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Chapter 37

When Bai Luochu saw how Su Luoqing didn’t forget to threaten her even though she was in so much pain, Bai Luochu clicked her tongue . “Tsk Tsk, seems like Su Luoqing really hates me . ”

At the same time, Bai Luochu didn’t forget to put this score on Pei Qingfeng . It was all his fault! He was the one who attracted all these violent bees and unrestrained butterflies, turning her into a live target .

After this brief interlude, Bai Luochu almost forgot her purpose of coming to the Hundred Herbs Hall . It was only after she saw the shocked attendant who was carrying the spirit medicine did she remember her purpose . She quickly walked into the Hundred Herbs Hall and started to converse with the young attendant .

When the attendant saw Bai Luochu walking towards him, he stuttered and asked, “Young… Young Lady, do you still… still want this spirit medicine?”

“Are you sure this is what I need?” Bai Luochu didn’t want to waste time talking rubbish . After all, she had just gone through a hard fight and didn’t want to waste any more additional energy .

“Young Lady doesn’t have to worry about this . For the Hundred Herbs Hall to establish ourselves in the capital city, integrity is a must . Attendants like myself have to go through an ability test before we can recommend suitable spirit medicines for our customers . ” When the attendant heard Bai Luochu’s question, he immediately came back to his senses and assured her .

Bai Luochu nodded and indicated that she understood everything the attendant said . She asked for a quote and paid without negotiating for a better price . She took all the spirit medicine and left the Hundred Herbs Hall as she thought about how she was going to return to the First Prince’s residence .

Bai Luochu assumed that no one noticed her actions during her fight with Su Luoqing . However, never in her wildest imagination would she have thought that the First Prince would follow her out .

“Your Highness, the Su Clan’s Young Lady is…”

The guard commander standing beside him didn’t finish his statement but Pei Rumo already understood the meaning behind his words . Su Luoqing was the daughter of the first wife of the Empress Dowager’s birth clan . If she were truly poisoned when strolling around the city, the connection between Bai Luochu and the poison in Su Luoqing’s body would definitely be found . If they were to investigate Bai Luochu, dragging the First Prince into the conflict . . .

Right now, in the imperial court, the Third Prince’s faction had been keeping a close watch on him . If anyone were to dig out any dirt on him, there would be dire consequences!

“There is no need to be anxious . ” The First Prince opened up his folding fan and casually fanned himself as he strolled back to the residence, “I understand your concerns . But since I didn’t stop her, nothing will happen . ”

“Did you see the fight between the two of them earlier? Luo Chu obviously didn’t utilize any spirit qi and constantly dodged Su Luoqing’s attacks! If the Su Clan wants to place the blame on Luo Chu, the spectators earlier will probably disagree . Even if the Su Clan wasn’t afraid of trouble, they have to consider the Empress Dowager’s reputation . ”

“Your Highness is truly thorough in your consideration . This subordinate is too stupid . ”

Pei Rumo allowed Bai Luochu to harm Su Luoqing because there was something in it for him .

Firstly, Su Luoqing was too obnoxious . She had been using her status as a junior from the Empress Dowager’s birth clan to be arrogant and despotic . She would be oppressing the other young ladies for every little thing . During the birthday banquet the day before, she humiliated herself in front of the Phoenix King Valley’s upper echelon and Pei Rumo didn’t know how they would see the Cloud Water Nation’s noble clans .

Secondly, due to the commotion in the banquet, Pei Rumo’s parents no longer had a good impression on her . It would be beneficial for her to suffer from some setbacks . If she wanted to marry into the imperial clan as a concubine, she had to learn how to act with a sense of propriety .

As for the third reason… Pei Rumo closed his folding fan and the corners of his mouth arched upwards . He was thinking about something interesting as he wanted to dig out all of Bai Luochu’s secrets!

When Bai Luochu returned to the residence, Zi Su was already waiting for her with a table full of hot food . As soon as she saw Bai Luochu entering the room, she greeted, “Young Lady, you are finally back! The dishes are getting cold . ”

As Zi Su spoke, she took out the dishes from the food boxes . When Zi Su saw how Bai Luochu’s clothes and hair were rather disheveled, she asked, “Did Young Lady encounter any trouble outside the residence? I can see that your clothes are rather messy . ”

Bai Luochu lowered her head and saw that it was just as Zi Su said . Casually chatting with Zi Su about everything that happened outside the residence, Bai Luochu omitted all the critical information .

Zi Su was extremely astonished after listening to Bai Luochu’s story . She silently took all of it down in her head . The First Prince had personally ordered her to take care of Bai Luochu and nothing could happen to her! It seemed like she had to feedback to the First Prince when she had the time . She wanted to ask him to send more men to protect Bai Luochu!

Bai Luochu was eating her lunch with relish and the reason behind it was probably because she managed to teach Su Luoqing a bitter lesson .

After lunch was over, Bai Luochu dismissed Zi Su and was preparing to cultivate with the spirit medicine that she had just purchased .

The instant Bai Luochu opened up the spirit medicine, she immediately knew that the Hundred Herbs Hall lived up to its name . Not only did the herbs possess medicinal effects that she requested for, there weren’t any other side effects that appeared during the mixing process . The grade of the spirit medicine wasn’t low either . It seemed like before she was able to refine medicine, she was going to be a frequent patron of the Hundred Herbs Hall .

After consuming the spirit medicine, Bai Luochu guided the spirit qi and medicinal effects of the spirit medicine towards her limbs and bones to strengthen her meridians .

“En…” The strengthening process of the meridians was rather painful and Bai Luochu couldn’t help but groan with pain . Luckily, Bai Luochu had abnormally resolute willpower and it was demonstrated when she initially opened her meridians . What she experienced now couldn’t be  considered painful at all .

It seemed like her pain tolerance was becoming lower . Bai Luochu shook her head before resuming her cultivation .

The next morning, after Bai Luochu had just finished her daybreak cultivation session, she saw Zi Su waiting by the side . She was waiting for Bai Luochu to complete her cultivation session before preparing for the day ahead .

As Bai Luochu sat in front of the bronze mirror to wait for Zi Su to brush her hair, she realized that Zi Su’s face was slowly approaching her ear . A soft voice suddenly entered her ear, “Young Lady, this servant heard a piece of juicy news in the morning . Do you want to hear it?”

Seeing how mysterious Zi Su was acting, Bai Luochu nodded .

“The  Su Clan’s Young Lady, the daughter of the first wife of the Empress Dowager’s birth clan, was inflicted with an odd poison the day before! Right now, her entire body is purple and she is unconscious!”

No one knew if Zi Su was smiling because Bai Luochu agreed to listen to her gossip or if she was rejoicing in Su Luoqing’s misfortune . It seemed as though even Zi Su didn’t notice the smile on her face .

As Zi Su was rejoicing, she didn’t notice Bai Luochu’s expression in the bronze mirror . The corner of Bai Luochu’s mouth was pointing upwards and there was a smirk on her face .

It seemed as though the show was about to begin! Right now, she just had to wait for the standing ovation when the show ends .