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Chapter 867

『 That’s all from me . If possible, do keep it a secret from the subordinates who call me “Kakka . ” I’m sure that the wise children will understand why 』

Jii-chan’s voice echoes in the courtyard .

The young ladies and their bodyguards in the courtyard are all quiet .

『 I apologize for interrupting your fun party . The old man will be excusing himself now . Enjoy Misuzu’s party to the end 』

Jii-chan’s voice from the speaker is cut off .

However .

He talked about too many subjects that the girls in the courtyard look confused .

「 Everyone, can I have your attention? 」

Kaan-san stands up .

「 Kouzuki Misuzu-sama, Kanou Sakurako-sama, please stand up 」

She whispered at the two .

「 If our Grandfather’s friendship has created the school we have today, then, I believe that we should get along as well 」

Misuzu’s school doesn’t let anyone other than daughters of nobility enter thanks to Jii-chan and the other grandfathers .

In exchange for donating a hefty sum, they refuse to enroll children of upstarts and celebrities .

All of it to raise the next generation of nobility worthy of the title .

「 Indeed . I sincerely want us to get along as well 」

Misuzu stood up and smiled .

「 I… 」

Kanou-san hesitates as her family fortunes are low, even though she has a great family lineage .

「 What are you doing? Kaan house, Kouzuki house, and Kanou house need to gather, or we cannot put the school in order 」

Kaan-san smiled .

「 Kanou-sama, please stand 」

Misuzu tells Kanou-san .

「 O-Okay 」

Kanou-san stands up .

「 Someone, bring in new glasses 」

Misuzu said . Then the maid group from Kouzuki SS hands the three a new glass .

「 If possible, it should be Champagne, but well, we’re still in high school 」

「 Indeed, let’s toast with juice for now 」

Misuzu asks the maid to pour juice on their glasses .

「 Grandfather is still watching after all 」

「 If I make a mistake in Kouzuki-sama’s house, I’m sure that he will talk about it to Grandfather 」

Misuzu and Kaan-san smiled at each other .

「 How about the three of us become sworn sisters? 」

Kaan-san said .

「 I-I… 」

Kanou-san is the only one nervous .

「 Ufufu, I understand, Kanou-sama 」

Kaan-san laughed .

「 Kanou-sama’s always looking so aloof . Yet, I know that you’re kind 」

「 I-I… 」

Kanou-san’s surprised .

「 But, uhm, I’m two years younger than you two 」

Kanou Sakurako-san is a first-year high school .

Misuzu and Kaan Momoko-san are in their second year of high school .

「 That’s right . And so you’re our little sister, and the eldest sister is… 」

「 Kaan-sama 」

Misuzu said .

「 I think Kaan-sama can shoulder the responsibility 」

「 Really? Then allow me to use the privilege, let us hold up our glasses 」

Kaan-san gives instruction as the eldest sister immediately .

「 Kanou-sama, it will be easier if you become our little sister 」

Misuzu smiled .

「 It would be great to extend the relationship not just to you, but to your family as well 」

Currently, Kanou house has nothing but their family status .

Even so, she belongs to the big three nobility, so she rivals the two other houses .

Actually, before the party started today .

Kanou-san was the only one sitting down on another table, alone .

The daughter of Kouzuki house cannot mingle with the young ladies of the Kouzuki group .

Even so, Kanou house lost their influence, so she can’t create her own group .

She’s not as wealthy as Kouzuki and Kaan house, and yet, she’s isolated since her family rivals theirs .

However, if the three young ladies become sworn sisters…

Then the young ladies from Kouzuki group, and perhaps, those from Kaan group, will become intimate with Kanou-san .

She’s a sworn sister of the leader of their group .

She’s the little sister because of age, but it can’t be helped .

Kanou house can keep their honor as one of the big three .

「 Indeed, I wanted a cute girl like you as my sworn sister . I sincerely think so 」

Kaan-san told Kanou-san .

「 I also want to become close with Kanou-sama 」

Misuzu said .

「 What about you? Do you not want it? 」

Kaan-san asked . Kanou-san…

「 I understand, then allow me to be your sworn little sister 」

Misuzu then speaks to the young ladies in the courtyard .

「 Can everyone give a toast to this? 」

「 Well, it’s an honor to be in this scene 」

「 To think that the big three nobilities have become sworn sisters! It’s wonderful! 」

The girls hold their glass .

