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Chapter 16

“Tsk Tsk, I am trying my best to diagnose your illness, yet you don’t seem interested at all . It seems like you don’t expect me to be able to cure you huh . . . ” Bai Luochu crossed her arms and shrugged her shoulders as she expressed her displeasure .

“No, I am just… used to it . ”

Pei Qingfeng spoke indifferently . It wasn’t because he didn’t want to expel the poison array in his body . Instead, it was because he had been let down time and time again .

However, this time, when he saw Bai Luochu’s expression, a seed of hope germinated in his heart . He couldn’t explain the feeling in his heart . . .

Firstly, he never liked anyone touching him . Yet he allowed Bai Luochu to feel his pulse in order to diagnose him . Secondly, he took the risk to enter the First Prince’s residence deep into the night and even infiltrated a young lady’s chamber . He had to be out of his mind . . .

He was clear about his body and the poison array hidden within it . Because of this, people around him traveled across mountains and great rivers . They crossed half the continent in order to look for famed divine physicians who dealt with poison and medicine . In the end, all of them shook their head and left . None of them were able to treat his illness .

Right now, he felt a trace of hope from an immature and inexperienced servant girl who was barely of age . “Pei Qingfeng, oh Pei Qingfeng, you are truly living a backward life . ”

Just as Pei Qingfeng felt there was no hope for this poison to be cured, Bai Luochu spoke up .

“What if I tell you I have a way of treating you?”

Even though it was a question, Bai Luochu looked at Pei Qingfeng with confidence sparkling in her eyes . There was a fire burning them and they were comparable to the stars twinkling in the night sky .

“What did you say?” Pei Qingfeng was in a state of disbelief . He doubted his ears for a moment . Was this young lady trying to preserve her reputation or was she truly able to treat him?!

“You didn’t hear it wrong . I said . . . I said that I can treat this poison!”

Bai Luochu spoke with absolute confidence while Pei Qingfeng stood there quietly and stared at her . His face was expressionless and no one could tell what he was thinking .

“Of course, I am not going to treat it for free . ” Bai Luochu sat on the chair while looking at Pei Qingfeng as a plan slowly formed in her head .

“To be honest with you . My meridians were previously obstructed and I was unable to cultivate . Right now, I have opened up my meridians but my current strength is far from being able to completely neutralize the poison in your body . With my strength, I can only use the effects of medicinal herbs to suppress the poison and reduce the pain you have to suffer . ”

“Are you really able to cure me?” It was obvious that Pei Qingfeng didn’t believe that a servant girl like Bai Luochu could neutralize the poison array in his body .

“I know that it is hard for you to believe a servant girl like me . The poison in your body isn’t easy to treat . It’s a poison array with Heavenly Thunder acting as the medium . The Heaven Thunder doesn’t only scorch your meridians, but it also absorbs the spirit qi in your body . Am I right?”

Pei Qingfeng was secretly startled .

He saw Bai Luochu picking up a brush and paper from the table . Using the dim moonlight, she dipped the brush in ink and wrote something down .

When this young lady was writing under the illumination of the hazy moonlight, she looked rather adorable . The corners of Pei Qingfeng’s mouth curled upwards subconsciously .

A short while later, Bai Luochu raised the paper and gently blew on it to dry the wet ink . When the ink was dry, she took a detailed look at what she had written and ensured that there were no errors before passing it to Pei Qingfeng .

After Pei Qingfeng reached out to receive the paper, he saw two big words on the rightmost side: Medical Fee .

On the list were items with strange names and if anyone who was clueless about medicine and poison were to read it, they would think that a retard scribbled on the paper .

When all was said and done, Pei Qingfeng suffered for a long time due to the poison array and as the saying went, “One would become a good physician after being ill for a long time . ”  Pei Qingfeng knew the rarity of these strange items and every single item written on the paper was invaluable . He was extremely clear about the worth of the items .

Pei Qingfeng subconsciously shook his head and a chuckle escaped his lips . This servant girl was really bold with her request . . .

Right at this moment, Bai Luochu revealed a crafty smile along with a row of her spotlessly white little teeth . She then tilted her head and said, “Two portions . ”