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Chapter 3

In the dead of the night, the temperature was extremely cold . The prisoners felt as though they were submerged in a cold pool as sparse moonlight passed through the mottled barred window and shined into the prison cell as it illuminated a tiny figure who was lying on a pile of rice straws .

Bai Luochu laid quietly as she looked around the filthy prison cell . She had been awake for more than four hours and since she woke up, memories flowed through her head . Obviously, none of it belonged to her . However, they were so profound and detailed that she felt as though she had truly experienced them .

Connecting the dots, she realized that there was only one explanation for this .  She had reincarnated into another body!

She had perished on the sacred monument of the inheritance altar and reincarnated into the body of someone in the Bestial Battle Arena . Right now, she was in the body of a woman named “Luo Chu” .

She once heard about how supreme experts in the world would fight over the method of reincarnation . Never in her wildest imaginations did she expect herself to be able to come back to life .

Bai Luochu looked at her frail and powerless hand . The primary energy and divine sense she possessed previously had all but vanished . She was currently a wastrel whose primary energy meridians were blocked .

Nevertheless, it was extremely fortunate for her to be able to live another life .

As for primary energy and divine senses… That was something she could easily regain .

“Lu Wenshu, it is hard to imagine, right? You schemed and racked your brains to kill me but the heavens didn’t allow me to die . I am really looking forward to the day we meet again…” Bai Luochu laughed insipidly as a cold light flashed through her eyes . Killing intent leaked out of her body .

Whatever the case, the most important task right now was for her to become stronger!

“Gong! Gong! Gong!” Suddenly, a loud and ear-piercing gong echoed and broke the silence in the dark night . A disturbance broke out in the prison cells .

“Get up, get up! All of you get up! Gather in the main hall in the time it takes to burn half an incense stick!” The person who beat the gong spoke in a strict tone . As he spoke, he smacked the doors of the prison cells with a loathsome expression plastered on his face .

“No . 8?” When in front of Bai Luochu’s prison cell, that guard’s body paused and raised a brow . He then tossed a bag in and spoke with a rather mild voice, “You’re lucky to be alive . This is a reward from a noble . ”

He walked off as soon as he was done speaking . Prisoners in the other cells were already on their feet as they cursed loudly . Even though curses flooded their speech, they moved quickly .

Bai Luochu surveyed the surroundings and noticed this prison had slightly more than ten cells and most of them were occupied by robust middle-aged men . Looking at the reward in her cell, their gazes shifted to her and an avaricious expression appeared on their face . They didn’t intend to hide their feelings in the slightest .

Looking at them, Bai Luochu coldly snorted . With the likes of those men, if she were to walk out of the cell with the bag of rewards, she would definitely die a miserable death in their hands with her current strength . In the best case scenario, her rewards would be plundered in a flash . . .

As such, she was in no hurry to walk out and she immediately sat down . She opened the reward bag in front of everyone’s unblinking eyes .

Inside the bag, there was a bottle of medicine and ten gold coins . The moment Bai Luochu opened the medicine bottle and took a whiff, she frowned . A loathing expression appeared in her eyes .

“Medicine… there is a fragrance of medicine!” All of a sudden, one of the sturdy men’s eyes opened wide . There was a trace of disbelief as he continued, “It’s actually spirit medicine?!”

The moment the words left his mouth, everyone in the cells were stunned . Rushing to the edge of the metal bars, they stretched out their necks in order to get a whiff .

“Spirit medicine! It’s actually spirit medicine!” There was an instant clamor in the prison cells .

Spirit medicine? Bai Luochu took a look at the medicine bottle and revealed a trace of despise as the corner of her mouth curled upwards . This was considered spirit medicine? This probably didn’t even have a grade . At best, this medicinal fluid only contained a trace of spirit qi . . .  

But when she saw the reactions of the people inside the prison cells, she could understand why they were drooling over this bottle of measly medicinal fluid . She also understood why they were acting so crazily .

As humans inside this Bestial Battle Arena, they were probably no longer classified as ‘humans’ . They were food that was destined to enter the jaws of the ferocious beasts . This was the reason that even though it was merely a bottle of medicinal fluid with a trace of spirit qi, everyone was going crazy for it . It was a rare supplement that might ensure their survival in the near future .