Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 150

Published at 2nd of June 2020 09:39:11 PM

Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Who will Triumph?

When Feng Wan’er saw that Pei Wuchen still had that dazed expression on his face, she knew that it would be useless no matter how much she consoled him . Since that was the case, why not finish up the Phoenix King Valley’s plan .

Feng Wan’er started to use the secret transmission exclusive to the Phoenix King Valley . She silently relayed the plan to the members of the Phoenix King Valley .

Feng Wan’er led the members of the Phoenix King Valley towards the location of the eggs when everyone was still in a daze . Even though there were some who were lost in their thoughts, there were also people who were paying attention to the situation . “Is your Phoenix King Valley planning to take all the eggs? Do you think we are non-existent?”

When Feng Wan’er saw that her original plan had been exposed, she knew that things weren’t going to go as smoothly as she thought . She no longer tried to send anyone to steal the eggs . It seemed like the Phoenix King Valley had to pay the price in blood if they wanted a share of hte eggs .

Everyone came back to their senses and surrounded the members of the Phoenix King Valley .

The First Prince was also among them . Pei Rumo had already set down a restriction in the vicinity of the Green Flame Eagle’s eggs . As soon as someone tried to steal it, he would immediately sense it . When Feng Wan’er approached the eggs, he didn’t make a sound as he was holding back . He wanted to catch Feng Wan’er and the members of the Phoenix King Valley unprepared .

Lu Wenshu joined the battle again and Ying Lan saw a great opportunity . He disengaged from the fight with Lu Wenshu and quickly left the area . He would be able to avoid Lu Wenshu’s questions and he wouldn’t leak any information about Bai Luochu . She would be safer if he didn’t know about her current life .

As such, Ying Lan quickly left . His mistress had been taken away by the spirit beast and no one knew where they went . The person in his mistress’ hands was someone with a special identity . If she failed to rescue him, she might lose her life .

Ying Lan made a hand signal to the other members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and left to look for Bai Luochu . All of them continued to carry out the plan to obtain the Green Flame Eagle’s eggs .

Lu Wenshu was helpless when he saw Ying Lan leave . If he wanted to leave, he could only do so after settling the problem at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Anyway, Lu Wenshu was unable to divide his attention . The moment he was distracted, someone launched an attack at him . He could only concentrate on the battle in front of him .

Pei Rumo had already set up a restriction around the eggs and the person who pointed out Feng Wan’er plan was someone he planted . He was the one who ordered the person to point out the Phoenix King Valley’s despicable actions in order to make the Phoenix King Valley public enemy number 1 .

Pei Rumo wasn’t in a hurry to join the battle and he spoke to Pei Wuchen sarcastically . “Third Brother, we are the only ones acting for the benefit of the Cloud Water Nation . If we cannot bring back anything, Emperor Father will definitely scold us . Second Brother is able to use his injury as an excuse, but we are not so lucky . ”

“Sigh . That being said, you are still a disciple of the Phoenix King Valley, if you rush out and confront them… tsk tsk . I would be able to see your loyalty to the nation but other than me, everyone else will say that you’re an ingrate . I wonder if Third Brother will be able to bear the repercussions . ”

Pei Wuchen who wanted to join the battle stood rooted to his spot . He thought about Pei Rumo’s words as he observed the situation . Pei Wuchen suddenly realized that a lot of people were heading towards the eggs but were unable to touch them . Pei Wuchen understood that it was probably a restriction set up by Pei Rumo .

After Pei Wuchen thought about the consequences, he realized that what Pei Rumo said was reasonable . Furthermore, his first brother had already made his preparations . In the end, Pei Wuchen decided against joining the battle .

Pei Wuchen might have decided not to join the fray, but he still satirized Pei Rumo, “First Brother is indeed First Brother, always so thorough with your considerations . Wuchen can only look up to you . A gentleman shall always fulfill a lady’s request . If First Brother is so determined to obtain the Green Flame Eagle’s younglings, this brother shall not hinder you . I hope that you will be able to return with your prize in order to please Emperor Father . ”

Pei Wuchen mocked Pei Rumo . It was clear that Pei Wuchen was sneering at how Pei Rumo disregarded brotherhood for petty gain .  Pei Rumo, you’re just a dog raised by Emperor Father… Do you even take pride in your own identity?

Pei Rumo and Pei Wuchen had always been at odds and when Pei Wuchen criticized him, Pei Rumo’s face didn’t change at all . He bowed to Pei Wuchen before joining the battle .

In Pei Rumo’s opinion, a man had to know when to submit and when he should stand his ground . There was no need to consider their ego when making a move .

After Pei Rumo joined the battle, the situation became clear . Only Pei Rumo, Feng Wan’er, and Lu Wenshu were left after a round of battle .

After fighting with each other for quite some time, all of them made their move at the same time as they grabbed the egg closest to them . They then swiftly retreated and maintained a safe distance from each other .

Finally, the battle ended and Pei Rumo, Feng Wan’er, and Lu Wenshu managed to obtain an egg each .