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Chapter 56

“Hold on, I can feel a chilly breeze . You should close the doors and windows tightly so that the wind won't be able to enter . Right now, I’m a physician and it won’t be good for me to fall sick . ” Bai Luochu instructed Zi Su to close the door and windows tightly .

Zi Su didn’t say anything and did as she was told . She merely glanced towards the night sky as she closed the windows before saying, “Young Lady, when this servant was closing the window, I saw a lunar halo around the moon . It seems like a storm is brewing . . . ”

When Bai Luochu heard this, she muttered softly, “This is the true meaning of the calm before the storm . ”

As Bai Luochu was speaking softly, Zi Su wasn’t able to hear it clearly . She quickly asked Bai Luochu to repeat herself as she was afraid of missing any instructions . “Young Lady, what did you say? This servant didn’t manage to catch it . ”

Bai Luochu suddenly collected her thoughts and replied, “Nothing much . I was just talking to myself . ”

“Then Young Lady should have a good rest . ” Zi Su felt that Bai Luochu’s state of mind was truly all over the place and there wasn’t too much for her to say . In the end, she simply left behind a short statement to show her concern for Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu couldn’t explain the bad premonition in her mind after she saw the lonely moon in the night sky . As the wind blew against her frail body, she felt even worse and she quickly consoled herself . “If it is a blessing, it won’t be a misfortune . If it is a misfortune, it will be inevitable . ” After a short moment, she fell into a deep slumber .

By the time she woke up, Bai Luochu missed the time for her usual morning cultivation . It was already time for Zi Su to enter the room to help her freshen up .

When Zi Su saw that Bai Luochu was groggily looking at her, she couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, “Pfff, it is rare to see Young Lady waking up so late . You didn’t even complete your morning cultivation… Well, this servant thinks that it’s a good thing anyway . Right now, your cultivation speed is much faster and your strength is growing at a steady pace . This servant understands that you might have some important plans . However, it is also important for you to rest up . It’s a perfect time for Young Lady to sleep in on this gloomy rainy day . ”

“It is raining outside?” Bai Luochu asked .

“There was a downpour last night… It was quite loud as well, did Young Lady not hear it?” Zi Su was combing Bai Luochu’s hair as she inquired with a curious expression on her face .

“I might have slept too deeply . Today, I have to go out to provide treatment for those who are sick . Please comb my hair and secure it properly in order to avoid it getting messy after a day of labor . ”

In just a short while, Zi Su combed up Bai Luochu’s hair and secured it carefully . She then laid out breakfast on the table and served Bai Luochu .

Before Bai Luochu could even finish up her food, a manservant came over and looked for her . “Young Lady Luo Chu, you better go to the front entrance and take a look . Someone is here looking for trouble!”

“What is going on? Who has the guts to create a commotion in front of the First Prince’s residence?” Bai Luochu roughly knew what was happening but still asked out of curiosity . She wanted to ascertain the thought in her mind .

“That person said… said that Young Lady provided treatment recently and killed a patient . ” The manservant spoke as he trembled in his shoes . He was afraid that he would infuriate Bai Luochu .

“Let’s go . I will go with you to see who exactly is the person looking for trouble so early in the morning . Zi Su, wait in the house . After I settle everything outside, heat up the food for me . I will finish my breakfast later . ” As Bai Luochu spoke she walked towards the entrance of the residence without turning back . It felt as though she was going to peel off the skin of the troublemaker .

Even before she could reach the entrance, Bai Luochu heard the wails of the troublemaker ascending to the heavens . “Aiya! My son! How can you have the heart to leave your mother alone by herself?! How can you allow your mother to witness the death of her son?! My life is so bitter…”

This sentence seemed as though it had been written down in a script and repeated over and over . The moment Bai Luochu appeared, the expression on the mother’s face changed as she yelled, “It’s him! My son died because he ate the medicine prescribed by this quack! You charlatan, repay the debt of my son’s life!”

As she spoke, she rushed at Bai Luochu seemingly wanting to tear Bai Luochu apart .

The guard at the door naturally obstructed the woman and stopped her from moving towards Bai Luochu . Right now, the entrance of the First Prince's residence had a large crowd surrounding it and there were plenty of people commenting and discussing about the situation .

“Isn’t this Divine Physician Bai? He actually cured someone by sending them to their death?”

“Who knows? He’s bragging that he’s a Divine Physician throughout the city . Who really knows if his skills are real?”

“That’s right, it is even possible for him to suppress the condition of the illness without actually treating it . ”

Bai Luochu quietly watched as the great show played out in front of her . She observed the expression on the faces of everyone in the crowd before speaking out calmly, “This aunt over here, do you remember when you came to seek treatment from me?”

“This… I don’t remember . ”

“Oh, I remember… You must have seen me in the lane at the southern part of the city, seven days ago, right?”

“Yes… that’s right, It was exactly then!”

“Then I wonder if aunt can show me the prescription I gave?”

Bai Luochu saw the nervous expression on the woman’s face . Her eyes were darting around fearfully . She took a long time before pulling out the prescription .

Bai Luochu naturally saw through the dirty tricks and the expression on the woman’s face she was so dearly trying to hide was seen clearly by Bai Luochu . How could she actually take out the actual prescription? The prescription was actually on the body of the corpse . . .

Bai Luochu didn’t expose her as her hammer had to be big enough to kill someone the moment she swung it . However, when Bai Luochu glanced at the prescription, her eyes turned cold . It was indeed a prescription written by her, however, it was one used to treat the common cold .

It seemed like it wasn’t going to work if Bai Luochu wanted to expose the woman using the prescription . She had no choice but to dig out the facts one by one to expose the woman’s lie .

“Aunt, did your son experience any weird conditions these few days?”

“He was fine up till yesterday night where he suddenly collapsed . Aiya, my son!” Before she finished her sentence, her ghost-like wailing had already begun!

The flames of rage instantly burned bright in Bai Luochu’s heart . She immediately made a move to inspect the ‘corpse’ .

“What are you trying to do! Don’t you touch my son! I won’t allow you to touch my son! God knows what you want to do with his body!” It was unknown if she was truly guileless because of the love for her son or because she was afraid Bai Luochu would be able to detect something fishy with the body . The woman started to resist with all her might but in the end, she was still restrained by the guard .  

“Since this madam doesn’t allow Divine Physician Bai to make a move, why not let this old one do it . There shouldn’t be any problem right?”

An old physician appeared out of nowhere and walked over . He bowed to Bai Luochu and said, “Divine Physician Bai, I am the overseeing physician of the Hundred Herbs Hall . I have been practicing medicine for dozens of years . If you can trust me, why not let me inspect the body?”

“This senior is too polite . It will be for the best if you are willing to help . This is the prescription I ‘gave’ the man . Will you please take a look?”

When the word ‘prescription’ left her mouth, she placed heavy emphasis on the word . The old man was an intelligent person and he instantly knew that the prescription was either fake or tampered with .

The moment he obtained Bai Luochu’s approval, he took the prescription and looked over it .