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Chapter 98

Chapter 98: A Great Chess Move

Hearing the response, Cai Ling was extremely touched and immediately decided that no matter what, she was going to follow her mistress for life . She was emotional for a moment and immediately regained her composure . If she was out running errands for the whole day, how was her mistress going to live everyday? She was a little worried and asked, “Mistress, in this residence, this servant is the only person you can fully trust . In the future when this servant runs errands outside, what is going to happen to you?”

When Bai Luochu saw how concerned Cai Ling was for her, she was touched and reassured Cai Ling, “Since my cousin wasn’t able to succeed in her schemes and had been tricked by me instead, the servants in the residence toned down a lot . They might not have submitted, but none of them would treat me with disrespect . Tomorrow after you are promoted to the chief servant, I will beat up the servant girls in my courtyard . Even if I cannot make them accept me, I will still make them work for me . ”

“But… what if the young lady looks for trouble again? What will you do?” Cai Ling had quite a lot of misgivings .

“Look at my ‘clever and quick-witted’ cousin . She is only at this standard even after the help provided by her chief servant . They can’t even beat my hastily thought up counter attack . She isn’t a threat to me . Don’t worry about it . ”

“But…” It seemed like Cai Ling still wanted to say something .

Bai Luochu immediately interrupted . If she allowed this servant girl to carry on, there was going to be no end . “I know, in your eyes, the people in the residence are all eyeing me with their vicious gaze . In my eyes, they are not a match for me . They look more like clowns who are providing me with some entertainment . If they still have the energy to bounce around, I’ll just let them be . In the future when I find out the truth, they will no longer be able to live comfortably . You can go out and be at ease . Learn well and help me look for a suitable location, okay?”

When Cai Ling saw that she had no way to persuade Bai Luochu, she nodded in response .

“Alright . You are still a servant today . I might have asked Uncle Liang to take care of you, but you must still complete your chores . . Hurry up and get to work . The earlier you finish, the earlier you can get some rest . ”

When Cai Ling heard her words, she knew that Bai Luochu had stuff to do . She didn’t stay any longer and immediately took her leave .

After Bai Luochu dismissed Cai Ling, she took out pieces of paper and charcoal pencils that she spent a lot of money to purchase previously . She then started to sketch on the paper and those who were proficient in mechanisms would know that Bai Luochu was currently designing the various mechanisms for the secret room . However, Bai Luochu’s mechanisms weren’t ordinary ones that relied on tools . They contained essence from the Book of Change, energy from heaven, earth, yin, and yang . Even the theory of the operations of the sun, moon, and stars were included within them . It was obvious that she wasn’t going to allow anyone who barged in to escape alive .

These mechanisms required countless trial and error to be completed . Originally, it would require on-site experiments but there was no place for Bai Luochu to conduct them now . Without a choice, Bai Luochu had to do everything in her mind, making the entire experimental process much more difficult .

But it was fortunate that Bai Luochu was proficient in this and had exceptional talent . She only took a little more time than if she were to test it out physically . In the end, these mechanisms were extremely complicated as they were closely linked with each other . In this world, there were only several rare individuals who could design this and Bai Luochu was also a mechanism maniac . She did it for an entire day before Cai Ling delivered her dinner . she discovered that Bai Luochu didn’t even touch her lunch at all and there were flies surrounding the food .

“Mistress, I know you are impatient, but you still have to eat, right?!” When Cai Ling accepted her tasks this morning, she originally thought that Bai Luochu was preparing to wash her hands off the matter . After taking a glance at the paper with sketches of mechanisms, she was dazzled . She understood that her mistress had handed the ‘heavy labor’ on the surface to her subordinates, but left all these crucial ‘delicate details’ for herself .

Now that the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence had capable people and talents, why didn’t she leave such tasks to those people?

Cai Ling thought about it and understood that none of the others would come close to her mistress’ knowledge . This thing that the mistress designed was obviously meant for intruders to step through the gates of hell, giving the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence the most dependable safeguard .

“I was too busy and forgot . I will eat now, I will eat more for dinner and there will be no difference . ” Bai Luochu noticed Cai Ling’s intention to pick on her and quickly replied .

Bai Luochu lamented in her heart . These subordinates surrounding her were always overly concerned and meddled with her affairs . Wasn’t it miserable for her to be their superior?

Perhaps it was due to the fact that Bai Luochu’s brain was operating at full capacity for the entire day . Not long after she finished her dinner, Bai Luochu felt a wave of fatigue assaulting her . She simply stopped struggling and went on the bed to meet with the god of dreams .

She woke up early the next morning and Uncle Liang had already called for her .

Uncle Liang stood at the entrance and spoke respectfully, “Is Young Lady awake? Don’t you have something to announce to everyone? I have already assembled everyone and they are waiting in the courtyard right now . ”

“Wait a moment, I am coming out . ” Bai Luochu heard Uncle Liang and when she took a look outside, the sun was indeed high up in the sky . She quickly made herself look presentable and thought to herself that ever since her reincarnation, she was no longer restricted to the rules of the temple . She was really much more ill disciplined now .

A short moment later, Bai Luochu opened her door and walked out .

“Is everyone here?” Bai Luochu turned slightly towards Uncle Liang as she asked softly .

“They are all here . All the servants in your courtyard are present . ” When Uncle Liang saw that Bai Luochu was whispering, his voice had softened significantly to match hers . It was different from his usually loud voice .

“Is Cai Ling here?” Bai Luochu raised her voice and made sure that everyone in the courtyard could hear her . It caused Uncle Liang to suffer as he nearly went deaf .

“This servant is present!” Cai Ling naturally knew of Bai Luochu’s arrangement, but she still pretended that she knew nothing . Her voice trembled a little and pretended that she was afraid of getting punished .

“Uncle Liang, you will announce my decision . ”

Many of the people present were rejoicing in Cai Ling’s misfortune . They assumed that Bai Luochu didn’t dare to do anything to them and was venting her anger on the new servant . The entire courtyard was like a boiling cauldron of voices and laughter occasionally sounded out . It was really ridiculous .

Uncle Liang nodded and yelled out, “From today onwards, labor servant Cai Ling will be promoted to first-class servant and will be serving Young Lady as her personal attendant . She will sign the life deed, have an increase in salary, and will be granted a waist token!”

“This servant thanks Young Lady for the recognition!” Cai Ling responded and immediately kowtowed on the ground with a loud thud .

The noisy courtyard fell silent and it seemed as though the tongues of the servants were sliced off . None of them spoke and it was so quiet the sound of a pin drop could be heard .