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Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Successful Recruitment

“This Bai gives his greetings to Young Master Guan . I have disturbed you without considering the situation . I hope that Young Master Guan can forgive me . ” Bai Luochu slowly stood up from the seat and bowed to Guan Yue .

“Divine Physician Bai is too serious . Nobody Guan is just a descendant in dire straits . It is truly an honor for me to be able to meet with the highly reputable Divine Physician Bai . ”

There was a trace of disdain in Guan Yue’s words . On the surface, he was flattering Bai Luochu, but in fact, he was silently criticizing Bai Luochu for being a lackey for the nobles in the capital .

Bai Luochu naturally heard the hidden meaning behind Guan Yue’s words but she didn’t think much of it . She had endured the infamy and curses from plenty of people in her previous life and this additional one wouldn’t make a difference . However, this told her that Guan Yue was noble and virtuous . She should probably wear down his character a little .

“Young Master Guan is a person of virtue and as a commoner, I’m definitely unable to compare myself to you . ” Bai Luochu looked at Guan Yue’s arrogant expression as she continued, “But with the situation of the current Guan Clan, I am afraid that Young Master’s virtue wouldn’t be enough to support it . ”

Bai Luochu took a sip of tea as though she didn’t care and observed silently . When she saw that Guan Yue was seriously angered, she quickly added, “Why don’t Young Master Guan take a seat and taste some tea?”

Guan Yue sat down angrily and drank a mouthful of tea .

“This is aged Pu'er tea . When Pu'er tea is being brewed, it is just a cluster of black substance and it is hard for anyone to believe that the tea tastes good . After the brewing process, the tea is clear and limpid . It even has a rich and mellow taste . It is the same for humans and all things alike . Nothing can be judged by its cover . . ”

“What exactly do you want to say?!” Guan Yue was extremely frustrated and he snapped .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but lament . Just like what she expected . A proud and arrogant young man wouldn’t know how to hide his feelings .

Bai Luochu didn’t answer Guan Yue and asked a question in response, “Does Young Master Guan believe that the aristocratic descendants that went before you had sufficient strength to cultivate in the Phoenix King Valley?”

“Of course they do . Even though those people relied on spirit medicine to achieve their cultivation, it isn’t easy to defeat the disciples!”

“Then what does Young Master Guan think of yourself?”

“I… I originally thought that my strength shouldn’t be that far off when compared to those aristocratic descendants . But after this, it seems like the disparity is pretty big . ” When Guan Yue said this, he felt rather distressed .

“Young Master Guan must not undervalue yourself . Why not take a look from this window and see if the disciple guarding the drum is different from the one when the aristocratic descendants attacked . ” Bai Luochu carried on tasting her tea as Guan Yue stood up to observe the situation on the stage .

A moment later, he opened his mouth and said, “The disciple on the stage… His movement skill seems to be . . . ” Guan Yue wanted to say something but hesitated as though he couldn’t make up his mind .

“Young Master Guan’s thoughts aren’t wrong . The Phoenix King Valley separates their disciples and places them in the inner and outer valley . The ones facing the aristocratic descendants are all outer valley disciples . Be it their technique or movement skill, they are incomparable to those inner valley disciples . Those inner valley disciples are the ones all of you encountered . ”

“Unacceptable!” Guan Yue swung his sleeve and wanted to go and argue with the members of the Phoenix King Valley .

“My advice for Young Master Guan is to not be so rash . What use is there to speak without proof? If you are to expose this fact, the Phoenix King Valley and the capital’s aristocratic clans would be thoroughly discredited . Do you think you and your Guan Clan would receive any benefits?”

Guan Yue paused and shifted his gaze to Bai Luochu . At the start, he thought this person was just someone angling for fame . Right now, Bai Luochu seemed to have turned into someone worthy of his respect .

“Earlier on, Nobody Guan was overly prideful and arrogant . This ignorant one wishes to receive Divine Physician Bai’s forgiveness . ”

Bai Luochu placed down her teacup and smiled . “Young Master doesn’t need to concern himself . I am not a person who fusses over minor matters and I am just a commoner . I am looking for Young Master because I wish to recruit you . If Young Master becomes my subordinate, I will be able to provide you all the resources you need . It will be in no way lesser than what the Phoenix King Valley provides . If Young Master requires my reputation to rescue the Guan Clan from a calamity, from what it seems, my Divine Physician Bai’s title can be of some use . ”

“Why should I believe you?” Guan Yue was slightly moved but he was still unable to completely trust a person he had met for the first time .

“I have bad blood with the Phoenix King Valley and won’t rest till they are wiped out . Since they have misjudged a pearl to be the eye of a fish, there is no way I can allow such a talent to be buried under a boundless sea of people . As long as I can cause some trouble for the Phoenix King Valley, anything is worth a shot . Of course, Young Master Guan has the right to refuse . If Young Master Guan agrees, you can go to the Heaven Sign number one private room in the ‘Remote Paddy Inn’ . I will set up a feast tomorrow . Right now, there is another person who I wish to recruit . It’s best that Young Master Guan leaves now . ”

After Bai Luochu was done talking, she gestured and indicated for Guan Yue to leave .

For the rest of the day, Bai Lucohu would remain in this private room and meet with plenty of youths . Among them, there wasn’t another individual who had Guan Yue’s nasty temperament . There were a few of them who even expressed their willingness to follow Bai Luochu .

“Today’s harvest is actually rather significant . However, my stomach is starting to ache after drinking so much tea . . . ” Bai Luochu rubbed her stomach and lamented .

“Mistress, is there a need to change the dish for the feast?” Ying Lan handed over a book after he spoke .

“That isn’t necessary, just do it as you see fit . I won’t worry about it when you’re in chargeI . It is already quite late and I should return to the residence soon . Otherwise, the First Prince might get suspicious . ” Bai Luochu headed back to the First Prince’s residence after leaving behind her last sentence .

The next day, early in the morning, Bai Luochu donned ‘Divine Physician Bai’s’ attire and prepared to exit the residence .

When it was daybreak, Bai Luochu was already waiting at the Remote Paddy Inn .

“Mistress, do you think they will come?” Ying Lan looked rather concerned .

“It is up to them . I am just giving them an opportunity . If this recruitment isn’t successful, we will think of other methods . During these ten days, we have already taken the first step and established our information network in the capital city of the Cloud Water Nation . That is already good enough . We shouldn’t be too greedy . ” Bai Luochu wasn’t as anxious as before .

It was almost at the agreed time and those who expressed their willingness to follow her the day before had already arrived . One by one, people started to arrive with the exception of Guan Yue . Bai Luochu felt that she wouldn’t be able to recruit Guan Yue anymore and instructed Ying Lan to start the feast .

They were in the midst of a discussion on the allocation of tasks and when they mentioned about the allocation of jobs in the brothels, everyone went silent and no one spoke .

“Since everyone doesn’t wish to do it, why not let Nobody Guan take this task . ”

“I thought you weren’t going to come . ”

“I have thought about it for a long time and I decided to trust you . I hope that you will be able to keep your promise . ” Guan Yue bowed and spoke politely .

“Of course . It is truly an honor for Young Master Guan to join the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence . Furthermore, you are volunteering to take on this task . It is truly a pleasant surprise for me . ”

Guan Yue merely bowed and took a seat . His assent officially made him Bai Luochu’s subordinate .