The maid’s hand over a new one for those who aren’t holding any .

They all raise the glass with juice to the sky .

「 This is a rare occasion, so let’s have the bodyguards toast to it as well! 」

Kaan-san called out .

「 Darling too 」

Edie hands me a glass of juice .

I looked and found Michi, Rei-chan, and Shou-neechan holding up their glass as well .

「 You too, it’s a celebration, hold up your glasses 」

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka, the sisters, discouraged as their Masters left them .

Edie also hands over a glass to Adelheid-san, who was dismissed by her Master .

Her former employer, Torii Mariko-san .

Shie-san, Kanou-san’s bodyguard, also holds a glass .

「 Well then 」

Kaan-san addresses everyone .

「 Kaan house, Kouzuki house, Kanou house, we may be born from different families but will promise to get along! Loving each other as sisters . And I swear that to my sworn sisters’ name! 」

「 I swear 」

「 I-I swear! 」

The three young ladies raise their glasses .

「 Well then, cheers! 」

「 Cheers! 」

Everyone drinks their juice .

The gentle atmosphere dominates the courtyard .

「 Then, you two will now call me “Momoko-oneesama!” 」

「 As for me, do call me “Misuzu,” and “Misuzu-oneesama” 」

「 Then, please call me “Sakurako” 」

Kanou-san blushed as she says that .

「 Yeah . Misuzu, Sakurako, if you have problems, then you can come to me anytime! Okay? 」

That elder-sister disposition with a brilliant self-confidence .

Kaan Momoko-san will surely become an influential person on the surface .

Misuzu’s a bit shy when it comes to girls of her generation .

Becoming Kaan-san’s sworn sister would be helpful for her .

「 Oh, by the way . I consider Mariko as my little sister already, so Misuzu, Sakurako, do get along with Mariko . Oh right, Sakurako is distant relatives with Mariko 」

Kaan-san pointed at Torii-san and said .

「 My best regards . Torii-san 」

「 Misuzu smiled . 」

「 Regards, Mariko-san 」

Kanou-san has some mixed feelings with Torii-san .

「 Yes, my best regards as well 」

Torii-san bows lightly .

「 Uhm, Kaan-sama 」

Ruriko, who’s standing by from the side, talks to Kaan-san .

「 Hmm, yes? 」

「 If you treat Torii-san as your sister, then I also am Misuzu-oneesama’s little sister 」

To be precise, Ruriko and Misuzu are cousins .

Though they’re sisters as my woman .

Well, Kaan-san will accept them as sisters because they are cousins .

「 Indeed . Then, I will dote on Ruriko-sama as my little sister as well! 」

Kaan-san smiled .

「 Yes, thank you . Then please call me Ruriko from here on 」

Ruriko also joins in the sworn sisters .

「 Yoshiko-sama, what about you? 」

Kaan-san asks Yoshiko-san, who’s on the table with the young ladies of the Kouzuki group .

「 It would be discourteous for me to do so 」

Yoshiko-san replied with a smile .

Yoshiko-san was only recognized as Jii-chan’s granddaughter during last May .

She’s in that delicate state as she’s an illegitimate child of Jii-chan’s late first-son .

「 I see . Well, I won’t force you . Besides, if Yoshiko-sama were to join in, you will become the “Onee-sama” as you’re the oldest of the group 」

Yoshiko-san’s already in her third year, so that will be the conclusion .

「 Momoko-oneesama, you forgot Onii-sama 」

Ruriko smiled and points at me .

「 He’s my dearest brother 」

Hearing that, Misuzu…

「 And my husband! 」

She speaks loudly .

And the harmonious atmosphere loosens up .

「 Indeed . It can’t be helped . If Kouzuki-sama already accepted him… 」

Kaan-san smiled at me .

「 I will also look after you! Err, was it Kuromori Kou? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

I replied .

「 Then, it’s Kou-chan 」


「 If I recall, you’re younger than Misuzu and me, right? 」

Well, she knows that beforehand .

「 Then, I will call you Kou-chan . Sakurako, you’re at the same age, call him whatever you want 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Torii-san shows her confusion to me .

Kanou-san seems to be bad at dealing with those that aren’t nobility .

