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Chapter 106

Chapter 106                Night in a Cemetery


“It’s on the hill, north of the village,” Xiao Jun said, “But please don’t go there . It’s haunted . ”

The old village head corrected him, “This powerful sorcerer can even deal with a violent undead . Do you think that a normal spirit can harm him?”

Ye Shaoyang said, “I’ll head to the cemetery tonight to grab a spirit’s tongue . I’ll come over right after I manage to acquire one . On the other hand, you should dig a hole in the ground . Pour in a kilogram of lime powder and half a kilogram of cinnabar . Then, bury the body of the violent undead inside . Remember, you must make the hole at least two meters deep . It needs to prevent the corpse Qi from spreading through the ground and forming plagues . ”

The duo nodded their heads in agreement .

Soon after, Ye Shaoyang left the village with Zhou Jingru . The village head walked them to the gate . He continuously thanked Ye Shaoyang for his help to his family, “Great master, you both are good people . I wish both of you a blessed life together and an abundance of children . ”

Zhou Jingru blushed and smiled, as her hand covered her mouth . Ye Shaoyang laughed too . He looked at the old village head, “Who told you that we are a couple?”

The old village head stared at them with a confused look, “You aren’t married? So, when are you going to tie the knot?”

Ye Shaoyang did not explain any further . He shook his head and left .

Zhou Jingru remained silent along the way . She did not mutter a single word and simply stayed behind Ye Shaoyang . Ye Shaoyang mistook her silence as a sign of annoyance, so he tried to console her, “That old man was not a wise man . He was talking nonsense . Please don’t take it seriously . ”

“I didn’t take it seriously,” said Zhou Jingru . She paused a little and continued in a lower voice, “I don’t care what people say about my marriage . I will only marry the one that I like . ”

Ye Shaoyang became speechless, as he did not know what to make of these words, What did she mean? Is she trying to give me a subtle hint?

Immediately, Zhou Jingru realized her slip of the tongue . She intentionally led the conversation elsewhere, “Brother Shaoyang, isn’t a spirit just an illusion? So, a spirit’s tongue is also an illusion, right? How do we use it then?”

Ye Shaoyang explained, “A spirit only appears as an illusion in the mortal world because it does not belong here . In the Underworld, they are real . Spirits that stay in the mortal world will slowly improve their cultivation . Sooner or later, they will get used to the Qi in the mortal world, and their body will also start to corporealize . They will gain the ability to lift things up and do what we mortals can do . However, they can still walk through walls whenever they want . ”

“Wow, that means they are limitless . I think they are more powerful than the undead . ”

Then, Zhou Jingru turned to stare at him and said, “Brother Shaoyang, I think you are a great person . Not because you can kill the undead or anything like that but because you save lives . Like the mother and child you saved today . They lived because of you . Come to think of it, you really are something else . ”

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and feigned humbleness, “Don’t say it like that . I’m just doing my job . ”

Zhou Jingru giggled .

It was already past noon when they finally arrived at the resort . They had both started to grow hungry, so they ordered a table-full of dishes . As they ate, Ye Shaoyang refreshed his memory of the village head’s story about the Madam Chee’s Temple . According to the village head, at first, everything had gone as planned . The demon had already chosen his grandson as the sacrifice to cultivate corpse Qi . But at the third month of pregnancy, the seal was broken, and the corpse Qi managed to escape the body . The seal on the temple seemed to break since then . Some other important matter must have bothered Madam Chee, so she had no time to take care of the baby .

Ye Shaoyang did some calculations . Xiao Fang had conceived her twins since March, and there were five months until August . That means the seal broke about five months ago . He asked Zhou Jingru, “When did Manager Zhang demolish the statue?”

