Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 151

Published at 2nd of June 2020 09:39:11 PM

Chapter 151

Chapter 151: A Promise That Must Be Kept

The Green Flame Eagle soared in the sky with Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng on its back . It seemed like it wanted to bring them out of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range as soon as possible . While it flew in the air, its eggs were divided up by those who were still on the battlefield .

Bai Luochu couldn’t understand why the Green Flame Eagle would help her . Just a moment ago, it was treating her as someone who wanted to forcefully set up a contract . She also seemed like she was there to steal its eggs . How was it possible for it to be so benevolent to her? This was really weird . Bai Luochu couldn’t believe that the Green Flame Eagle managed to recognize her . After all, her appearance was completely different . Unless the Green Flame Eagle could sense Bai Luochu’s spirit, it wouldn’t know that she was the one who rescued it . No matter what, the eagle was a mere spirit beast and it wasn’t capable of such feats .

Bai Luochu couldn’t understand anything even after wrecking her brains . She no longer thought about it and focused her attention onto Pei Qingfeng . The battle behind them became rather intense at the moment and Bai Luochu turned her head to take a look at the outcome . Seeing as they were fighting for the Green Flame Eagle’s eggs, Bai Luochu spoke up . “Put us down and go back . Otherwise, your children will surely be taken away . ”

When it heard Bai Luochu, the Green Flame Eagle flapped its wings with greater force . It was as though it wanted to send them away from the mountain range as quickly as it could in order to run away from the fact that its children were stolen .

When Bai Luochu felt the Green Flame Eagle speeding up, the most tender part in her heart was touched . A spirit beast was actually able to understand the meaning of repaying kindness with kindness . It was much better than a human . After all, there were some humans whose heart was rotten . There were also those whose heart was made of stone .

The Green Flame Eagle knew that the humans were there for its eggs . It was possible they would be divided up in just a short moment . However, its saviour was in trouble and a person she was concerned about was injured due to his desire to help . It couldn’t disregard the both of them and had to make a choice . It pitied its children as it was unable to teach them the ways of the world . It lamented the fact that it wasn’t able to educate its children on how to deal with the nasty and vile humans .

When it thought about the disgusting humans, the Green Flame Eagle felt heart-broken and tears welled up in its eyes .

With Bai Luochu’s spiritual energy, she was able to observe the change in the Green Flame Eagle’s mood . She understood that it was sad because its children were stolen . Thinking about how the Green Flame Eagle sacrificed its children to help her, Bai Luochu consoled it .

“Thank you . I will remember everything you have done for me today . Since you helped me today, in the future, I will definitely bring your children back . I will! There will come a day where you reunite with your children, please trust me . ” Bai Luochu spoke and caressed the top of the Green Flame Eagle’s head as though she was trying to soothe its sorrowful emotions .

The Green Flame Eagle let out a clear and loud cry as though it was responding to Bai Luochu’s words . Hearing Bai Luochu’s promise, the Green Flame Eagle started to fly faster . In just a short moment, they left the Falling Cloud Mountain Range .

The Green Flame Eagle had just given birth and when it flew out of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, it was already exhausted . It had no choice but to land on the ground .

Bai Luochu understood that the Green Flame Eagle was exhausted and didn’t wish to tire it out any further . She immediately prepared to carry Pei Qingfeng towards her residence .

The moment she hopped off its back, the Green Flame Eagle pulled her back with its beak . The Green Flame Eagle meant for them to take a break before continuing on their journey .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but let out a helpless smile . “You have just given birth and you’re injured . It’s bad enough you had to bring us out of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range and I am very grateful to you . There are carriages here and I can use them to rush back . It is better for you to stay here and rest . ”

The Green Flame Eagle refused to give up . It didn’t want to become someone else’s spirit beast… If those disgusting humans formed a contract with it, it would have to forsake its position as the tyrant of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . It might as well break off both its wings and jump off a cliff .

Bai Luochu didn’t know if it was because of her improved spiritual energy or because she had a predestined relationship with the Green Flame Eagle . She could actually understand its thoughts . She quickly provided it with a solution .

“Head 200 miles to the west . It is a low-lying area in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range . Those people won’t pass by it when leaving the mountain range . There should be a cavern for you . Head over there and hide first, After settling this guy, I’ll come and pick you up, okay? I promise to never let you fall into the hands of others . ” Bai Luochu spoke with sincerity .

The Green Flame Eagle already had a good impression of Bai Luochu as she was the one who saved its life in the past . After hearing what she said, it released the two of them and stood to the side .

Bai Luochu didn’t delay as Pei Qingfeng’s injury was serious . If she was able to return to the capital city, there would be a larger chance she could save him .

Bai Luochu immediately looked for a comfortable carriage and after putting him down, she swung the horsewhip as they charged towards the imperial city .

The Green Flame Eagle stood at the side and saw Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng off . When the carriage vanished from its sight, it extended its wings and slowly flew towards the place where Bai Luochu had mentioned .

Bai Luochu didn’t allow the Green Flame Eagle to escort her as it would definitely bring about a wave of commotion . Moreover, it was exhausted and injured . If she appeared in front of everyone with a Green Flame Eagle, she would be in danger . It was better to play safe and travel by carriage .

‘If a tree grows too tall, the wind will topple it . ” Bai Luochu knew what she had to do . That was the reason she died in her previous life . How could she allow the same to happen in this life?