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Chapter 32

The one who spoke was none other than Su Luoqing . Su Luoqing didn’t converse with any of the aristocratic clans’ young ladies that she was close with and didn’t place any attention on the Phoenix King Valley either .

Her eyes were filled with bitter resentment and all her attention was concentrated on Bai Luochu . She had been staring at Bai Luochu for the entire night and just as the birthday banquet was finally going to end, she finally found fault with Bai Luochu . She naturally wasn’t going to give up this opportunity . She felt the first part of her statement wasn’t enough to vent her anger and immediately added another one in a sarcastic tone .

Su Luoqing’s words were overly abrupt and startled everyone who was in the midst of conversation . Even the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples were looking over .

“Why? Are you the master or is His Second Highness the master? Do you think that you can treat yourself as half a master just because the Second Prince shows some partiality for you? Some people should respect themselves and know their place . Don’t even dream of turning into a phoenix just because you can fly a little higher than others . Don’t you know the saying? ‘The higher you fly, the harder you fall’ . ”

After Su Luoqing finished speaking, everyone’s stare converged on the two ladies . Bai Luochu was once again the focus of everyone’s attention .

Bai Luochu wasn’t afraid as there wasn’t a relationship between herself and the Second Prince . Furthermore, she was an evil dao witch in her previous life who was cursed and derided by the world . Their saliva would probably be enough to drown her .

Right now, Bai Luochu merely the target of a noble young lady from an aristocratic clan who was muddle-headed due to love . Bai Luochu couldn’t be bothered to care about someone like her . In the end, Bai Luochu looked at Su Luoqing with a dull and indifferent look in her eyes .  

When Su Luoqing saw how Bai Luochu’s expression didn’t change at all and was calmly waiting for her next action, she started to panic . She never expected that Bai Luochu would be so calm when facing ridicule . On the contrary, with so many people watching, Su Luoqing felt as though she couldn’t hold it together . She didn’t know what she was supposed to do next . Looking at Pei Qingfeng, she hoped that he would do something to teach his lowly servant who didn’t know her place a lesson .

When Bai Luochu saw that Su Luoqing didn’t continue speaking, she knew that the young lady was at a loss . In Bai Luochu’s mind, a plan to make a grand comeback appeared . However, before she could open her mouth, someone beat her to it .

As though Pei Qingfeng felt Su Luoqing’s burning gaze on him, he opened his mouth to speak up . However, what came out of his mouth was completely different from the script Su Luoqing had prepared .

“Young Lady Su, when did you become so attentive to a servant girl’s actions? Do you think that I cannot discipline my own servant because I am a cripple? Or are you trying to interfere and help me discipline her in my stead? If that is what you’re trying to do, it’s unnecessary . I don’t want to trouble Young Lady Su with my personal matters . ”

The moment the words left his mouth, they seemed to form an invisible hand that slapped Su Luoqing across her face . He was openly and subtly telling Su Luoqing to mind her own business . Everyone present understood that Su Luoqing was jealous because Bai Luochu got to stand beside the Second Prince for the entire duration of the banquet .  

Alas, never in Su Luoqing’s wildest imagination would she have thought that Pei Qingfeng would take Bai Luochu’s side . He was so firm and she was humiliated time after time . Right now, she was a complete joke .

Just as Su Luoqing wanted to say something to explain herself, Pei Qingfeng spoke up once more . His words seemed to send her into the abyss . “Today, I expanded a lot of energy in order to handle people who tried to meddle in my affairs . I’m really tired now… Emperor Father, will you please allow this son to take his leave?”

The Emperor was also afraid that if Pei Qingfeng and his servant girl were to stay behind, Su Luoqing might cause more problems . He looked at Su Luoqing with displeasure in his eyes as he waved his hand . It was a signal to approve of the Second Prince’s request .

Pei Qingfeng then asked Bai Luochu to push his wheelchair out of the palace hall .

“It’s humiliating that Elder has to witness this scene . Later on, I will prepare some gifts as compensation . ” After all the trouble, the Emperor couldn’t form the slightest bit of favourable impression for the young lady of the Empress Dowager’s birth clan . In his eyes, she was a spoiled brat who was causing trouble again and again . She simply didn’t place the imperial clan in her eyes . Someone like her wanted to marry a prince? What a joke .

The Emperor had to find an opportunity to speak with the Empress Dowager and use an indirect approach to avoid embarrassing her . If he were to anger the Empress Dowager, the Su Clan would step in to cause more trouble . He had to settle the escalating problem as quickly as he could .

Everyone present at the banquet naturally knew what was going to happen and simply treated this incident as a farce . They had to take into consideration the Empress Dowager’s reputation and the lively atmosphere quickly recovered as everyone tried to play off the awkwardness .

However, there were bound to be people who couldn’t wait to watch the world burn .

When Su Luoqing placed her target board on Bai Luochu, Feng Wan’er had been staring at Bai Luochu . She witnessed everything from the start to the end . Her eyes didn’t leave Bai Luochu’s body until she had long disappeared from sight . Feng Wan’er was staring at the door and there was an astonished expression on her face .

“Junior sister, junior sister?” When Pei Wuchen saw that Feng Wan’er was still staring at the door blankly, he couldn’t help but feel suspicious .

“Senior brother, what’s the matter?” Feng Wan’er heard Pei Wuchen calling out to her as she snapped back to reality .

“What’s wrong? Has my junior sister’s soul been mesmerized by my Second Brother?” After seeing how Feng Wan’er was daydreaming, he couldn’t help but make fun of her .

“How can that be? Senior brother should know best . ” After hearing how Pei Wuchen was making fun of her, Feng Wan’er feigned anger coquettishly .

The reason why Feng Wan’er was apprehensive wasn’t because of the Second Prince, Pei Qingfeng . Instead, it was because of Bai Luochu!

Feng Wan’er had some doubts in her heart .  How could it be Luo Chu?! Shouldn’t that wastrel with innately crippled meridians die a miserable death in the hands of a spirit beast in the Bestial Battle Arena? How did she leave the Bestial Battle Arena in one piece? How in the world did she even gain the Second Prince’s favor?!

“Something must have gone wrong . This didn’t seem right . I have to find an opportunity to dig out everything!”

After stepping out of the palace door, Bai Luochu immediately abandoned the Second Prince as she prepared to leave .

“Are you going to burn the bridge after crossing the river?”

When Pei Qingfeng saw how direct and straightforward Bai Luochu was, he felt a little displeased in his heart .

“I better keep a distance from Second Prince . Your Second Highness lured all the violent bees and unrestrained butterflies to himself… Today, I was on the receiving end of their fury and even became Your Highness’ shield . Acting as a shield for an entire night should be enough compensation… right?” As soon as she finished her statement, Bai Luochu prepared to head back to the First Prince’s residence .

As thought she recalled something, Bai Luochu spoke up once again, “Oh right . About the poison in your body, our deal has always been valid . If you have thought through it, you can come and find me . I will do everything in my power to help Your Highness treat your illness . ”

Seeing how Bai Luochu vanished into the night, Pei Qingfeng couldn’t help but feel even more curious . This woman had medical skills and displayed strange movement skills at the Bestial Battle Arena . She was obviously not more than 20 years of age but was even more knowledgeable than the current leading scholar . How could she be thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena?

“Go and investigate her origins . ” With a fling of his sleeve, Pei Qingfeng sent out a secret guard that was hiding in the shadows to investigate Bai Luochu .