「 Then, Mariko, you go sing something for everyone 」

Kaan-san ordered Torii-san like she owns the place .

「 Huh, uhm, Momoko-oneesama? 」

「 Mariko, I think you should try to score some points with the people in here 」

Her mother is from nobility, but Torii house itself isn’t .

Torii-san perhaps will marry a man from nobility, so she’s accepted as one for now .

I think that some young ladies will think that Torii-san becoming a sworn sister of the big three as something unamusing .

「 You know, she’s quite fascinating . She thinks differently than us . Go on, do it, Mariko 」

Torii-san .

「 It can’t be helped . Haiji, come sing with me! 」

Torii-san calls Adelheid-san .

「 Uhm, I’m no longer working for Mariko-ojousama though 」

「 Don’t you also want to score some points with the people here? 」

Torii-san dismissed her, and the impact of her fight with Kinuka-san was washed away by Michi vs . Tendou Otome, She has no other place to go .

Kinuka-san and her sister, Mitama-san, will be under Kouzuki house’s care .

「 Haa, I understand . Ojou-sama 」

「 Haiji’s also good at singing 」

「 Then, what song is it? Mariko-ojousama 」

「 Haiji, let’s do ‘that’ 」

「 ‘That?’ 」

Adelheid-san shows a displeased face .

「 Yes, ‘that . ’ The one I love . Starting with the cheerful one, I see . Do it . Showcase it to everyone! 」

Kaan-san tells Torii-san .

「 See? Onee-sama gave her orders . Let’s go! Haiji! 」

「 Geez, I get it already 」

Then, the 16 y/o young lady .

And the 13 y/o (self-proclaimed) A-Rank bodyguard .

The two sings merrily .

However .

「 Haa dokoi! 」

「 Aa Yoisho! 」

What’s this?

I mean, is this a song?

Kaan-san is laughing out loud .

「 ♪Aaa, soitsu no nawaaa♪ 」1

「 ♪Poriiiisumeeen♪ 」

「 Ugh! 」

「 Ha! 」

This looks like a children’s game more than anything .

「 Pfft 」

Misuzu’s laughing

「 That’s funny 」

Ruriko as well .

「 That seems fun 」

Yoshiko-san is also laughing at Torii-san’s mysterious performance .

「 ♪Sonna koto iwarete♪ 」2

「 ♪Chipapa♪ 」

Slowly, the other young ladies also start laughing .

「 That Kaan Momoko’s letting them play as the jester to make the others accept her 」

Edie whispers .

「 Back in the middle ages, the European royal court had a jester . The jester’s job isn’t just to make people laugh . They were used by the King to allow him to speak strictly 」


「 Torii Mariko isn’t timid . She’s always speaking frankly . Kaan Momoko would like to keep that girl close to her 」

Yeah, Torii-san can’t read the mood after all .

Right, if it’s an ordinary girl, they would refuse to become a protegee of Kaan-san because they fear the envy of other girls .

Torii-san accepts it without a problem .

And that’s also why she can do this kind of performance .

She doesn’t think of this as embarrassing .

She’s hot, holding the honor of nobility .

That’s the reason why Torii-san doesn’t come close to Kaan-san with strange intentions .

She’s not an ass-kisser .

She’s only saying what she’s thinking .

Therefore, she can’t let go of her .

「 Thank you very much! 」

Finally, Torii-san and Adelheid-san’s song(?) ended .

「 That was fun . Mariko Also, you too 」

Kaan-san told Adelheid-san .

「 If you have no place to go, then stay with Mariko for a little longer . Do you mind? 」

「 But, Momoko-oneesama? 」

「 Won’t you listen to my request? 」

Kaan-san smiled .

「 I understand . I’ll withdraw your dismissal . Stay with me for a while longer 」

「 I-I… 」

Adelheid-san is hesitating .

「 If you really can’t stand Mariko’s house, I can ask Misuzu to have you join in Kouzuki SS . Although, I think that your skill is still lacking . Continue as Mariko’s bodyguard for a while, and train together with everyone to polish your own skill 」

Kaan-san said . Misuzu…

「 Michi, train with her 」

「 Certainly 」

Michi bows her head .

「 Seki-san and Fujimiya-san, please do 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

For now, Adelheid-san won’t be at a loss because she made connections with Kouzuki SS .

