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Chapter 17

“If you decide to seek treatment with me, come back with two portions of the items I listed . Remember… you have to bring two portions and they will serve as your medical fee . Of course, if you don’t intend to seek treatment with me, I will treat it as though nothing happened tonight . You are a formidable person and I have no need to oppose you . If I decide to cause trouble, it would be the same as committing suicide . ”

Two portions? This servant girl was truly bold with her request! Pei Qingfeng looked at the list and nodded before leaving . His body flickered once and he disappeared . He didn’t mention if he wanted to seek treatment or not, but Bai Luochu wasn’t anxious either . If Pei Qingfeng wanted to seek treatment, he would certainly come and look for her .

After Pei Qingfeng left, Bai Luochu returned to her bed . She wanted to rest up but she tossed and turned in her bed, unable to fall asleep .

First, it was the assassin, then it was the appearance of Pei Qingfeng . Bai Luochu’s sleepiness had been tossed into the high heavens and wouldn’t be returning anytime soon . In the end, she decided to forgo sleep as she sat down cross-legged on her bed to continue her cultivation .

After witnessing Pei Qingfeng’s boundless spirit qi, Bai Luochu suffered quite a huge blow to her ego . In her previous life, she might have been on par with Pei Qingfeng, but the current her was far too weak .

After all, she had only opened up her meridians recently . If Pei Qingfeng’s boundless spirit qi could be compared to a spirit sea, then Bai Luochu’s deficient spirit qi could only be compared to a cup of water .

To Bai Luochu, the most important task was still to cultivate and it wasn’t just to provide treatment for Pei Qingfeng . It was mainly because of her desire for revenge together with her ambition to revive her temple . She was going to behead that bastard Lu Wenshu with her sword and gather all her disciples again . This time, she was going to protect them all .

With Bai Luochu’s current strength, she was far from being able to do so . Her current body had frail meridians and she was already way past the age where her cultivation realm could increase rapidly . If she didn’t cultivate diligently, she was afraid that the inheritance and her disciples wouldn’t be able to hold on to the day she took her revenge!

As her thoughts progressed up to this point, Bai Luochu didn’t stare blankly into space anymore . She thought that instead of worrying about insignificant events in the grand scheme of things, why not focus on cultivation?

It was almost daybreak and one could even hear the indistinct cries of the rooster housed in the residence . Bai Luochu immediately sat up from her bed and prepared to absorb the purest spirit qi throughout the day .

Daybreak signified the moment all living things completed a cycle of day and night . At this very moment, everything would experience a fresh start .

It was the same for spirit qi . The spirit qi at dawn was different from the spirit qi in the night or throughout the day . The spirit qi at night was turbid and cold; while the spirit qi in the day was blazing due to the scorching sun . The spirit qi at dawn was clear and without impurities, as it transformed the chill in the night into something more comforting .

It was the best time to incorporate the spirit qi into her cultivation of the inheritance’s secret technique as she nourished her meridians .

In this cultivation session, Bai Luochu used all her spiritual energy to gather as much spirit qi into her spirit sea as possible . She used her spiritual energy to bind the spirit qi before sending it into her meridians . Without allowing the spirit qi to slow down, she made it rush towards the area where the obstruction originally was .

There was a reason behind her actions .

Firstly, it was because of her body . The obstructed area was different from the meridians in the other parts of her body . In the past, when she was demolishing the obstruction in her meridians, Bai Luochu was able to use the massive amount of spirit qi to slightly strengthen the meridians in the other part of her body . As for the obstructed area, it never got a chance to enjoy the strengthening brought about by the nourishment of spirit qi . If she didn’t hasten the reinforcement, she would definitely face a problem in her cultivation in the future .

Secondly, it was because of the world she lived in . In the entire day, the most suitable spirit qi to nourish damaged meridians would only be present during daybreak . Even though that was the case . Bai Luochu couldn’t give up on cultivating throughout the rest of the day .

Hence, by mending the weakest part of her meridians, Bai Luochu’s cultivation process wouldn’t be affected when she cultivated .

After Bai Luochu completed circulating her spirit qi, she quickly withdrew her spiritual energy . The sound of someone knocking on the door resounded through the room .

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

The moment the knocking ended, before Bai Luochu even had the chance to wear her shoes and get up from her bed, Zi Su’s voice echoed from outside the door . Seemingly afraid that Bai Luochu was still sleeping and her sudden appearance might cause some fright, she covered her mouth with her hand and spoke gently, “Young Lady, are you awake? If you are, this servant will enter to help you freshen up . ”

When Bai Luochu heard how Zi Su was intentionally covering her mouth to speak through the door, she couldn’t help but giggle . This servant girl was truly interesting . If she was really speaking so softly and Bai Luochu was asleep, there was no way she could hear her .

After recalling how badly she frightened Zi Su the day before, she realized that the servant girl was afraid of angering her .

“Come in . I am already dressed . ”

“Creak…” Zi Su pushed the door open from the outside .

When the servant girl saw that Bai Luochu was already dressed, she was rather surprised . She knitted her brows and said, “Young Lady, you don’t have to change before allowing this servant to enter . Helping Young Lady wear her clothes is also one of this servant’s jobs . ”

After Zi Su finished her statement, she placed down the comb and the kettle before walking over to help Bai Luochu tidy up her clothes . She straightened out the parts Bai Luochu forgot .

Zi Su requested for Bai Luochu to sit in front of the mirror before helping her to untie her hastily bundled up hair . Zi Su then carefully bound up Bai Luochu’s hair into a topknot without forgetting to shower her with praise . “Young Lady’s hair is very nice . It isn’t too smooth and binding it up is easy . Neither is it too dry or tangled up . It doesn’t even need to be oiled . ”

In Bai Luochu’s previous life in the temple, there weren’t such rules and such particular attention to hierarchy . Let alone this life as she had reincarnated and had to start from the bottom . She knew that she was going to experience a lot of challenges . As of now, she wasn’t really used to having people serve her like this . Bai Luochu then explained, “I have a habit of waking up early to cultivate . Without proper clothing, I would look rather inelegant . There is no need for you to wake up so early . In the future, you just have to help me tidy up the small details . ”