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Chapter 50

The moment Pei Rumo walked far away, Bai Luochu heaved a sigh of relief . When Pei Rumo came, Bai Luochu knew that he was here to probe her . Rather than being resigned to her fate, why not take the initiative and deny the First Prince an opportunity to interrogate her?

It seemed like this Pei Rumo knew about this body’s original owner . . . Now that her medical skills had been discovered, he would definitely ask someone to investigate her before coming to do the interrogation . But she was a little curious as to what had Pei Rumo found out .

On the way back to the study room, Pei Rumo had been thinking about Bai Luochu’s behavior . She might seem extremely composed, but in fact, her qi presence was very unstable . It was obvious that she was busy hiding something she didn’t want him to notice . When Pei Rumo used his spirit energy to scan the place, he didn’t notice anyone else’s presence as well . It seemed like this servant girl was truly plotting something and it was better to ask someone to monitor her closely . He definitely didn’t want the First Prince’s residence to be drawn into her scheme .

This wasn’t the only problem right now . The thing that gave Pei Rumo the worst headache was Bai Luochu’s drastic change in temperament after coming out of the Bestial Battle Arena . If she had amnesia, it would only be enough to explain her lack of knowledge in etiquette and the memory of her own past . Alas, she developed some sort of strange and unpredictable movement skill in the Bestial Battle Arena . Not to mention her extraordinary medical skills and knowledge on the art of poison . It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that her skills were unmatched in the world .

Furthermore, even if her temperament had changed drastically, the way she conducted herself and dealt with matters felt like those people who lived a carefree life in the martial world . Her temper was also extremely terrible .

From the looks of it, the current Luo Chu was truly poles apart compared to the weak, crippled, upright, and warmhearted Luo Chu from the general’s residence . Could it be that she was stimulated after going through a life and death situation?

In fact, Pei Rumo had already developed some suspicion when Bai Luochu poisoned Su Luoqing and made a deal with him . He suspected that the current Luo Chu was no longer the same as the previous Luo Chu, but the thought was simply too outrageous . . .

It didn’t matter if it was Bai Luochu who had reincarnated into this body or if it was Luo Chu whose hatred and fate allowed her to sacrifice her body for the sake of exacting revenge . All these sounded a little too ridiculous .

Pei Rumo shook his head . Bai Luochu simply had too many mysteries and it wouldn’t be easy to solve them within a short period of time . He better not monitor too closely in case he alerted her . The moment he did that, she would definitely create another layer of fog to hide her mysteries .

The plan, for now, was for him to pay attention to the situation in the imperial court . As for Bai Luochu, her mysteries would surface sooner or later .

When Pei Rumo’s thoughts reached this juncture, his originally heavy mood lightened up quite a bit, allowing him to move even faster . He was preparing to return to the study room and rearrange that board of ingenious chess play .

Over at the other side, Bai Luochu made sure that Pei Rumo had really left . Just as she was going to take her refined recruitment plan out, there was another knocking sound on the door .

“Knock Knock…” Before this knocking sound ended, Bai Luochu rushed to open the door . She flew into a rage and was about to blow before she realized that the person in front of her wasn’t Pei Rumo . Instead, he was the secret guard . Her mouth was already half-opened and she couldn’t swallow her words back down . She had no choice but to change her tone into an extremely composed one as she asked, “Do you have any request for me?”

That secret guard was obviously frightened quite badly by Bai Luochu’s initial aggressive presence . He only managed to come back to his senses after a moment and responded . “In response to Young Lady’s question . His Highness ordered this subordinate to obtain the spirit medicine and cultivation medicinal ingredients meant for you . If it is convenient, this subordinate will help you to bring it in . ”

Bai Luochu stared blankly and finally remembered her deal with the First Prince . She then nodded as an indication that she understood .

The moment he saw Bai Luochu nod, the guard immediately went into the room to place the things down . Turning around he explained to Bai Luochu, “Young Lady, please don’t be resentful of the small quantity . His Highness said that one must not rush the process of cultivation . When Young Lady has used up all these spirit medicines and medicinal ingredients, this subordinate will naturally deliver more . I seek Young Lady’s forgiveness . His Highness always keeps his promises and will do whatever he says . Young Lady doesn’t have to worry . ”

How could Bai Luochu not understand that this was a kind of restriction method that Pei Rumo was putting on her? No matter what, the treatment she had in the First Prince’s residence was heavenly and she had no complaints . Before she obtained enough strength, she truly didn’t have any intention to escape . It seemed like the relationship between herself and Pei Rumo was destined to be one of mutual exploitation . Trust would never exist between them, let alone friendship .

But Bai Luochu didn’t feel any regret as she was originally a cold-hearted person . Her affection died when she offered her heart to someone who stabbed her in the back .

“Once bitten twice shy . ” Bai Luochu wasn’t willing to form any more relationships . If Bai Luochu was given another opportunity to choose, she would choose to keep her entire heart to herself . Even if she had to hand it out, she would choose to give it to the temple .

After Bai Luochu heard the explanation, she nodded and thanked the secret guard, “Can I trouble you to thank the First Prince for his consideration . As for the future medicinal ingredients, I will have to trouble you to run a few more trips . ”

When the secret guard saw that Bai Luochu didn’t appear to be abnormal, he didn’t stay in the room any longer and left . After leaving the courtyard, he went a few rounds before concealing himself again . He set himself up in Bai Luochu’s courtyard and monitored her carefully, fulfilling the mission that Pei Rumo assigned to him .

The secret guard didn’t expect for Bai Luochu to be able to discover his presence with her weak strength . Due to her ever increasing spiritual energy, she would be able to detect a spy’s presence as long as they weren’t experts at the pinnacle stage . Even if she couldn’t detect the secret guard, there was nothing much for them to pick up . After all, she would be cultivating, eating, or sleeping . Even if she included her frequent activities in front of the table in order to make plans to revive her temple, it would just seem like she was writing and drawing at the study table .

Bai Luochu thought that if the guard didn’t want to alert her, he wouldn’t dare to get too close . With what he was doing, he would only be able to get a rough look and it would make it easier for her to implement her plans .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but smile slightly . She felt that the First Prince was too cautious at times but was too smart for his own good .