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Chapter 52

Before daybreak the next day, Bai Luochu was already awake . She was cultivating, but this time, she wasn’t using spirit medicine . Compared to her cultivation speed the day before, there was certainly a decrease in speed . However, since it was morning when spirit qi was the most abundant, the speed of her cultivation was naturally faster than usual .

Just as Bai Luochu made a small advancement, the sound of the rooster crowing echoed through the air, signifying the start of a new day . She stopped her cultivation as she had an even more important task to complete . Providing treatment to the Empress Dowager wasn’t something Bai Luochu could mess around with .

As soon as she thought about it, a familiar voice echoed from outside the door again . “Young Lady, is your cultivation session complete? It is daybreak and I think the Empress Dowager is already awake . We shall pack up and make a move . ”

Bai Luochu tidied up the clothes she wore and smoothed out the wrinkles on her face . She walked over and sat in front of the dressing table before giving Zi Su permission to enter to help tie her hair .

Zi Su had always been efficient and had served the First Prince before she was sent to serve Bai Luochu . It was the reason why her actions were much smoother with the coronet in her hand .

In just a short moment, Bai Luochu’s hair was secured firmly at the top of her head . Had it not been for her delicate and soft facial features, she would truly look like a graceful young man .

After Zi Su was done with the hair, she handed over the mask for Bai Luochu . She then secured it to prevent the mask from suddenly dropping and exposing her true identity . Zi Su placed the waist token meant for entering the palace on Bai Luochu’s waist and handed over the medicine box .

Bai Luochu had this sudden feeling that Zi Su was like a young lady who would become a good wife and loving mother . Opening her mouth, she teased Zi Su again . “Tsk Tsk, I wonder who will be blessed enough to marry our Zi Su in the future . Not only are you efficient, you are also thorough in all aspects…”

Before Bai Luochu could finish, Zi Su’s face grew as red as an apple . She shyly interrupted Bai Luochu, “Young Lady, you should stop making fun of this servant! Hurry up and enter the palace . It wouldn’t be good to let the Empress Dowager wait . ”

After Zi Su finished her words, she didn’t wait for Bai Luochu to react as she pushed Bai Luochu out of the door . She pushed Bai Luochu all the way up the carriage before returning to tidy up the room . Only after making sure everything was spotless did Zi Su return to her quarters .

In her heart, Zi Su was secretly whining .  Sigh, Young Lady, you’re really a little ancestor . . . I don’t think you understand that when you appear in front of everyone as Divine Physician Bai, you  obtained the admiration of many young ladies in the capital city… This morning, you even used Divine Physician Bai’s appearance to say those words to me . . . I hope you can forgive me for my rude behavior today .

After thinking about this, Zi Su didn’t forget to bow towards the direction of the imperial palace as though she was seeking Bai Luochu’s forgiveness .

In fact, Bai Luochu didn’t have any intention to blame Zi Su as she was a little guilty herself . She was too playful for a moment and teased the little servant girl, making her extremely nervous . Finally, when Bai Luochu was escorted to the carriage, it was obvious that Zi Su felt apprehensive because of her lack of etiquette .

Bai Luochu was silently thinking in her heart that she shouldn’t really tease her little servant girl .

The First Prince was a prince and even a cornerstone of the imperial court . His residence wasn’t located far away from the palace and it took just a short moment for the carriage to arrive at the palace . Of course, the interior of the imperial palace forbade the use of carriages . Thus, Bai Luochu alighted at the entrance of the palace before asking for the coachman to wait for her there . She then handed over her waist token to the palace guard before entering the palace .

The moment she entered the palace, she saw someone rushing over and there was an imperial sedan following behind the person . As Bai Luochu walked closer to take a look, she saw that it was none other than the Empress Dowager’s granny . When Bai Luochu saw her, she bowed and said, “Is Granny here to fetch this commoner?”

The granny was obviously rather aged and was a little short on breath . She had no choice but to speak between her pants, “Yes… Yes . Today, the Empress Dowager woke up late and the moment this servant completed the morning routine, I prepared the sedan to welcome you . I didn’t expect to still be late . I even troubled the Divine Physician to walk so far . ”

“Granny doesn’t have to be so polite . I only took several steps… I can walk there myself . ”

“Since we have already met, can I please invite Divine Physician to board the sedan . There are plenty of concubines in the chamber of concubines . It will be bad if we are to offend any of them . ”

So this was the reason the granny was in such a hurry to fetch Bai Luochu . . . Bai Luochu sneered in her heart but still appeared to be polite and amiable . “I understand . I shall trouble Granny then . ” As Bai Luochu finished speaking, she immediately boarded the sedan and didn’t try to decline any longer .

When the granny saw this, she understood that the Divine Physician was truly an intelligent individual . It seemed as though she had to be careful with her words in the future . Right now, she hoped that she didn’t offend this person . If the Divine Physician were to refuse to provide his treatment because of this, all the blame would fall on her shoulders .

While the granny was trembling with fear, Bai Luochu was comfortably seated on the sedan as she allowed the men to carry her towards the Empress Dowager’s palace .

Just as she entered the Empress Dowager’s palace and was about to pay her respects, she was immediately interrupted by the Empress Dowager . “Divine Physician Bai doesn’t have to be so polite . Quickly take a seat . ”

“This commoner thanks the Empress Dowager for her kindness . ” She might have been excused from paying her respects, but she still had to give her thanks . After all, she was deep inside the palace of the Cloud Water Nation .

“Divine Physician, I feel that my body has been much more lively recently . However, why does it feel as though I’m sleeping for a longer period of time?” The moment Bai Luochu sat down, the Empress Dowager’s question immediately came out of her mouth .

Bai Luochu knitted her brows as though she was confused and pondered for a moment before asking, “Is Empress Dowager only sleeping at night? Do you feel less tired during the day after sleeping for a longer time at night?”

“Yes, yes, yes; that is exactly the case . In the past, I never got a good night's sleep . Right now, I might be sleeping more, but I no longer wake up in the middle of the night . I am also much more energetic during the day . ”

“Congratulations, Your Majesty . It seems like this commoner’s treatment is finally taking effect . This commoner is here today to provide acupuncture for Empress Dowager again . I will then prescribe a new prescription for Empress Dowager and after a few more visits, all of Empress Dowager’s symptoms will be cured . After making a full recovery, Empress Dowager still has to pay attention to your diet and must not excessively eat sugary and oily food . Your Majesty must also pay attention and do some simple exercises . Empress Dowager doesn’t have to do much . Just a stroll around the imperial garden for an hour a day will do . It’s more important to keep your mind healthy . Do not overwork yourself . ”

After her summary, Bai Luochu took out the silver needles and disinfected them carefully before providing acupuncture for the Empress Dowager . She then wrote down a prescription she adjusted accordingly before asking for permission to leave .