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Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Start Of The Selection

“Ten days later? Why is it so soon?” When Bai Luochu heard that the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples selection was in ten days, she suddenly felt a little confused .

“Young Lady, it is not fast at all! You have already been living here for almost a month! In my opinion, you must have been overly obsessed with your cultivation and lost track of time!” When Zi Su heard Bai Luochu’s response, she felt a little amused . There was a slight discomfort in her heart .

In her mind, Bai Luochu was merely a young lady not too much older than herself . However she got through her tough life by immersing herself in cultivation and provided medical treatment to other people . It could be said that Bai Luochu led a really mundane life . When Zi Su thought about the prestige and reputation that Bai Luochu obtained recently, she felt a little relieved .

It was fortunate that this young lady’s hard work had all been rewarded, or else, with Zi Su’s temperament, she would probably feel extremely bitter .

“I actually lost track of time . . . ” Bai Luochu involuntarily shook her head and immediately calculated if the remaining time was enough for Ying Lan to arrange everything according to her instructions .

In the remaining ten days, Bai Luochu was really busy . During the day, she would leave the residence and survey all the shops that didn’t require additional renovation . She wanted to quickly construct her base of operation as soon as possible . She then met with Ying Lan in the dead of night and exchanged information about their actions during the day .

Just like this, seven days flashed by . On this particular night, Ying Lan infiltrated the First Prince’s residence again and provided a piece of good news .

“Mistress, this subordinate completed the arrangements . Tomorrow morning, we can open up for business . ”

“That is very good . The Phoenix King Valley’s disciples selection is imminent and I cannot recruit them without a proper base . It will be truly inexcusable if that is the case . ” When Bai Luochu saw that everything was set in place, she felt as though her exhaustion the past few days was worth it .

Three days later, the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples selection officially began .

Bai Luochu was already waiting at a specific teahouse . This teahouse was purposely chosen by Bai Luochu as it would make it much more convenient to observe the selection in the dark . It would allow her to grasp the best timing to recruit some of the candidates that failed the selection .

She was currently in a private room that had a good view of the tournament outside . It was also a great place for her to avoid exposing herself to the members of the Phoenix King Valley .

“Mistress, it is about to begin . ” Ying Lan stood still by her side . This was the one of the shops they chose and Ying Lan managed to buy it several days ago . Everyone assumed that Ying Lan was the true owner behind all the shops .

When the selection started, it was Bai Luochu’s old acquaintance who had been appointed as the host for the Phoenix King Valley’s selection . As soon as he read the rules, the selection started .

This tournament was just a spar . The rules determined the side the candidates was placed on . The attacking side was naturally for the young and outstanding candidates who wanted to pass the selection . The defending side consisted of the disciples from the Phoenix King Valley . If the attacking side was able to sound the drum behind the defending side within the stipulated time, they would pass the selection . As successful candidates, they would be allowed into the Phoenix King Valley to continue their next phase of cultivation .

“The rules of the tournament seems to be fair . ” Ying Lan was also watching by the side and he couldn’t help but give a few comments .

Bai Luochu sneered with disapproval . “Heh, bullshit . Take a look . take a careful look . ”

The candidates who went up the stage first were all aristocratic descendants from the capital city . The disciples from Phoenix King Valley were simply ordinary ones . These aristocratic descendants all had outstanding cultivation as they had relied on spirit medicines to boost their foundations . Even though it wasn’t very easy to reach the drum, they all managed to pass without any accidents .

“Take a closer look at the next group of people, these are our target . ” When Bai Luochu saw that all the nobles had finished their test, she called out and reminded Ying Lan to pay more attention to the leftover participants .

Right now, there was a noble-looking man on stage and his clothes seemed to be washed and starched so much that they changed in shape . Just his noble and virtuous aura was enough to make sure that no one could neglect his presence .

When Bai Luochu looked at the Phoenix King Valley disciple defending the drum, she snorted coldly . Even though he didn’t seem to be different from the previous disciples, the movement skill he used was something only inner valley disciples could learn .

It was obvious that he was different from the ordinary disciples . It seemed as though the Phoenix King Valley was putting a lot of effort for the selection this time round .

Just as expected, the attacking side was a young man from a declining aristocratic clan . He never had the luxury of cultivating with spirit medicine and didn’t obtain the guidance of a famed master when training . It was clear that he was weaker than his peers .

“Time is up . You have failed the test! Please leave the stage . ”

The young man had an extremely awful expression but the authority of the Phoenix King Valley wasn’t something anyone could challenge . Hence, he had no choice but to leave the stage .

“Tsk, just this amount of strength? You are delusional if you want to enter my Phoenix King Valley! You are totally overestimating your own capability . Why don’t you take a good look at yourself?”

After hearing the Phoenix King Valley disciple’s taunt, the expression on the young man’s face didn’t even change . However, his fists were clenched tight and it was enough of an indication of his thoughts .

“That person is Guan Yue . He is the grandson of the previous minister of the Ministry of Appointments . Because of a judicial case, the minister was imprisoned and the entire Guan Clan disappeared from the light in the capital city . Right now, the Guan Clan’s situation is getting worse by the day . Had it not been for the Guan Clan, with Guan Yue’s character, it is impossible for him to be here . ”

“Mistress, then…”

“Invite that person up . Just say that Divine Physician Bai extends an invitation . Bring this book along as well, there is a list of names circled out with red ink . As long as these people fail the selection, invite them over . ” Bai Luochu gave her instruction and handed the book to Ying Lan .

Ying Lan received the book and left the teahouse before heading towards Guan Yue .

After he arrived in front of Guan Yue, he bowed politely and said, “This Young Master, my lord is requesting a meeting with you . Will you please make your way to the teahouse across the street? Please go to Heaven Sign room number 1 to meet my lord . ”

“Your lord? May I ask the identity of your lord? Why is he looking for me?” Instead of saying that Guan Yue wasn’t clear about the situation, it should be said that Guan Yue thought highly of himself . He didn’t want to be involved or affiliated with anyone .

Ying Lan had seemingly predicted Guan Yue’s reaction and explained calmly . “My lord is the reputable Divine Physician Bai . He wishes to see you because he thinks that you are outstanding, that is all . Of course, it is up to you whether or not you wish to go . I am just here to bring a message . ”

When Guan Yue saw that Divine Physician Bai’s subordinate was neither obsequious or supercilious, he immediately formed a good impression of Divine Physician Bai . he made his way to the teahouse across the street .

When Bai Luochu looked through the window and noticed Guan Yue walking over, she got the waiter to prepare a pot of hot tea . She sat upright while waiting for Guan Yue to appear .

In just ten minutes, there was a knocking sound . “Please enter . ”

Just as Bai Luochu’s voice echoed through the room, she saw Guan Yue opening the door and entering .