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Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Straightening Out Her Thoughts

The entire gathering had been enveloped in the gossipy atmosphere of the Third Prince’s engagement . The constant conflict between Pei Qingfeng and Bai Luochu merely added on to the fun .

Just like that, Pei Qingfeng left the Landscape Pavilion . Right before returning to the capital city, he picked on Bai Luochu for the last time .

“Brother Bai, my Second Prince’s residence and the First Prince’s residence are located on different sides of the city . Seeing as First Brother is here, do you still have the cheek to ride in my carriage for free?”

Bai Luochu’s mind was filled with chaotic thoughts and she couldn’t even think properly . Let alone countering Pei Qingfeng’s mockery, she couldn’t even think straight .

The moment Pei Qingfeng said those words, he fell into Pei Rumo’s trap . Immediately after, Pei Rumo spoke up, “Since I have been neglecting Divine Physician Bai, I shall personally bring him back . Second Brother can rest assured . Everyone is getting tired… Let’s call it a day . ”

After speaking, he reached out and pulled Bai Luochu onto his carriage .

Bai Luochu was still immersed in her thoughts and was trying to sort them all out . When she saw a hand pulling her, she thought that it was Pei Qingfeng and she didn’t resist when she was pulled into the carriage .

When everyone saw what happened, they couldn’t help but make fun of Pei Qingfeng . “Second Brother, look at you . You have been picking on Divine Physician Bai for the entire day . You really managed to make him angry . ”

Pei Qingfeng didn’t think that Pei Rumo would be so shameless that he would wait for Pei Qingfeng to fall into another trap . A wave of dissatisfaction washed over him and he casually exchanged a few words with his other brothers before boarding his carriage . There was a fire burning in his belly as he made his way back to his residence .

Right now, the one with the highest seniority among them was the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen . When the Fifth Prince saw that the serious Pei Rumo had left, he started to tease Pei Wuchen . “Say, Third Brother, you better not give up on that Luo Chu lass . She isn’t that bad . Even though Feng Wan’er has celestial looks, Luo Chu isn’t bad either . Even though her beauty can’t match up to the young ladies of other aristocratic clans, her pride is hard to come by . It’s the pride that can only be nurtured from being in a military clan . ”

Pei Wuchen’s brows arched upwards and there was an expression of contempt on his face . “Is that so? I have never met her before though . ”

“It is definitely true . Your younger brother might be mediocre in all aspects but when judging beauties, I am second to none . ” The Fifth Prince started to praise himself . However, the way he did it was a way people found hard to accept .

The Fifth Prince didn’t bother about how the other princes sneered at him . He whispered into Pei Wuchen’s ear . “Third Brother should see for himself . If you really like her, you can simply take her in as a concubine . If Third Brother doesn’t like her, I will put in some effort when chasing her . ”

“You are always fooling around!” Pei Wuchen might be berating the Fifth Prince for not improving himself, but he was actually interested in the Fifth Prince’s suggestion . If he didn’t know of this matter, he wouldn’t actually bother about it . However, now that the matter was placed in front of him, he couldn’t simply ignore it .

“What is that woman called? Oh, that’s right, Luo Chu . . . It is a rather nice name . ” Pei Wuchen thought to himself that he should spare some time to check his fiancée out .

In the First Prince’s carriage, there was dead silence . Since Bai Luochu boarded the carriage, her brows had been locked together . She stared blankly in a single direction and she didn’t say a word . Pei Rumo had been calling out to her, but it didn’t seem like she could hear it .

Pei Rumo originally wanted to make use of the time to explain the whole story to Bai Luochu . If Bai Luochu wanted to return to the residence, she would have to listen obediently, or she would be immediately thrown off the carriage . In the end, this great opportunity was wasted .

Pei Rumo treated it as though Bai Luochu had just learned of the truth and was in a state of denial . He allowed her to think about it on her own but she didn’t know if she could understand the stakes behind this . If she didn’t turn hostile and side with Pei Wuchen, he would guide her properly from this day forth . It wouldn’t be a waste for him to reveal a trump card so early .

However, the thing that infuriated Pei Rumo wasn’t the journey . It was when they arrived in front of the First Prince’s residence .

“We are here . Get off the carriage . ” When Pei Rumo saw that the carriage had stopped, he informed Bai Luochu .

Who would have known that Bai Luochu was still in a daze and thought that she was in Pei Qingfeng’s carriage . Before alighting the carriage, she said, “Many thanks to Your Second Highness . ” Just like this, she alighted the carriage by herself .

She completely ignored the person in the carriage with her and it made Pei Rumo so angry he nearly vomited a mouthful of blood .

He couldn’t help but lament in his heart . Who was it that she had been eating and living off of? Pei Rumo had been providing her with great food and drinks and he still wasn’t as important as Pei Qingfeng who had appeared out of nowhere! Before Pei Rumo could calm down, he alighted the carriage with an ashen face .

He entered the study room and was preparing to settle the affairs which had built up during the time he was gone . In the end, he still found it hard to swallow the rage building up inside him . He stood up and was about to head to Bai Luochu’s courtyard .

“My lord, even if you go now, I can imagine that the Young Lady wouldn’t bother talking to you . You shouldn’t go there and make her even angrier at you . ” The guard who had been beside Pei Rumo seemed to have detected Pei Rumo’s thoughts and he immediately stopped the First Prince .

“What do you think I should do to digest the anger in my stomach?” Pei Rumo looked at the guard with a smile that wasn’t a smile . His posture made it seem as though if the guard didn’t give him a satisfactory answer, he would be in a world of pain .

This guard was obviously someone who had been by Pei Rumo’s side for a long time . He knew about Pei Rumo’s temperament and when he saw how furious the First Prince was, he wasn’t flustered . He spoke in a calm and concise manner .

“My lord is so angry because Young Lady Luo Chu mistook you for the Second Prince . But my lord should consider how despondent Young Lady Luo Chu is today . It is highly possible that even if the Second Prince was the person in the carriage, she wouldn’t even look him in the eye . Furthermore, Young Lady Luo Chu is a person with a sense of propriety . After sorting out her thoughts, she will definitely pester you for an explanation . Why is Your Highness bothered with Young Lady Luo Chu’s mistake?”

After listening to the guard’s explanation, a huge part of Pei Rumo’s anger dissipated . He nodded and replied, “Your words make sense . Since that is the case, I will wait for her to deliver herself to me . ”