I mean, if things went on, nobody will hire her, and she will have no place to go .

「 I-I understand, then, my best regards, Mariko-ojousama 」

She bows her head to Torii-san .

「 Sure, Haiji 」

「 And I will also train with you 」

Edie said .

「 Next, it’s my turn to sing 」


Edie, you?

Edie starts to sing in English without warning .

「 S-She’s good 」

「 Wow 」

「 That’s a beautiful voice 」

Edie’s also good at singing?

Well, her trunk is excellent, she has sharp senses, and has a vibrant power of expression .

Naturally, she’s good at singing too .

Soon enough, Edie finished singing .

「 That was “Zeljko’s fight” 」

Misuzu smiled at Edie .

「 That’s right . It’s a song Grandma used to sing 」

Edie smiled back .

Oh, the hall that was nervous since Jii-chan’s interruption…

They’re loosening up now .

「 Next, how about we all sing in chorus? 」

Misuzu suggested . Then the young ladies and their bodyguard started singing .

IT looks like the students in Misuzu’s school all know how to sing .

They’re not a singing school, though .

「 Danna-sama, please listen 」

The maids of Kouzuki SS, Shou-neechan, and Edie, who’s not a student in Misuzu’s school, all listen together .

Their singing voice…

It’s beautiful harmony, perfect .

Oh, I see .

These girls are real daughters of the nobility .

They swarm around Rei-chan and Margo-san .

Their complexion turns white when with Misuzu or Kaan-san, the big names, but…

Just as Jii-chan hoped for…

They all are trained as daughters of the nobility .

I can see it after they sang in a chorus .

They’re free to sing, and I can’t see a single girl not singing .

They’re all letting their voice out .

It’s like they have to show their best because they’re doing a show .

I can see why they’re the daughters of the nobility .

These young ladies are always observing, and other families and vassals do the same .

If they’re found cutting corners, it’ll affect the honor of their family .

They know that it will not shame just themselves but also their family, relatives, and their vassals .

「 Everyone, that was splendid 」

I clap my hands .

Edie and everyone did the same .

「 Kaan-sama, Kouzuki-sama, Kanou-sama, I would like to sing next 」

Then, a group proactively presented their song .

However, there is no single song prevailing .

They all sing differently .

Furthermore, they’re all good at it .

Then, the party advanced harmoniously .

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, all the bodyguards, please gather here 」

The wariness between the young ladies is gone .

The party now resumes with various groups chatting .

Seeing the atmosphere, Shou-neechan gathered the bodyguards .

「 This will be a discussion about the combined training 」

In this situation, the young ladies no longer need their bodyguards with them .

The spy is unmasked now, so there’s no need to worry anymore .

「 Take care . I will be talking with everyone 」

They send off their bodyguards with a smile .

「 Oh, there will be a joint training, I will join them 」

Kuromiya-san goes to Shou-neechan too .

Then, they went their way .

The bodyguards are having a friendly social gathering .

The big three have tied each other as sworn sisters .

Thus, the people at the party are all united .

Those present today…

And those who sang in a chorus .

「 Looks like they’re okay now 」

Edie whispers .

What’s not is…

Mizushima Karen-san, who’s sitting next to Misuzu, turning pale .

Well, she brought in a spy at the party of the young ladies .

She must be afraid that she will be punished .

Then, Anjou sisters who lost their Masters .

These two are bodyguards, but they’re not coming to Shou-neechan .

Well, they lost their master who they should protect, it can’t be helped .

「 Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu calls me .

「 What’s wrong? 」

I go to Misuzu’s place .

「 We’re all okay now, could you take her and the other two back inside the mansion? 」

It looks like Misuzu’s worried about Karen-san and the Anjou sisters .

Then that means…

The party is now in a good mood, it’s not great to have the three feel down .

「 Right . 」

I guess I should back off for now .

I’m also worried about the Takakura sisters in the mansion as Kaan-san doesn’t want to cross paths with them .

Tendou Otome, the spy as well .

「 I will return as well 」

Minaho-neesan, who entered the courtyard as Jii-chan’s voice, said .

「 I still have to take over the Kurama sisters from Kouzuki-sama 」

Right .

Kurama sisters are going to become prostitutes of Kuromori .


His name is  Even if you tell me that