Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 451.1

Published at 11th of December 2019 05:56:39 AM
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Chapter 451.1


Chapter 451: Chance, scandal (Part 1)

Seeing that Su Cha wanted to know, Lin Chujiu didn’t hide it, she said generously, “You know, I and Princess Fushou Zhang are enemies . ”

” I know …” Su Cha nodded his head .

Lin Chujiu and Princess Fushou Zhang became enemies because of Xiao Tianyao . If Xiao Tianyao chooses to be careful and didn’t expose Princess Fushou Zhang’s secret, this will not happen .

Lin Chujiu continued her words: “Princess Fushou Zhang’s secret has spread all over the capital . ”

Su Cha nodded his head again: “It would be meaningless if we spread the same rumor . ” Not long ago, they spread Princess Fushou Zhang’s beautiful photos, which in the end was stopped by the emperor .

“Yes, it would be meaningless to spread Princess Fushou Zhang’s love affair with beautiful men, but… …” Lin Chujiu stopped and then turned her head: “But if it’s the love affair between Princess Fushou Zhang and the crown prince, it will be fun, right?”

“The, crown prince?” Lin Chujiu was smiling sweetly, but Su Cha felt flustered and took a step back to widen the distance between them .

Their Wangfei was so terrible .

“Why, isn’t it?” Lin Chujiu asked with a smile . Su Cha nodded his head without thinking: “You are right, wangfei . ”

Can he say she’s not right?

Lin Chujiu was even more terrible than Xiao Tianyao . Xiao Tianyao was always cold, everyone knew he was not easy to deal with, but Lin Chujiu… …

Looks beautiful as a flower, always smiling brightly like a sun, but she was heartless .

“Since you think I am right, then I can leave it to you, right?” Lin Chujiu was worried that Su Cha might fail, so she kindly added a scenario: “The crown prince and the others are still missing, right? You should send someone who will take them to Princess Fushou Zhang’s residence . With Princess Fushou Zhang’s reputation, if the crown prince and the prince of the west lived in there for one night, their reputation will be tainted . ”

“This…  is a good idea . ” Even Ji Fengyu will fell into a pit? Did Ji Fengyu offend Lin Chujiu?

Su Cha thought about it, but in the end, he asked: “The prince, did the prince of the west offend you?”

“Do you think will all those rumors that spread in the capital, Ji Fengyu didn’t play his hand?” It has something to do with the west, but it has nothing to do with Ji Fengyu . Who will believe that?

Is she a 3-year-old child?

Su Cha sighed and felt regret: “The prince of the west is very clever . It’s just that he switches side easily . You can only occasionally cooperate with such people, but not for the long-term . ” Although Ji Fengyu switched sides due to the lack of power and influence, who will dare to trust him?

When he encounters a little pressure, he will sell his allies . Whoever dares to cooperate with him may be sold by him in the future .

Lin Chujiu agreed and suddenly thought of her agreement with Lin Furen, so she couldn’t help but remind him: “Keep an eye on Ji Fengyu, don’t give him a chance to marry Lin Wanting . ”

Su Cha was puzzled: “Didn’t Lin Xiang always wanted to marry his daughter to the crown prince? How can he suddenly willing to send his daughter to another country?” Most of the women married off to another country end up in tragedy . Once the east and the west had a conflict, the women who were send-off in marriage end up miserable .

“The empress ordered Lin Xiang’s son to accompany the seventh prince . She didn’t allow him to send his daughter to the crown prince’s palace again . ” The empress asked Lin Xiang to help the crown prince, but she won’t stand on his side .

“What does the empress mean?” Su Cha rubbed his chin and found that he couldn’t understand the empress’s behavior .

The empress was a clever person . Su Cha was clear about it, so why did the empress raised such a fool crown prince?

And looking at the actions of the empress over the past few years, she doesn’t look like having the intention to support the crown prince . But regardless of his life and death, she always stepped forward and help the crown prince firmly seat on his position .