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Chapter 868

「 Oh? Are you the type who follows everything Misuzu says, Kou-chan? 」

Kaan-san, who listens to our conversation, asks .

「 Well, Danna-sama’s a kind man 」

Misuzu said with a smile .

「 Indeed, Onii-sama fulfills our request without getting bothered 」

Ruriko said .

「 Hmmm . I thought that all men were all trying to boast themselves when with women 」

Torii-san said .

It looks like Torii house is dominated by men .

「 Oh, I see, he’s not from nobility, and he’s also younger 」

Kaan-san smiles .

「 I guess that fits 」

She looked at Misuzu .

「 Kouzuki house’s situation is different from the two 」

Misuzu said .

「 Momoko-oneesama, you have your little brother, and Sakurako has her big brother 」

In short, Kaan-san’s little brother and Kanou-san’s big brother .

There are male successors in their family .

「 However, in Kouzuki house’s case . 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san .

The main house has nothing but three granddaughters .

「 Most nobility would want to be adopted to Kouzuki house 」

Kaan-san smiles .

「 And there are various developments inside Kouzuki clan as well 」

Like the branch families and the directors of the group competing with each other .

「 In the end, there has been infighting on who will be adopted to the bride’s family . If that’s the case, then it’s a valid argument to have someone who’s not involved with the factional dispute, as the groom 」

Kaan-san stares at me .

「 And if it’s a man Kouzuki-sama accepted, nobody can voice out their complaints 」

Jii-chan’s recognition is backing me up .

「 Well, I can see that he’s not a bad guy . I don’t think there are that many men who have this reserved attitude while attending a party of young ladies 」

Me? Reserved?

「 If it was my big brother, he would try to make himself pleasant to everybody that it brings out the opposite result 」

Torii-san also has a big brother .

「 Right . Usually, one would get ecstatic about this . Wanting to get acquainted with the young ladies of various families, calling them out… 」

「 However, Momoko-oneesama, even so, Misuzu-oneesama’s watching… 」

Torii-san laughed .

I’m at this party because I’m Misuzu’s official fiance, and yet…

I can’t just leave Misuzu and talk to the other young ladies .

I’m not Jii-chan’s student .

Thinking about it, I had a sudden realization .

Oh . I see .

I’m sure those guys would do that .

Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda .

Even without the playboys, Kouzuki Kenshi will undoubtedly approach the young ladies with a grin on his face .

No, Kouzuki Souji and Shiba Akira, the stubborn guys .

They would aggressively make contact with these girls .

I mean, the participants of this party are the young ladies who are in the higher class .

They’re allowed to bring in their personal bodyguards .

It would be beneficial to become acquainted with these girls for their future .

Furthermore, Kaan-san and Kanou-san, young ladies who don’t belong to the Kouzuki group, are in here .

「 He also shows a dauntless behavior towards Sakurako or me 」

Me? Dauntless?

「 To think that we’re all gathered here, and yet, you remain calm, I guess that is to be expected from Misuzu’s partner, you never took a step back 」

Kaan-san praises me .

「 Indeed, I’m surprised with that too 」

Kanou-san looked up at me .

「 Thank you, Onee-sama, Sakurako 」

Misuzu gives her thanks to me .

「 Well, that’s not really the case . Well, you know, I don’t have any reason to force acquaintance with various young ladies, and I don’t have to keep bowing towards Kaan-san and Kanou-san 」

I mean, I’m not going to become successful in life by becoming acquainted with the young ladies .

If I’m talking about the bakery…

I have a different purpose, compared to Jii-chan’s students .

「 Naturally, Kou-chan’s going to be the leader of Kouzuki house after all… 」

Kaan-san, what?

「 It would be weird to see the man who will have that title to bow his head to us . Did you hear that, Mariko? 」

「 Yes . I’m surprised that he calls Momoko-oneesama with only “-san” 」

Ah, maybe I should’ve said, “Kaan-sama . ”

「 It’s okay . Sure, you’re not yet officially related to nobility . It would be weird that you’re not using “-sama” Although, there’s hardly any person who can talk to me calmly like that 」

Yikes, she’s angry?

I guess I should apologize .

