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Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Ins and Outs of the Matter

When Uncle Liang heard the question, an unnatural expression formed on his face . He wanted to change the topic and he said to Bai Luochu, “Young Lady, it is quite late now and it is almost time for lunch . Think about what you want to eat and I will instruct the kitchen to prepare the food for you . ”

“Uncle Liang, you have yet to answer my question . Just tell me, I can accept it . ” It was obvious that Bai Luochu understood Uncle Liang’s intention . However, she was really curious . After all, she wasn’t the person targeted by them and wouldn’t react explosively after learning about the truth .

When Uncle Liang saw that he was unable to hide it anymore, there was a ‘plop’ sound as he knelt down on the ground . He exclaimed, “Young Lady, this old servant is guilty!”

It didn’t matter if it was her previous life or her current life, Uncle Liang could still be considered Bai Luochu’s senior . Bai Luochu wouldn’t allow him to kneel when speaking to her . Hence, Bai Luochu helped Uncle Liang up and said, “Uncle Liang, quickly stand up . There is nothing to be guilty for . You just have to tell me everything that happened after I left . ”

Uncle Liang was obviously old and after dropping to his knees all of a sudden, he needed some help in order to stand up . He was trembling a little and didn’t know if it was because of the pain in his knees or because he was afraid of telling the truth .

“Young Lady, you might find it hard to accept the things I am about to say next . I hope you won’t be agitated and hurt yourself . . . ” Uncle Liang lowered his head and his voice got softer as he spoke . It seemed like the truth was something hard to stomach and Uncle Liang had to pause several times throughout his recount .

Bai Luochu nodded and raised her chin again as an indication for Uncle Liang to continue .

“Previously, this old servant was sent out to carry out some tasks allocated by your uncle . When I returned, Young Lady was already missing . Your uncle said that you went to a temple by the outskirts of the city in order to burn incense . He also said that you wouldn’t be back so soon . As you had visited the temple frequently in the past, this old servant didn’t feel as though there was anything suspicious about it . But after seeing that Young Lady didn’t return after a few days, this old servant went to ask your uncle again . ”

“This time, your uncle’s attitude turned 180 degrees and he yelled, ‘That lowly lass has a cheap life and won’t die! Even if she died, she should die outside the residence in order to bring the bad luck away’”

“This old servant knew that something was wrong and quickly went to report to the officials . At the start, they did all they could to help in the search . After a few days of searching, you were still missing and they didn’t bother anymore . You should also be aware of the state of the general’s residence . After the Lord and the Madam passed away, the residence started to decline . These officials are people who only look at benefits . This old servant is just a lowly servant and couldn’t do anything else but wait for Young Lady’s return . ”

“As I continued to wait, I realized that your uncle started to act strangely . You were missing for such a long time but he wasn’t even anxious . Instead, he started to change the servants in the residence and the supervisors . As no one wanted to be the housekeeper, this old servant chose to stay and currently, I am the only one left who served the late general . ”

“Is that the truth?” Bai Luochu finished listening to Uncle Liang’s narration and felt that the original owner of this body was really pitiful .

In the eyes of others, the original owner of this body might be a wastrel, but she was warm hearted like her father and had an unyielding character . It was truly a pity for her to end up like this .

Bai Luochu’s thoughts flew through her mind . Since she was reincarnated into this body and living on behalf of the original owner, she should be the one to take revenge for the original Luo Chu .

In Bai Luochu’s opinion, the two of them had similar names and happened to share the same fate after Bai Luochu reincarnated into this body . The heavens took pity on Luo Chu and allowed Bai Luochu, the evil dao witch, to reincarnate into her body . It was a sign for Bai Luochu to help the original owner take revenge .

“Everything this old servant said is the truth and there isn’t half a sentence of a lie! This old servant definitely won’t deceive the Young Lady!” When Uncle Liang saw Bai Luochu’s expression of doubt, he assumed that Bai Luochu was suspicious . He immediately responded firmly .

In fact, Bai Luochu’s doubt wasn’t because of Uncle Liang, it was because she didn’t think that there were actually so many devils and beasts who could drape human skin over themselves in this world . They might look like humans, but the things they did were unfitting of one .

“Uncle Liang, I believe what you say . I just didn’t think that uncle and his family would actually… actually be such ingrates!” The moment Bai Luochu spoke, she squeezed out several drops of tears .

If Ying Lan was standing beside Bai Luochu right now, he would probably burn a stick of incense for the uncle and his family . After all, Bai Luochu’s tears were genuine ‘crocodile tears’ . She might look pitiful right now but she was merely waiting for them to come forward to bully her . She was like a hunter who had set up a trap as she waited for her prey to make its way over . As long as anyone believed that her tears were real, they would be taking a step closer to the grim reaper .

Her uncle’s good days were probably about to come to an end . The same could be said for his family .

“That’s not all . Once your uncle’s family was certain that you had gone missing, they started to seize the rooms in the residence . This old servant wasn’t able to keep the master room and guilt overwhelms me . Hence, this old servant did everything I could in order to protect Young Lady’s room . ”

“Your Uncle only knows how to spend money . The general’s residence isn’t bringing in money but he lives a lavish life . Not only did he change the furnishings into ones made from pearls and jades, he even invited troupes to perform the moment he confirmed your disappearance . Those who didn’t know would assume that he was the true owner of this residence!”

When Uncle Liang spoke about her uncle’s behavior and actions, there was an expression of disgust on his face . He really looked down on people who behaved like this .

“Uncle Liang, why don’t I see uncle and his family?” Logically, since she had suddenly returned, it was impossible for her uncle and his family who had a guilty conscience to avoid her . It really felt a little strange .

“Hah . . . that nest of ingrates said that they went to some villa to have fun . I reckon that they will only be back after a few days . They are truly shameless to be squandering money that doesn't belong to them . ” Uncle Liang was getting even more furious when he thought about it . He didn’t even bother calling her uncle properly anymore and even started to use disrespectful words such as ‘ingrate’ to describe them .

“Since that is the case…” Bai Luochu paused and pondered before she continued speaking, “Uncle Liang, I will return first . I will pack up everything and return first thing tomorrow morning . What do you think?”

“This old servant naturally has no authority to interfere with Young Lady’s plan . However, the residence no longer has servants loyal to you . Why don’t you use the time today to establish your prowess? Otherwise, it will be hard for you to keep your footing in this residence . ”

Bai Luochu smiled as a trace of evil aura filled the air . Her next words shocked Uncle Liang .