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Chapter 53

Just as Bai Luochu exited from the Empress Dowager’s palace, she saw a eunuch rubbing his hands as he paced around . She had only taken a few steps out and seeing as the eunuch was waiting for something, Bai Luochu ignored him .

Bai Luochu looked straight ahead as she made her way out of the imperial palace . Just as she passed the eunuch, he spoke, “Is this guest Divine Physician Bai?”

Hearing that someone was calling out her fictitious name, Bai Luochu stopped in her tracks and turned around . She responded, “It is precisely this humble one . May I know your identity?”

When the eunuch saw that it was truly the renowned Divine Physician Bai, he quickly bowed with respect and said, “This old servant is His Majesty’s close attendant . Yesterday, when His Majesty went to pay his respects to the Empress Dowager, Her Majesty mentioned that Divine Physician Bai was coming into the palace today to provide treatment for her . ”

“His Majesty heard about Divine Physician Bai’s fame for a long time but has never met you in person . This morning, he sent this old servant to wait on the main path in the imperial palace in order to invite you over . Can I trouble Divine Physician Bai to follow me in order to avoid making things difficult for this old servant?”

The way the eunuch spoke made it seem as though he truly meant his words . Those that didn’t know might think that he was a sincere person . However, Bai Luochu wasn’t a greenhorn that could be easily deceived . Now that the Emperor wanted to see her, he must have already discussed it with the Empress Dowager . It was no wonder someone came with an imperial sedan to welcome her but she was making her way out on her own . It was because someone was already waiting for her .

Looking at the current situation, Bai Luochu knew that there was no way to refuse the invitation . She didn’t think that she had the capability to disobey the imperial decree at this moment . Her heart might be filled with mockery, but her expression and body language didn’t reveal a hint of her thoughts . She simply nodded slightly and spoke to the eunuch, “Then I shall trouble lord eunuch to lead the way . ”

This ‘lord eunuch’ seemed to make the old servant rather joyful as a beam immediately appeared on his face as he led Bai Luochu to the imperial study .

In fact, Bai Luochu called out ‘lord’ truly because he was worthy of the title . He was after all, the person who understood the Emperor the most in this world . The person that understood the Emperor the most, wasn’t his spouse or his children . Instead, it was this court eunuch who had been serving the Emperor since he was a child .

Otherwise, how could this person who no longer had his manhood actually have the title of ‘court’ in his position? It was likely that he was the person the Emperor trusted the most . In the past, there were plenty of court eunuchs who held authority . It was truly a worthwhile transaction for her to maintain her amiable appearance towards this old servant .

This chamber of concubines was truly a distance from the imperial study . This time, Bai Luochu walked for the time it took two sticks of incense to burn before seeing the building the imperial study was located at .

After walking for another ten minutes, she finally arrived at the entrance of the imperial study .

“His Majesty is already waiting in the imperial study for the Divine Physician . Will Divine Physician please enter? It’s not good to make His Majesty wait for such a long time . This servant will not be going in and will be standing guard at the door . ”

After finishing his words, the eunuch opened up the door for Bai Luochu and made an inviting gesture to signal for Bai Luochu to enter the room . After Bai Luochu went inside, he closed the doors tightly .

As soon as Bai Luochu entered, she saw a figure wearing bright yellow robes as he stood behind the study table . Of course, no one other than the emperor would dare to wear the imperial robes .

“This commoner pays respects to Your Majesty, may Your Majesty live for ten thousand years . ” Bai Luochu immediately gave a respectful greeting .

The Emperor didn’t make a sound and simply sized up Bai Luochu . The person in front of him wasn’t even 20 yet and his body wasn’t even fully developed . This Divine Physician looked just like a young lady… He also had such superb medical skills! Heroes were truly born from youths since ancient times .

After the Emperor sized up Bai Luochu, he said, “Hahaha, Divine Physician’s good looks dazzled this Emperor’s eyes for a moment . I forget to respond to Divine Physician’s respects… Divine Physician, quickly get up, I hope Divine Physician will not be affected by this Emperor’s blunder . ”

Heh, it might sound nice, but the Emperor was merely using the opportunity to size up Bai Luochu . His eyes were scanning up and down and even someone with poor awareness would be able to feel it .

“Your Majesty is exaggerating . To receive Your Majesty’s praise is already considered a blessing . Meeting Your Majesty is an honor . ”

When Bai Luochu saw how hypocritical this Emperor was, she acted the same way and spoke some pretentious words .

The Emperor laughed casually and started to converse with Bai Luochu on some trivial matters . After a moment, seeing that the moment was right, that old fox-like Emperor finally tossed out an olive branch towards Bai Luochu .

“Divine Physician Bai has such great talents and if you are to wander around in the outside world to practice medicine, wouldn’t your medical skills be wasted? Divine Physician should just come and take up a position in my Imperial Physician Court, how about it? This Emperor promises you that if you are willing to come, I will give you the position of the Deputy Chief Physician! I will also arrange appropriate benefits and a residence for you in the capital city . ”

Bai Luochu understood that all of the Emperor’s actions were to tie her down to the Cloud Water Nation . By doing so, the nation’s reputation would spread far and wide . If Bai Luochu was just an ordinary person with exceptional medical skills, these conditions would truly be tempting . In the end, Bai Luochu wasn’t someone who could be bought over that easily . Her sights were set far above the Cloud Water Nation . She didn’t even value imperial authority, let alone a position in the Imperial Physician Court . There was no way she would allow herself to be restrained to the Cloud Water Nation .

“This commoner thanks His Majesty . However, this commoner is already used to a carefree life . If this commoner is to take shifts and be on duty all the time, I’m afraid my spirit qi will be depleted quickly . My medicinal skills will drop and I will no longer be able to progress . ”

“This commoner appreciates Your Majesty’s kindness . In order to thank Your Majesty, this commoner is willing to make a promise . If any of the members of the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan are to experience any mishap in the future, this humble one will do his best to provide treatment . This will also fulfill the destiny behind our conversation . ”

After Bai Luochu gave it some thought, she felt that a promise like this was the most effective method to avoid further trouble . After all, the Emperor simply wanted a guarantee and this guarantee was something she could provide . As long as she wasn't trapped within the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial palace, a small promise didn’t mean anything to her .

When the Emperor saw how Bai Luochu was firm about not staying in the imperial palace, he knew that his idea of recruiting Divine Physician Bai into the imperial palace had failed . It was good enough for him to obtain this promise from Divine Physician Bai . Otherwise, he would have wasted his morning .

The Emperor no longer insisted and simply carried on a casual conversation before bestowing Bai Luochu with more rewards . The reason behind the reward was for her timely rescue of Su Luoqing’s life and the treatment she provided for the Empress Dowager .

Bai Luochu originally wanted to be polite and refuse as she was no longer lacking in cultivation resources . However, she recalled that she was about to start her recruitment plan and she would require lots of money to achieve her goals . Without refusing it any longer, she accepted it all with a wide grin on her face .