「 You have to call me “Momoko-oneesama” next time, Kou-chan 」

Kaan-san smiles .


「 I think that Kou-chan’s appearance at this party is Kouzuki-sama’s test . I believe that he’s trying to see how will Kou-chan behave when you’re with us 」


「 It was the same with me earlier . And perhaps, Kou-chan succeeded . If I was Kouzuki-sama, that would be my conclusion 」


「 I think you’re the best partner for Misuzu . Someone like you 」

Kaan-san’s accepting me?

「 Well, we’re both participants in Kouzuki-sama’s test in this party, let’s get along, okay? 」

「 Ah, yeah 」

I replied .

Ah, also…

「 I understand, Momoko-neechan 」

「 What? 」

Momoko-neechan’s surprised .

「 Well, I’m a man, so I thought that calling you “Momoko-oneesama” is weird 」

W-Was that not okay?

「 Hmm, Could you say that again? 」

Momoko-neechan said .

「 M-Momoko-neechan 」

Momoko-neechan stared at me .

「 Hmm, nice 」

Haa .

「 I mean, you really are amazing, you know that? To think that you picked that timing when I started calling you Kou-chan… 」


「 I was calling you “Kou-chan” to make light of you, and yet, you don’t seem to hate it, but on the contrary, you used it to construct a closer relationship with me . Dear me, Kaan Momoko’s respecting that 」

That wasn’t my intention, though .

「 Sure . I allow you to call me “Momoko-neechan” in public 」

「 No, I prefer to use that when in private 」

I don’t belong to the nobility, so I prefer not to go to the public .

「 Danna-sama does genuinely want to show respect and affection to Momoko-oneesama as his own elder sister 」

Misuzu said .

「 Wait, really? 」

Momoko-neechan looked at me .

「 Well, yeah . I mean, Momoko-neechan looks stylish 」

「 Stylish? That’s the first time I hear that 」

Ah? Did I not present it correctly?

「 I mean, you’re gorgeous, the way you’re gallant when presenting yourself is attractive . When you took Jii-chan’s scolding tensely, I thought that was cool 」

「 Danna-sama sincerely thinks so 」

Misuzu said .

「 He never lies . That’s what’s cute about him 」

She looks at me, passionately .

「 R-Right, I can see what’s cute about Kou-chan now 」

Momoko-neechan replied .

「 We should get going 」

Edie tells me .

I don’t know what’s going on there, but…

If Edie says that, then we should get going .

「 By the way, please do return before the party ends, Danna-sama . We will send everyone off 」

「 Yeah got it…Then, Momoko-neechan, and also, Sakurako-san 」

「 Sakurako will do . Kou-oniisama 」

Sakurako says, but…

「 No, we’re of the same age, please don’t call me “Onii-sama” 」

「 Then, how should I call you? 」

「 Why not “Kou?” That’s how I will call him . 」 We’re all at the same age 」

Torii-san said .

「 Also, do call me “Mariko” 」

「 Sure . Mariko, also, Sakurako 」

I greeted them all before I went out .

「 Please do look after Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san . I’m sure that you’ll be kind to them, but still, I’m giving my best regards 」

I bowed my head .

「 Also, Shie-san and Adelheid-san… 」

What’s the name of Momoko-neechan’s bodyguard again?

Not Sebas-something, the real name .

「 Yamada Umeko-san 」

Edie whispers .

Ah, it helps that I have Edie the Genius .

「 Yamada Umeko-san, my regards with you as well 」

I bowed my head .

「 Huh? 」

「 Ah? 」

「 What? 」

The bodyguards look dumbfounded, but…

「 Michi over there and Edie are all my precious family . Also, Yomi and Luna, the girls who showed up earlier will enter your school 」

「 Whose bodyguard are they? 」

Mariko asks wonderingly .

「 Well, we will introduce her soon 」

Ruriko followed it up .

「 Well then, I will be withdrawing for now 」

「 Karen-san, please take a rest inside the mansion with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu tells the 12-year-old cutie sitting next to her .

Mizushima Karen-san, the girl she plans taking in as a pet .

「 Danna-sama, if you’d please 」

「 Yeah, come here, Karen-san 」

「 I-I… 」

Karen-san hesitates, but…

「 We cannot send you home until Grandfather finished talking with Mizushima house, besides, I will never forgive people who let a spy get their hands into Karen-san 」

Misuzu said .

