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Chapter 68

hapter 68: Cheerfully Attending the Banquet

When Pei Qingfeng saw Bai Luochu’s response, he shut his mouth in embarrassment and prepared to leave . Before he left, he didn’t forget to remind Bai Luochu, “Don’t forget! Three days later, I will come and fetch you early in the morning . ”

Bai Luochu didn’t even wish to speak to him as she simply nodded . It was an indication that she understood .

Three days passed in a flash . Just as Bai Luochu finished her breakfast, someone came to report . “Young Lady Luo Chu, the Second Prince’s carriage is already waiting at the entrance . I hope you can hurry up… Don’t let the Second Prince wait for a long time . ”

“I understand, I will go out right now . ” Bai Luochu replied and she followed the manservant out of the door . After arriving at the front door, she saw Pei Qingfeng’s personal servant standing in front of the carriag . He even bowed to her when he saw her .

“Divine Physician Bai, please board the carriage . My lord is already waiting inside . ”

Bai Luochu didn’t say anything and immediately boarded the carriage . As soon as she entered the carriage, she saw Pei Qingfeng seated inside . Today, Pei Qingfeng’s attire was in conformance with the style fit for an imperial prince . He didn’t dress as casually as before and it was obvious that he paid attention to his dressing .

“The Landscape Pavilion is constructed by the mountain . There might be nice scenery but there are definitely snakes, bugs, and little critters . A few days ago, I got the embroidery ladies to stitch up a spice bag . It is filled with spices that can chase those little things away . It doesn’t bring harm to your body either . ” Pei Qingfeng finished speaking and took out a spice bag . He handed it over to Bai Luochu .

This was the first time Bai Luochu received a spice bag from a man and she couldn’t help but feel awkward . She had no choice but to shrink away and say, “I am not that noble of a person . Your Highness had better keep this spice bag for yourself . ”

“How could I ask the embroidery ladies to make only one? I am already carrying one and you don’t have to be shy . ” Pei Qingfeng spoke and didn’t forget to point to his waist . There was already a spice bag securely fastened to his waist .

When Bai Luochu saw that she could no longer find any excuse to reject it, she accepted the spice bag .

“When we arrive, you don’t have to answer any difficult questions . First Brother and I will naturally help you out .  You are now assuming the identity of Divine Physician Bai and there is nothing wrong with acting a little arrogant . ” Pei Qingfeng carefully informed Bai Luochu about the things she should pay attention to and many other things . He was afraid Bai Luochu might expose some flaws during the banquet or might say something wrong .

“Apart from the Third Prince, there is no need to be so cautious about the other princes . ” Pei Qingfeng had to add this in as he was afraid that Pei Wuchen might find out about Divine Physician Bai’s true identity . After all, they were engaged and it was better to be careful .

In Bai Luochu’s ears, the words held a different meaning . She felt suspicious about how capable Pei Wuchen was . Putting aside the fact that he could become the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Valley Master, he was even able to make this old fox so apprehensive . Today was also the day she was going to officially meet the Third Prince .

Bai Luochu naturally didn’t express the thoughts in her mind . Along the way, Pei Qingfeng would inform her about the things to pay attention to from time to time whenever he thought about them . Bai Luochu didn’t even open her mouth and simply listened .

The Landscape Pavilion was located at the outskirts of the capital and by the time Bai Luochu and the Second Prince arrived, there was already a group of princes there . When Bai Luochu saw them, she quickly alighted the carriage and paid her respects as these people were members of the imperial clan .

“This commoner pays his respects to all the princes . Today, this commoner caused some delays and hope that Your Highnesses will forgive me . ” Bai Luochu sounded like she was beneath all of them but she had a lofty and unyielding character no one could ignore .

Immediately after, one of the princes responded amiably, “Divine Physician Bai is too serious . You are now a benefactor in the capital city and we are just ordinary folks . How can we pick on you just because of this? Come, quickly take a seat . Today is a rare holiday, let’s not waste such a great time . ”

As they exchanged pleasantries, all of them slowly took their seat . During this period of time, someone actually asked Bai Luochu to take the first seat but had been tactfully declined by her . In the end, someone proposed that there shouldn’t be a main seat . Everyone was able to take any seat they wanted .

In the end, Bai Luochu sat in-between Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng . After all, Divine Physician Bai was actually brought over by the First Prince . He also had a great relationship with the Second Prince .

Thinking about it, the Fifth Prince jested . “First Brother, I have to say… You were the person to look for Divine Physician Bai, but right now, he seems to have a better relationship with Second Brother!”

This Fifth Prince was simply an idle prince who only knew how to jest . He wasn’t a bad person at heart . If anyone else said this, there would probably be some hostility behind their words . Since Pei Rumo already knew of Bai Luochu’s true identity, he had no choice but to explain calmly .

“All these extraordinary experts have their own temperament . Perhaps Divine Physician Bai managed to hit it off with Second Brother . Sigh, I am the pitiful person here as I still have to feed an additional person in my residence . ” Maybe because the banquet wasn’t a formal event, Pei Rumo didn’t behave as sternly as before . His originally stiff expression was much more gentle today .

As soon as Pei Rumo finished his explanation, the banquet roared with waves of laughter . Even though Pei Rumo made himself look bad, everyone laughed and made fun of Pei Qingfeng .

“Second Brother, this isn’t the way to do things! Aren’t you going to say something?” The one who spoke was still the Fifth Prince .

It seems like this person is really someone who wants to watch the world burn . . .  Bai Luochu thought silently in her heart .

“Since that is the case, why not let this younger brother split Divine Physician Bai’s daily expenses?” Pei Qingfeng spoke with a pleasant tone and was obviously not objecting to this topic .

“How can I let Second Brother fork out money? I am the one who invited Divine Physician Bai . It’s nothing for me to cough up some money . The First Prince’s residence can still afford to feed one extra person . Fifth Brother is just stirring things up . . . Second Brother doesn’t have to take it seriously . ” Pei Rumo saw that Pei Qingfeng was also messing around and he played along . In the end, he ended the topic on Divine Physician Bai .

“Hey? Is Third Brother not here yet?” The one who spoke was the Seventh Prince who was cultured and refined . He didn’t bother about worldly matters during normal times and only knew how to paint and study .

“This morning when I was going out, Third Brother relayed a message to me . He said that there was something he had to handle for the Phoenix King Valley and will be a little late . From what I see, that woman is definitely pestering him!”

Just as they were about to make more guesses, Pei Wuchen arrived .

“Aiyo, the person arrives just as we start talking about him . Since Third Brother is so late, shouldn’t you punish yourself with a few cups of wine?”

When Pei Wuchen saw everyone heckling, he silently shook his head and smiled bitterly . He didn’t try to shrink away and punished himself with three cups of wine before finding a seat .

“Why is Third Brother so late?” The one who spoke was Pei Rumo but his tone didn’t sound as friendly as before .

Bai Luochu thought in her heart, It seems like the First Prince isn’t as polite when speaking to his political enemies