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Chapter 113

Chapter 113                 The Arctic Silkworm


By the time that Ye Shaoyang returned to the resort, it was late at night . He felt weary in both body and mind; his injuries exacerbated the tiredness . Without further delay, he quickly went to sleep, as he needed to ask that girl some questions tomorrow morning .

It felt great to wake up naturally in the morning . As Ye Shaoyang hurriedly got up and readied himself, he found out that ten o’clock had passed . After he changed his clothes, he went to the living room . He currently stayed in a luxury suite that had two bedrooms and a living room . A pretty lady that wore a black blazer sat beside a tea table . She gently smiled at Ye Shaoyang, “You’re awake, Mr . Ye . ”

Ye Shaoyang glanced at her a few times and confirmed that he did not know this pretty lady . Before he could ask, the pretty lady introduced herself, “I’m the public relations manager of Evergreen Villa . Miss Zhou entrusted me with the task of buying a few new clothes for you . I’ve been waiting for you to wake up . ”

After she finished her words, she passed a stack of clothes to Ye Shaoyang . “I’m not sure about your body size, so I bought three different sizes . Please try on the clothes . ”

Ye Shaoyang tried on the clothes in his bedroom and chose a set of Adidas casual wear . He felt that these clothes suited him the most . When he saw the reflection of the logo in the mirror, he remembered Xiao Ma’s words . Now, he understood the difference between original and fake Adidas . Even though they had a fairly similar outer appearance, it felt different to wear the original clothes . He returned the remaining two sets of clothes and thanked the public relations manager . Then, he asked, “Where is Jingru?”

“She is in her bedroom . Mr . Ye, please eat first,” replied the pretty lady in a sweet manner . She took out a lunch-box that contained Xiaolongbao from a bag .

“I bought these Baozi from the famous Restaurant Mantou Ji . They’re very delicious . Mr . Ye, please give it a try . ”

Indeed, the smell from the Baozi whetted Ye Shaoyang’s appetite . However, he felt that the big meat bun tasted nicer after he ate one of the Baozi . Sometimes, the expensive one was not necessarily the best . Before he had finished the Baozi, Zhou Jingru exited her bedroom with another girl . Ye Shaoyang only recognized her after a few looks . It was the girl he had rescued yesterday; she had changed her attire . Ye Shaoyang emotionally sighed in his heart; he had good luck with ladies ever since he came to Stone City . This time, he had encountered another pretty girl .

Zhou Jingru sat down with the girl, as she sized Ye Shaoyang up, “Your pants were torn yesterday, so I asked big sister Zhang to buy you a set of casual wear . Are the clothes comfortable to wear?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded . He looked at the girl and found that she was also looking up and down him .

“Big sister Zhang, thank you for the help . You may go back now,” said Zhou Jingru .

“Goodbye, little handsome . ” The public relations manager waved to Ye Shaoyang as she left the room .

When the door closed, Zhou Jingru held the girl’s hand, “Big brother Shaoyang, she is Tan Xiaohui . I have told her about our current situation . Regarding her matters . . . I think I’ll let her tell you herself . ”

Maybe because Tan Xiaohui had just woken up after her long sleep, but she still looked slightly dull . But compared to yesterday, she looked a lot better . She nodded, as she said, “I grew up in a family of Miaojiang white witches . Do you know what a white witch is?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded . Miaojiang had both white witches and black witches . White witches were witch doctors, who cured people with their witchcraft . On the other hand, black witches were a group of secretive Gu masters, experts in the Gu craft . These black witches would accept payment to harm their client’s target . In conclusion, the individuals of the sorcerer realm considered witches from Miaojiang as members of a sect . Like other sorcerers, they captured spirits and subdued demons .

“Although I was born in a white witch family, I grew up and went to school like a normal person . Five years ago, my female cousin and I enrolled in a Chinese Traditional Medicine programme at a medical school in Stone City . We hoped to combine Chinese Traditional Medicine with Miaojiang craft . During our third year, my female cousin, our three friends, and I traveled around Chuiyun mountain . Out of curiosity, we went into Madam Chee’s Temple . It was raining and night approached, so we decided to temporarily stay at the temple . ”

“One of the boys tried to frighten the girls with ghost stories . Then, another boy started to blaspheme against Madam Chee . My female cousin and I could sense the demon Qi in the temple . We tried to stop them, but they refused to listen . The worst part was that one of them got drunk after he consumed a few cans of beer and poured some of the liquor on Madam Chee’s statue… . ”

“Such a foolish act!” Ye Shaoyang could not help but scold the boy's action . This was one of the typical ways to seek trouble . Even though Madam Chee could not step out of the temple, she could still kill someone if they entered it . Previously, she did not kill because the villagers offered her tributes and sacrifices, which included Violent Undead Infants . Demons were narrow-minded, even if they became a deity . Moreover, Madam Chee had not even reached the level of a demon deity yet . Tan Xiaohui continued, “On that night, everything seemed fine . All of us slept on sheets of rice straw . But then, a strange sound woke me up at midnight . As I opened my eyes, I saw a frightful creature on top of the guy who blasphemed against Madam Chee . The creature gnawed at the guy’s skull, as it let out successive crackling sounds . . . . ”

“Oh my god! That is so terrifying!” Zhou Jingru involuntarily exclaimed in a soft voice .

Ye Shaoyang paused; he tried to imagine the scene . Indeed, it sounded terrifying . He hurriedly asked, “Do you know what that frightful creature is?”

Tan Xiaohui shook her head, “It was pitch dark . I couldn’t really see it, but it must be a strange animal . It looked slightly like a prawn, but it had a snake-like tail and more than four legs… . ”

Ye Shaoyang tried to match this description to a creature that he knew, but he failed . He gave up and gestured for Tan Xiaohui to continue the story . Tan Xiaohui continued, “Instantly, I woke up my female cousin . We planned to let my female cousin block the frightful creature, as I brought the others out of the temple . However, we met another spirit the moment we left the temple… . Please let me finish this, and I’ll describe the spirit in detail . The spirit was quite powerful . I was no match for it . It killed our other two friends and my female cousin . Then, it dragged them into a well . ”

“I knew that my death approached . I tried to escape with my life, but the spirit chased after me . It purposely guided me to that damn pagoda tree demon at the top of the hill . I was careless; the tree demon managed to enchant me . Because I’m a white witch, the tree demon couldn’t directly consume my soul, so it coerced me to commit suicide . ”

“At the last moment, the arctic silkworm bit me . I woke up and controlled the arctic silkworm to spit out silk . It formed a cocoon around me before the tree demon could absorb me into its trunk . This cocoon insulated me from the demon Qi, preventing the tree demon from consuming my soul . It felt extremely cold inside the cocoon . It froze up my body and kept me from rotting . ”

The tree demon was at its weakest at a quarter to twelve every day . This was also the moment that Yang replaced Yin . My soul would also wake up; I made an Illusion of Death with my soul to try and catch someone’s attention . Only spirits and sorcerers can see the illusion and save me . That’s all for my story . ”

Tan Xiaohui spread her hands; she looked straight at Ye Shaoyang . This gesture seemed to indicate ‘just asked anything you want to know . ’

Ye Shaoyang paused for a moment before he asked, “The arctic silkworm that you mentioned, is it one of the three awakened Gu?”

His question shocked Tan Xiaohui . Although she had never expected for Ye Shaoyang to know about this, she nodded .