Entrusting such a cute child to Tendou Otome, a spy of Kansai Yakuza, yeah, her parents must be crazy .

「 Also, if you stay here, the other children of nobility will continue to look at you 」

Yeah .

I now get why Edie wants us to go now .

The mood has calmed down, and the young ladies of the big three have become sworn sisters .

The other young ladies would want to talk to Misuzu, Momoko-neechan, and Sakurako .

They’re all sending glances here .

Putting Mariko, Momoko-neechan’s jester aside…

The problem with Mizushima house sending a spy on Kouzuki house’s party isn’t just with Kouzuki house but with all the nobility participating in this party .

They don’t want to get along with Mizushima Karen-san for now .

Therefore, she needs to leave, just like the Kurama sisters .

「 I-I understand 」

Karen-san replies with a trembling voice .

「 Kuromori-sama, please take care of me 」

「 Yeah, let’s go 」

Karen-san stands up, and I escort her out .

「 Hey, you two stupid sisters! Don’t just limp down there, come with me 」

Edie told Anjou Mitama and Kinuka .

「 I’m not stupid! 」

「 Stupid! 」

They were discouraged after their master part from them, yet .

When Edie throws an insult, their life went back .

「 Don’t you want to see your Master? 」

Edie suddenly brings out her ace .

「 Huh? 」

「 What? 」

The Anjou sisters are surprised .

「 The two of them are still in the mansion . We’re going over there, do you not want to come? 」

「 I-I’ll come! 」

「 Right away! 」

The sisters stood up .

「 Well then, excuse us, everyone, 」

I bowed my head once again .

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Now, if you look inside the courtyard, excluding Shou, Reika, and the maids, it’s all students in Misuzu’s school . 」

Edie says after we enter the mansion .

Now that she mentioned it .

Michi, Shie-san, and bodyguards all attend the same school .

Now that Edie and I, and also the Takakura sisters who aren’t enrolled in Misuzu’s school, are gone from the courtyard…

Tendou Otome, who became a bodyguard last week, is also gone .

Minaho-neesan, Margo-san…

「 If it’s just them, they’ll get to do as they please 」

Edie said .

「 Right . They can’t help but feel nervous when there’s an outsider, especially a male . Those girls are genuine young ladies after all 」

Minaho-neesan, who’s already inside the mansion, has said .

「 That was enough for your debut, what’s left is to let the girls enjoy by themselves 」

My debut .

「 Misuzu-san and the girls’ becoming sworn sisters is a great success but, that “Kou-chan and Nee-chan” relationship was a miracle 」

「 Not really . Darling’s just cute 」

Minaho-neesan said . Edie replied .

「 But, Kouzuki-sama’s right, the training as “young ladies” is incredible 」

Minaho-neesan stares at the situation in the courtyard .

「 The girls in our school don’t behave that well 」

Now that she mentioned it .

When Jii-chan was talking, they were all silently listening .

They keep their courtesy, without showing any rush .

「 For instance, nobody among them took out their phone and took photos, did they? 」

Ah .

If it was in high school of ours, then they would take out their phone and capture photos if they’re at this party .

「 Women love taking photos, after all . I’m sure that they’re the same . But, they’re genuine young ladies, and so they know discretion when needed, and they would not take photos without permission unless Misuzu-san, the host of the party gives permission 」

「 This is the man mansion of the Kouzuki house after all 」

Yeah, they cannot take photos as they please as it will expose information from the inside . And that’s a problem .

「 That’s why it’s a garden party today 」

Because we know that a spy is coming .

There’s hardly any chance to get inside the mansion if you host the party in the garden .

They won’t have any chance of finding out Jii-chan’s room and such .

「 Above all, it’s a problem if they circulate photos around 」

Minaho-neesan said .

「 Kuromori Kou has to remain as a mystery 」

Yeah, it would get problematic if a portrait photo of me gets leaked out .

「 But, the young ladies want to take photos of Reika and Misuzu 」

Yeah, Rei-chan’s a celebrity showing up on television .