Zhou Jingru thought for a while and answered, “I am not sure, but he said it was when the reconstruction of the village project started . Let me think… . I guess it was three to four months ago? Brother Shaoyang, was Madam Chee freed because they broke the statue?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “The seal was broken five months ago, so Madam Chee must have been free since then . They were killed because they demolished the statue and angered that demon . If I’m not mistaken, Old Wang was one of those who demolished the statue . But their actions did not cause this demon’s hauntings . The breakage of the seal caused this matter . ”

He thought for awhile and continued, “If the village head’s story is correct, this Madam Chee is a supreme demon but not a demon deity . This makes her much easier to handle . ”

Zhou Jingru asked out of curiosity, “What is the difference between a supreme demon and a demon deity?”

Ye Shaoyang put down his chopsticks and explained, “A supreme demon that has cultivated for a thousand years and has survived a heavenly tribulation will become a demon deity . They are given the rank of deity, so that mortals can idolize and worship them . They are even above the governance of the Netherworld Council . Both are equal in terms of cultivation, but they are ranked differently . However, Madam Chee still needs to cultivate using Violent Undead . That means she hasn’t faced heavenly tribulation yet . As such, I don’t have to seek permission from King Qin Guang before I kill her . That saves me a lot of trouble . ”

Zhou Jingru mumbled in confusion, “Who is King Qin Guang? Why have I never heard of him before?”

“You are a mortal . You don’t need to know about this . It does you no good . ”

Zhou Jingru nodded obediently and asked, “So, what should we do next?”

Ye Shaoyang thought hard, but he could not come up with a better idea, “I guess I’ll have to go down the well tomorrow to check it out . ”

“But… . Didn’t you say it is not a good time to go down the well?” Zhou Jingru started to worry, “What if Madam Chee ambushes you there?”

“That is why we need to prepare ourselves well . I’ll ask Old Guo to come over tomorrow . He’ll watch my back . ”

At this moment, Ye Shaoyang started to miss Rui Lengyu . If she was here, she could watch Ye Shaoyang’s back even better than Old Guo . She would definitely give Ye Shaoyang peace of mind . However, Ye Shaoyang knew that he could not standby and do nothing now . He needed to act fast before that demon broke free from the seal and escaped from the temple .

After their meal, Ye Shaoyang and Zhou Jingru got a room each and settled down . Ye Shaoyang laid on his bed and played games on his phone, but he eventually fell asleep . When Ye Shaoyang finally woke up, it was already night time . He knocked on Zhou Jingru’s door, but she was not there . Just as he wanted to give her a phone call, she came back . She told him that she had helped Director Li with the funeral for the two deceased victims at the construction site, while Ye Shaoyang had slept .

“We paid their next of kin ninety thousand each . They were calm and are now awaiting the investigation report from the police . ”

Ye Shaoyang sighed, “I’ll let Xie Yuqing come up with an excuse for the deaths . ” He continued, “It’s not good to lie, but there’s no way we can tell them a demon killed their family member . They will never accept such an answer . ”

Zhou Jingru nodded in agreement, “I understand . What should we do now?”

“Let’s go up the hill and look for some spirits . ”

Zhou Jingru did not expect this, but she still said, “Let’s go . ”

“It’s night time, and we are going to the cemetery . Aren’t you scared?”

“With you by my side, I won’t feel scared,” Zhou Jingru firmly replied, “I will feel more afraid if you left me in this room alone . ”

Ye Shaoyang touched his nose and thought to himself, This girl, it seems like she is addicted to following me wherever I go .

They left the hotel and headed to the cemetery . They followed the directions that village head had given them . Ye Shaoyang passed Zhou Jingru a bottle of Qixing grass juice, “Apply this on your eyelids . Then, you will be able to see spirits . You have to help me find one . ”

Zhou Jingru did as he instructed . Then, she asked, “When I first met you, I saw spirits even without applying this . Why do I need this now?”

“Some places have denser Yin Qi, so even a normal spirit is easily visible . But under normal circumstances, a normal person can only see spirit with a cultivation level equivalent or above a hateful spirit . We are just looking for anything, as long as it is a spirit . ”

The duo slowly ascended the hill, and they finally saw the cemetery when they had climbed halfway up the hill . It was quite a big and flat area, with graves randomly littered around it . Under the moonlight, it created a rather spooky scene . There were even two fresh graves, with white flags that waved under the wind . These flags signified the newly deceased .