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Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Truth is Revealed

Pei Rumo immediately went into the study room after speaking and sat on his chair . He pointed at one of the chairs, indicating for Bai Luochu to enter and take a seat .

When Bai Luochu looked at how the First Prince was behaving, she knew that Pei Rumo must have already predicted that she would come today and had been waiting for her . His plan was truly meticulous . He was obviously the one who ignored all the consequences and exposed the fact to Pei Wuchen . Right now, he was even trying to be a kind person who was going to reveal everything to her . His plan to kill two birds with one stone was truly brilliant .

After Bai Luochu entered the study room, she closed the door and sat on the chair . She didn’t look like she was here to ask questions . Instead, she looked like she was going to explode at any moment .

“Am I the First Young Lady of the general’s residence? Am I also the Third Prince’s fiancée… Luo Chu?”

Bai Luochu went straight to the topic and wasn’t ambiguous at all .

Pei Rumo was already prepared and he provided a straightforward answer .

“Yes, that is right . The two of you are the same person . ”

“Alright . About the reason why I appeared in the Bestial Battle Arena… Is it because of the engagement with the Third Prince?”

“Based on what you just said, that is indeed the case . The story behind this is truly a poetic love affair . Do you want to hear it?”

Pei Rumo gently waved his folding fan and didn’t seem to mind it . In fact, he truly wished for Bai Luochu to nod in agreement so that he could sell her this favor .

As expected, Bai Luochu didn’t disappoint Pei Rumo and immediately responded, “Since the First Prince is willing to spare some time from your busy schedule to tell this slave girl a story, it would be impolite for me to refuse . I will listen with all my heart . ”

Bai Luochu spoke humbly but her tone was gradually turning impolite . She was getting really frustrated .

Pei Rumo told Bai Luochu everything without hesitation .

When Bai Luochu heard the whole story from Pei Rumo, she managed to guess the in and outs of the entire matter . When she saw that Pei Rumo had nothing much to say, she immediately asked to leave . After returning to her room, she started to make a plan and she was meticulous when she chose her every move . She wanted to plan out her course of action after learning about the truth .

As soon as Bai Luochu returned to her room, she recalled everything Pei Rumo told her in great detail .

“I will no longer talk about the engagement as I already said all that I had to in the Landscape Pavilion . I am also not going to add anything unnecessary . Right now, I am going to tell you about the reasons behind your appearance in the Bestial Battle Arena . ”“No one knew how Feng Wan’er found out about the engagement between you and Pei Wuchen . She started to investigate your background in the dark and when she found out that you were merely an orphaned daughter of the declining general’s residence, she decided to get rid of you . Of course, the fact that you were a wastrel who couldn’t cultivate was taken into account . She wanted to use money to get rid of you . However, who would have thought that you would possess the same pride and unyielding attitude your father had? Even when the members of the Phoenix King Valley came to look for you, you adamantly refused to agree . ”

“Feng Wan’er had always been a spoilt child and there was nothing she couldn’t obtain in the Phoenix King Valley . When she encountered a stuck out nail like you, she became really unhappy . Even though she has the face of an angel, she has a venomous heart . She immediately thought of an idea to throw you into the Bestial Battle Arena with the identity of a slave . After all, you were merely a wastrel with innately crippled meridians . All of them could push the blame of your death to a spirit beast after you died . She wouldn’t have to dirty her hands and would be able to conveniently get rid of a thorn in her side . Feng Wan’er immediately carried out her plan . ”

“In the end, you were just an orphaned daughter of the declining general's residence . It was no big deal to give them an explanation of your death . When the time came, all they had to do was to explain that you had the body of a wastrel and were wearing unkempt clothes . They would push all the blame onto the person who picked out the slaves for the Bestial Battle Arena and absolve themselves of all blame . Apart from the fact that you died, no one would question further . ”

When Bai Luochu thought about it, she couldn’t help but sneer in her heart . The capital city of the Cloud Water Nation was really a ruthless and vicious place . Life was actually treated like a blade of useless grass in the eyes of these high-ranking people . Thinking up to this point, Bau Luochu felt nothing but pity for the previous owner of her body . She was originally a nice young lady . Just because she was from a declining noble clan and was in the way of someone important, she died a miserable death under the feet of a spirit beast .

“Phoenix King Valley? Heh, one of the Three Great Immortal Sects? Seems like they are doing more of these filthy and dishonorable deeds . Since this is the case, why not settle both old debts and new scores at the same time? This will serve as payment for reincarnating into her body . . . ” Bai Luochu looked outside the window and muttered softly .

This matter was truly something that couldn’t be explained fully . Although a phoenix without feathers might not be worth more than a fowl, in this capital city, no matter how far her clan had fallen, she was still the First Young Lady of the general’s residence . She was still from a noble clan . . . How could she turn into a slave in the Bestial Battle Arena?

The Bestial Battle Arena might look extremely brutal, but everything was done according to the regulations . If she wasn’t a slave, she would never be able to go through the registration process . There should still be things hidden from her .

What exactly was it? Bai Luochu started to rearrange everything from the start to the end . She started thinking from the point where Pei Rumo started speaking about the engagement in the Landscape Pavilion . When she started thinking about it, her mind flashed with a divine light as an idea popped into her head . She made a bold guess .

Pei Rumo had mentioned this matter publicly to make Pei Wuchen uncomfortable . Was she trapped in the Bestial Battle Arena because of some shady dealings?

There were similar cases like this in the past . Many relatives would take the opportunity to kill off the orphan when they were young . They would then be able to capitalize and seize the wealth of the clan . As they were orphans who were despised by everyone, they would be labeled as jinxes . After they died, no one would take pity on them and would even celebrate their death . Since this was the case, was there a possibility of Feng Wan’er colluding with her relatives to kill her?

Bai Luochu immediately decided that she would go take a good look at the former general's residence . She wanted to look at those ravenous jackals and wolves and see what they look like . Who gave them the guts to scheme against her?!

Bai Luochu immediately prepared to venture out as she went towards the former general’s residence .

When she reached the entrance, she recalled that she didn’t know the address of the general's residence . Just as she was preparing to return and ask Pei Rumo, she saw the guard coming over .

The guard didn’t say much and immediately informed Bai Luochu . “12th Lane and 3rd Street in the east of the city . The second residence towards the east will be the former general's residence . My lord mentioned that if Young Lady wishes to go and take a look, you can go today . ”