Most of them want to take photos with Misuzu, Momoko-neechan, and Sakurako, who are now sworn sisters .

「 Therefore, Misuzu will prepare a time where they can take photos . Perhaps, using that wall as the background . The mansion’s not visible over there . 」

Minaho-neesan explains .

「 Therefore, you had to leave for the moment, Darling 」

Minaho-neesan and I can’t show up on commemorative photos .

That’s how it is .

「 Well, if we stay here, someone might use a polarized telephoto lens camera, and they’ll capture us . Let’s go inside 」

Minaho-neesan said .

「 The young ladies should have no more problems, but we don’t know about the bodyguards 」

Yeah, there might be another spy mixed in .

As long as the young ladies aren’t taking photos, the bodyguards will not take out their cameras without permission .

But once the commemorative photo time started, the bodyguards will have permission .

Pretending to take photos of the young ladies, and then they snap on other things .

「 You don’t have to worry about that 」

Edie said .

「 Most of the bodyguards in there are born in generations of bodyguard family and has been with the young lady since childhood . The bodyguards do receive the same education as young ladies . They’re attending the same school after all 」

Oh, they also received the same etiquette lessons with their young lady .

「 The other newly employed bodyguard in here is that Adelheid girl . Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna checked them all earlier . You don’t have to worry about it anymore 」

It seems like Edie received a report from the three before I realized it .

There’s no more spy or any bad guys .

「 But, there’s still a possibility that they’re mistaken, so we’re going in this room 」

「 Yes, we’ll let the girls enjoy themselves for now 」

Minaho-neesan said .

Yeah . Right .

A lot happened, the fuss about the spy, and the fear from Jii-chan .

We left the room facing the courtyard and head inside .

Mizushima Karen-san and Anjou sisters follow us timidly .

「 Ah, Papa! 」

Getting inside a slightly bigger room…

「 Papa! Papa! Papa! 」

Agnes wearing a beautiful white dress, jumps at me .

Koyomi-chan, on the other side, bows her head .

「 Geez, it’s only Koyomi-chan and me in here, I was so lonely 」

Agnes is kissing me .

We still have to introduce Agnes to the young ladies gathered today .

Agnes will be introduced as a relative of Kouzuki house, and she will join in school and get along with the young ladies .

Agnes is too beautiful that we have no choice but using the “young lady” as her setting .

I mean, she couldn’t work as a bodyguard or attendant either .

Agnes is far from “young lady,” she’s more of a “princess . ”

「 Sensei, if you took a bit more time, then we would’ve gone back to the courtyard 」

Yomi said .

Oh, Tsukiko and Luna are in this room too .

「 Kyouko Messer-sama is still present . She never wants to meet us, so… 」

Tsukiko, the next shrine maiden, the one who holds the most power among the three .

It looks like Kyouko-san treats Tsukiko’s Miko power as a threat .

「 She cannot fling me up to air like how she did with Yomi and Luna after all 」

Yeah, she stopped the 12 and 14-year-old little sisters of Tsukiko by throwing them up to the air, making them lose focus, but .

Tsukiko, the oldest, has grown splendidly now .

「 Kou-sama, do I seem that heavy? 」


「 I don’t think so… 」

When we’re having cowgirl sex…

The tightness of Tsukiko’s vagina feels excellent .

The texture is irresistible .

「 Geez, Kou-sama… 」

Tsukiko’s reading my mind and blushed .

「 Nii-san is much better in sealing Miko power it seems 」

Luna said .

Oh right . If I recall lewd scenes with them, then…

「 Uwa! Nii-san! 」

I recall the feeling of Luna’s springy ass while I violate her from behind .

「 Ah, sorry 」

「 No, I’m glad that you’re satisfied 」

Even the satisfaction from having sex with Luna is conveyed .

「 Huh? Papa, do you want to do it with Agnes? 」

Agnes noticed that the conversation’s going sexual, so she asked .

「 Not now . I don’t know when they’ll call me back 」

「 Ugh, that’s unfortunate 」

「 Later 」

I said .

「 Huh? Who are these girls? 」

Agnes noticed Mizushima Karen-san and the Anjou sisters who are still hesitating if they want to enter the room .

「 Are they gifts for Agnes?! 」