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Chapter 2

Looking at the quick, violent, and ferocious beast whose mouth was dripping with blood as it bared its fangs at her, Bai Luochu didn’t even have time to think . Enduring the pain, she rolled over rapidly in order to escape . Spotting a pile of bones by her side, she grabbed a slender and sharp one and used it as her weapon .

Pulling herself away, Bai Luochu finally saw the full appearance of the ferocious beast . It had a lion’s body, a leopard’s head, and a snake’s tail . Its entire body was pitch-black and its red paws made it looked as though it was stomping on flames . It was precisely the spirit beast, Fire Lion .

A high rank Fire Lion had an entire body seemingly made out of flames . Each breath it took made it seem as though flames were streaming out of its mouth and the air it exhaled formed a gale . Since the Fire Lion’s paws were barely red, she knew that its cultivation had only reached the first stage .

“Hmph! Even the Ancient Flaming Lion will have to bow before me . How dare a first stage Fire Lion behave so audaciously in front of me?”

Bai Luochu spoke indifferently as her crystal-like black eyes on her pale face sparkled with an icy-cold and sharp light . She looked like a cheetah staring at the Fire Lion’s every move . She looked much more savage and vicious compared to the Fire Lion!

Out of its wildest expectations, a prey which was supposed to be powerless managed to dodge its attack . With a blank expression on its face, the Fire Lion quickly turned its body to face Bai Luochu .

It seemed like Bai Luochu’s cold expression made it even more angry as the Fire Lion snarled before charging head first into her .

The two of them weren’t too far away from each other and in the blink of an eye, the Fire Lion arrived in front of Bai Luochu’s face .

At this precise moment, Bai Luochu made a move . One could see her body tilting to the left as she used her right hand to hook onto the neck of the Fire Lion . Her left hand pressed hard on its ribs and she did a flip . She rode on the lion’s back and the moment she landed, her left hand chopped down on the Fire Lion’s seventh vertebra . She hammered with all her strength!

A muffled ‘snap’ echoed through the air . A moment later, the Fire Lion’s body trembled as it roared and swayed violently . That abnormally bitter roar caused everyone to instinctively flinch!

But she was nowhere near done . In order not to be thrown off by its violent movement, Bai Luochu’s legs clamped tight on the Fire Lion’s abdomen . At the same time, her left hand turned into a claw and dug into its skin before grabbing onto the seventh vertebra . In a swift movement, she pulled with all her might and a clear shattering sound echoed through the air . In an instant, the Fire Lion’s body stiffened and its legs gave out . Collapsing onto the ground, the Fire Lion no longer got up .

The originally fearsome and powerful Fire Lion perished in an instant!

Seeing as the lion could no longer fight back, Bai Luochu’s brows furrowed and she flipped off the Fire Lion’s back . She looked at her left hand and couldn’t help but frown .

In the past, a simple point with her fingertip was enough to pierce a hole through a giant boulder . Right now, she used her full strength and was unable to smash apart a mere bone!

Had it not been because of her knowledge of the beast’s weakness, there was no way she would be able to kill the Fire Lion that easily .

What was going on here? Why was she here? Why was her cultivation gone?

Unknowingly, the maniacal shouting in the Bestial Battle Arena had stopped and it was replaced by yelps and soft gasps . . .

“Tsk, why didn’t she die…”

“The flesh had already entered its mouth . Why couldn’t it just snap its jaws shut? This Fire Lion sure is useless!”

“Arena Master, why did the Fire Lion suddenly die? Is this some sort of trick to scam our money?”

Everyone was shouting out simultaneously and most of them were curses . Of course, there were cheers as well as they laughed heartily before tossing gold coins into the arena .

A moment later, the Bestial Battle Arena went into an uproar again .

“The battle is over . No . 8 human slave wins, open the gate!”

All of a sudden, a deep voice resounded through the Bestial Battle Arena . At the same time, there was a clattering sound as a giant gate at the corner of the Bestial Battle Arena rolled open . .

No . 8 human slave?

Bai Luochu frowned and scanned her surroundings . She walked towards the gate with a suspicious look in her eyes . The moment she walked out, an enormous amount of memory flooded into her mind violently like a giant wave and caused her vision to go black . Her body froze and she fell onto the ground .

In a high pavilion above the Bestial Battle Arena, an individual was quietly fanning himself with a folding fan as he stared at the motionless Bai Luochu on the ground . That person spoke slowly, “Who is that?”

The voice was clear and gentle, yet there wasn’t a lack of unsophisticated manliness . That crystal clear voice was something that no one would ever forget after hearing it once .

“Young Master, that is the no . 8 human slave . She is a newcomer to the Bestial Battle Arena . ”

“En . ” The person nodded silently and stood up to walk outside as his black hair fluttered lightly in the wind without restraint .

“Reward . ”

“Understood, Young Master . ”