to do with him . It seemed like he had to hide the secret for his mistress . He couldn’t allow Lu Wenshu to approach his mistress .

The rage in Bai Luochu’s heart didn’t dissipate even though it had already been a long time . Instead, it became even worse . She placed Pei Qingfeng down on the ground and prepared herself to fight against Lu Wenshu with Ying Lan’s aid . But just as Bai Luochu was about to take off, Pei Qingfeng suddenly tugged onto Bai Luochu’s clothes and whispered to her, “Don’t… don’t go . Take me and… go . Hurry . ” Due to the excessive loss of blood, Pei Qingfeng was very frail . He wasn’t even able to speak properly .

When Bai Luochu heard Pei Qingfeng’s words, she knew that he was still alive . She immediately calmed down . She no longer bothered with Lu Wenshu as she carried Pei Qingfeng on her shoulders . She ran towards the edge of the battle with Pei Qingfeng . As for the debt of Lu Wenshu injuring Pei Qingfeng, she was going to mark it down . She would settle all her debts with him, old and new, in the future when she became stronger .

Bai Luochu was currently in the body of a young lady who had yet to reach adulthood . It was rather taxing for her to support an adult male like Pei Qingfeng and her steps were unsteady as she left the battlefield . It was fortunate that no one obstructed her . No matter what happened, Pei Qingfeng was an imperial prince of Cloud Water Nation and if he were to die in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, everyone present would probably be unable to escape the wrath of the imperial clan . Right now, no one was concerned about the Green Flame Eagle as all of them opened a path for Divine Physician Bai to escape with Pei Qingfeng . It would be for the best if Divine Physician Bai could treat Pei Qingfeng . In case he couldn’t, everyone present would be more than happy to push the blame over to the incompetent Divine Physician Bai .

“Pei Qingfeng, hang in there . I’ll bring you back and treat your injuries . ” Bai Luochu constantly talked to Pei Qingfeng in order to keep him awake . If he fell asleep, Bai Luochu was afraid that he would never wake up .

Before Bai Luochu left the battlefield and before everyone regained their senses, a loud cry could be heard from the Green Flame Eagle . A massive creature made its way over to Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng .

In a flash, the Green Flame Eagle appeared before Bai Luochu . It waved its wing as an indication for her to ride on its back . She would be able to save some time and she could also provide treatment to Pei Qingfeng as soon as possible .

Bai Luochu noticed the Green Flame Eagle’s appearance and realized that it had even disregarded the eggs it recently laid . Of course, Bai Luochu couldn’t ignore the newborn eggs just because of Pei Qingfeng’s injury . She screamed, “Hurry up and go back! If you assist me, they will snatch your children!”

That Green Flame Eagle ignored Bai Luochu as it grabbed the pair with its beak . With a slight tilt of its head, it flung the both of them onto its back .

With a flap of its wings, it prepared to leave the Falling Cloud Mountain Range .

When the Green Flame Eagle took flight, its wings produced powerful gusts of air that caused everyone to tumble and fall over . Everyone came back to their senses and felt that something was wrong .

As a spirit beast, the Green Flame Eagle would put the priority of its younglings before anything else . But right now, it actually abandoned its younglings to rescue a person who was there to capture the eggs . What in the world was going on?

The members of the Phoenix King Valley were flustered . They were about to succeed after setting up the restriction but some random newbie came along and snatched their prize . This was going to set the Phoenix King Valley back a little . However, they were shocked when they found out Divine Physician Bai’s ability . He was actually able to form an alliance with the Green Flame Eagle without doing anything!

Pei Rumo was stunned when the situation changed and he wasn’t able to make a move . Everything happened too suddenly . Firstly, his cold and unapproachable second brother risked his life to rescue Bai Luochu . Then, she turned to glare at Lu Wenshu as though she wanted to tear his face off for hurting Pei Qingfeng . The most surprising part was when the Green Flame Eagle disregarded its young to save the two of them .  Even after Luo Chu’s warning, it personally picked up the two of them to escape . What kind of magic did that lass cast on the Green Flame Eagle? Wasn’t it a prideful and arrogant spirit beast? Why did it lower its status to be the lass’ mount? It seems like the Green Flame Eagle already regards Luo Chu as its owner . . .  As for everyone else, they were only able to fight for the eggs left behind by the Green Flame Eagle .

Pei Rumo silently shook his head .  How many more secrets is Luo Chu hiding from me? If Emperor Father learns of this, I’m probably going to be a very busy man .