Son of Chaos - Chapter 168

Published at 19th of January 2020 09:45:06 PM

Chapter 168

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When Ivan woke up the next morning he felt something warm and soft in his arms . It was an unusual but comfortable feeling, making him unwilling to wake up or move since he didn't want to lose this warmth . But his alarm was merciless . Its shrill wake up tone did its best to make sure that he couldn't pretend, not to hear it .

Together with the movement of the woman in his arms, he had no choice but to open his eyes . What greeted him was the beautiful face of Celine, who too had opened her eyes and was looking at him smilingly .

"Good morning . ", she greeted him in a soft voice .

"Morning . ", Ivan responded while the images of yesterday started to float up inside his mind .

Yesterday after the much longer shower than necessary, they had moved onto the bed and continued . Only when they both had felt completely satisfied, they had fallen asleep in each other arms . It had been the most enjoyable thing he had ever experienced and if not for the alarm telling him that he had to get up to go to school, then he surely would have gone for another round this morning . Instead, he had to reluctantly let go of the woman in his arms and get up from the bed .

"Continue sleeping . ", he then told her, "I have to school, but you should rest some more . "

She smiled happily at his caring words . But she shook her head too . "No, I have to get up as well . Lara told me that she would come back this Saturday and I'm planning to throw her a party then . "

"Huh? How come she didn't tell me?", he said in surprise . He had talked to her nearly every day and while he knew that they had progressed well, she hadn't informed him that they would be back so soon .

"I think she wanted to surprise you . ", Celine chuckled .

"Then is it alright for you to tell me about it?"

"If I didn't, then how could we throw her a welcome back party? Although I can contact most people you know, I would have to do it through others, so I think it would be better if you would help me . "

"Sure . ", he readily agreed . He liked the idea of throwing a party for Lara's successful dungeon exploration . While talking to her lately, he had realized how happy she was to go adventuring again . She seemed to be more alive and active . Something he really liked to see .

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"So what do you have planned?"

"Nothing too special . I thought we would just invite those we are close to and hold a small party here at the villa . "

The idea sounded good to him . Neither he nor Lara was the type who would enjoy big parties . A more familiar setting would be more comfortable for them .

"Sounds like a great idea . ", he readily agreed and then asked, "So how can I help?"

"I can do most of the work, but it would be helpful if you could invite some of your friends, your mentor, and your master . " Celine told him . It was just as he expected . She was always very well organized and willing to take matters into her own hands . He also wasn't surprised by the people she had mentioned . In fact, they were just about anyone he knew, that she wasn't that close to . He wasn't sure, but he thought that she had met Lara's family more often than him, with the exception of Carl .

"Then I'll do that today . Just send me the relevant information, so I can give it to them . "

"Great . "

Having finished the topic, Ivan made his way into the bathroom, to take a short shower and get dressed .

"Do you want me to join you?", Celine asked cheekily but Ivan hurriedly rejected her . If she really did, then there was no way, that he would be at school in time .

After he had finished, he asked Celine if he should wait for her to which she agreed . She wasn't the type who would usually need a long time in the bathroom, so they soon were going downstairs to the kitchen .

"Let me prepare the breakfast . ", she offered, while indicating for him to sit down and wait for her .

"No, we can just do it together . "

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"So you know how to prepare breakfast?", she asked him while lifting an eyebrow questioningly .

He felt embarrassed at her question because he truly never had prepared breakfast . The only thing even remotely similar was when he had prepared food while being in the wilderness and that had been in a completely different setting .

"I can learn?", he said tentatively .

She looked suspicious but agreed, "Alright . Then let's just make something simple . "

And something simple they made . Just some bread and bacon and eggs . So there was little he could ruin . And it was done quickly, which was necessary since he didn't have much time .

After breakfast, he then said goodbye and went to school .

He hadn't reached the school gate yet when his phone signaled that he had a new message . It was the information concerning the party . Just the time and that everyone could wear casual clothes . He responded with a short notice that he had received the information .
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By chance, he met Greg before the entrance . "Hey!", he greeted the worn-out looking guy .

Unlike usual he didn't respond energetically but seemed to barely have the energy to greet him back .

"Wow . You are so lifeless . Did something happen between you and Pia?", Ivan asked concerned . In his mind, the only reason for the always energetic Greg to be like this was that something bad had happened between them after what had happened yesterday .

Greg didn't even look at him when he responded with a short, "Mmm . "

It seemed like something really had happened . Well, it wasn't much of a surprise that Pia would be angry with him . After all, he had puked over her .

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"What happened?", he continued trying to get some more information . With Pia not going to the same school, Greg himself was the best source of information concerning this case .

Greg took a deep breath and then finally looked up . His eyes were red and it seemed like he had cried . "She broke up with me . ", he finally whispered .

"Huh?", Ivan couldn't believe what he ha heard . He never would have expected them to break up over something like this .

"It wasn't just what happened yesterday . That was just the last straw . ", Greg explained when he saw Ivan's unbelieving look .

"Then what was it?", he was concerned for his friend so he continued asking . Hoping that Greg would tell him about it . Maybe he would then be able to help him .

At first, Greg didn't respond . Ivan didn't force him since he understood that this was something Greg had to decide and it wasn't possible for him to meddle in it if he didn't want it .

They continued walking in silence until they reached the classroom .

"I'll tell you about it after school . ", Greg suddenly said, before walking to his seat and sitting down . Laying down his head on the table .

Not long after Serge and Irena entered the room as well . They too looked shocked at Greg and asked Ivan in concern, "What happened to Greg? Do you know?"

"I don't know the specifics, but it seems like Pia broke up with him . ", he told them, what Greg had said to him and also mentioned that they would talk about it more after school .

"Wow, I didn't expect this . ", Irena exclaimed quietly .

"Me neither . ", Serge agreed, "I always thought they were happy together . "

"Me too . "

"Maybe it is just something temporary? Maybe she just was fed up with something and needs some space?", Irena speculated .

The other two could only shrug their shoulders . They didn't have any idea either, but all of them hoped that this would have a good ending for Greg .

Soon the teacher entered the room and it was time for class, leaving each of them with some time to think about it alone .

Only after class did Ivan remember that he had forgotten to invite the others to the party . Although he wasn't sure if it was the right timing, he still decided to do so . Maybe it would provide Greg with some distraction .

So after class, he called over the others .

"On Saturday Lara will come back and we have decided to hold a party . ", he told them . "So I would be happy if you all would come . "

"Of course . " "Sure . " "Ok . ", everyone agreed to come .

With everyone's agreement, he told them the time and location . Since they all had already been to their villa there was no need to tell them much .

"So should we bring something?", Irena asked .

Ivan looked uncertain, "I don't know . Celine is organizing it, so it would be best if you ask her . "

"Ha, so you let her do the hard work again . ", she remarked sharply .

Ivan just shrugged his shoulders, "So? She is much better at this stuff . You don't want to experience the mess I would surely make if I had to do it . "


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