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Chapter 217

The whole Qi Family has been on tenterhooks for the past few days, Lord Qi in particular .  

Back on the wedding day, it seemed to him that his daughter had won the general’s heart so he went home happily . However, he nearly died because of rage when he was welcomed home by his wife and second daughter .

“You stupid woman, stupid!” Having known what his wife has done, he couldn't think of any other word except that as he pointed at her .

“Who do you think General Huo is? Is he someone we can afford to trick?”

Lady Qi was scared . As she listened to him as he explained, she was frightened out of her wits, wiping her tears with a handkerchief .

She was simply a short-sighted woman and never thought of setting anyone up . This time she risked for her daughter’s sake . Who could have thought it would have such grave consequences?

For the past three days, the whole Qi Family has lived in fear, as if it’s the end of the world with a judgment awaiting them all .

They are afraid that someday their manor will be surrounded by troops and fear that one day they will hear the death of Qi Zhao .

Soon, three days has passed since Qi Zhao got married .

Early this morning, the whole Qi Family finds it hard to swallow the breakfast .

“Where is Jun-er?” Lord Qi looks at the empty seat on his left with a frown .

The maid waiting on him answers in a small voice: “The young master still refuses to step out of his room or eat . ”

Lord Qi puts the bowl he in his hand heavily on the table . “Each and everyone in this family won't stop causing me troubles! He is blaming me, his father!”

As he speaks, he glares at Lady Qi again .

His first daughter Qi Zhao and son Qi Jun were born to his former wife Dong-shi who passed away . Because his big sister married the general instead of his second sister, Qi Jun has had a tantrum for days .

If Lord Qi hasn't sent men to watch him, Qi Jun would have gone to the General’s Manor and asked for his sister back .

Lord Qi isn’t good to Qi Zhao but cares a lot about Qi Jun, his only son .

For that, Lady Qi hates herself for not being able to give her lord husband a son . If she does give him a son, he doesn't have to care about Qi Jun anymore .

At this point, a pageboy rushes in, flustered . “My Lord, My Lord . ”

In a bad mood, Lord Qi scolds: “What’s the rush? Speak clearly!”

“Gen, General . . . ”

“Pong!” Qi Ying, the second young lady, drops her bowl on the table .

“Mother, do you hear that? They are here . ” Qi Ying is so scared that she is about to cry . “Are we doomed?”

Lord Qi is frightened too . Under his sleeves, his hands are trembling . However, he must steady himself as the leader of this family .

“Do you mean the general is here?” He asks .

The pageboy nods . “First Young Lady is, too!”

“What?” Lord Qi is startled .

He realizes things might not have been as bad as he thinks and hurriedly asks: “How do they come? Tell me clearly!”

The pageboy takes a breath . “The General is back with First Young Lady for a visit . ”

Lord Qi's face shakes, his expression changes and finally he bursts out laughing . “Good, good!”

With his old depression gone, he says full of mettle: “Hurry and clear this all up . You, follow me to welcome the general!”

Lady Qi and Qi Ying look at each other, still a bit worried as they follow Lord Qi out .

Outside Qi’s Manor, Huo Jun gets out of the car and pulls the door open for Ah Zhao .

He doesn’t let go of the door until Ah Zhao gets off .