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Chapter 122

Chapter 122                A Girl with a Pigtail Braid

Ye Shaoyang kept quiet, but a multitude of thoughts ran through his mind . He tried to recall this event from the start, and he could already smell something fishy . He had only come here to search for the Gu master, but he had somehow bumped into this incident . As it turned out, a tentacle had created this whole mess… . Judging from this, the owner of this tentacle must at least be a supreme demon . He mumbled,

“A demon can travel a thousand miles . Madam Chee is the supreme demon here . This area should lie under her territory . It’s quite impossible for another demon to cultivate around this area… . ”

Xiao Ma scratched his head and tried to act smart, “Maybe there’s a demon passing by, just like in the movie Journey to The West?”

Ye Shaoyang glared at him and did not answer the question . It was almost impossible for such an event to happen . Additionally, what were the odds that he would bump into this event when it was creating trouble?

“Fine, let’s put this aside for now . We have more important things to do . ” Ye Shaoyang threw the tentacle into the grave and started to use a shovel to fill it up .

After he finished this, Ye Shaoyang turned to the man who still stared blankly at his daughter’s body, “You saw what happened just now . It will take almost a fortnight for the demon Qi here to clear up from the air . You need to find a new spot to bury her body . ”

The man regained his composure . He nodded and carried his daughter’s body in his arms, “Can you give me a ride? I need to bury her somewhere not far from here . ”

Ye Shaoyang thought to himself, The man needed to carry a body, so there’s no way he can walk that far . Plus, after what just happened, the villagers definitely will not let him enter the village with his daughter’s body .  Ye Shaoyang nodded to the man and ordered Xiao Ma to help . They carefully placed the girl’s body in the car . By this time, Xiao Ma had already pumped up the car tire . Old Guo drove, and they set off together .

“If there’s a suitable place for the burial, just tell us . We’ll stop and help you with it . ” Old Guo reminded the man .

The man simply nodded and did not utter a word .

Ye Shaoyang sat in the second-passenger seat . His nose could smell something suspicious . He could feel a stream of demon Qi that clouded the interior of the car, Maybe it is from the girl’s body . A demon possessed her, so there’s still demon Qi remaining in her body .  It was a logical explanation, so he left the situation alone .

Once their car left the scene, the villagers that witnessed the incident came out of hiding . Fear still hindered them, so they decided to walk down the hill together in a group . They had gotten halfway down the road when they saw a person that laid flat on the ground, in the middle of the road . Everyone looked at each other in panic .

Finally, a young man with a stronger heart walked up to the person . He bent down to check if the person was still alive, but the sight instantly shocked him . His limbs went weak, as he started to shake in fear, “It’s a dead person! He has a hole right through his body! His whole stomach is dug out! Oh my God! I can’t stand it anymore!” He kneeled down at the roadside and threw up .

“Let’s go together! We’ll see who this dead person is!” An old man instructed as he led the group toward the dead body . They turned the body around . When they saw the dead person’s face, a sense of disbelief flooded everyone present .

“It’s Old Jiang!” a man finally concluded .

“That’s impossible! Didn’t Old Jiang board the car and carry his daughter’s body just minutes ago?” The old man could not believe his eyes . He picked up some leaves and rubbed away the blood stains on the corpse’s face . Now, with the blood stains smeared aside, everyone could immediately recognize the face . Indeed, it was Old Jiang!

The old man fell into a sitting position on the ground . He weakly asked, “If this is Old Jiang’s body, who went into the car?”

The sky had already darkened, the car steadily drove on the road . Scattered rocks and boulders covered the sides of the road . They had not found a suitable spot for burying, so they kept on going forward . Finally, they reached a junction . Both paths looked exactly the same .

Old Guo stopped the car . He felt confused, so he asked as he scratched his head with one hand, “I don’t remember a junction being here . I haven’t been here for years, so maybe there has been an upgrade to the road?” He turned around and asked the man, “Brother, you are a local here, right? We are going to the town . Which road should we take?”

The man slowly looked up at him and instructed, “The left one . ”

Old Guo stepped on the pedal and took a left turn without any hesitation . Just as the car passed the junction, Ye Shaoyang suddenly picked up a trail of spirit Qi from outside the window . He felt that something seemed off, but before he could open his mouth, the spirit Qi had disappeared .

As the car continued downhill, they could see nothing else on either side of the road, other than pine trees . There was not even a single road sign . Barely a minute on the road, they arrived at another junction .

Old Guo felt troubled, “Not another junction! It’s the middle of nowhere here! Why would they need so many junctions? Brother, which way this time?”

“The left one,” the man replied .

They took the left turn . Soon, they arrived at a junction again . Now, even Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma felt suspicious about the situation . Old Guo stopped the car and turned to the man, “Brother, since when does this place have so many junctions?”

The man did not answer; he merely shook his head .

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the left side of the road . When the group noticed the figure, it had already walked a little further from the car . Apparently, it was a girl with her hair tied up in pigtail braids . She looked rather old school . She wore an old, flowery blouse and a pair of old pants . She carried a basket covered with a worn out cloth . As she walked, her hips naturally swayed .

“Oh, a fine young girl,” Xiao Ma said, “Maybe sadness still bothers this uncle . I guess he is not in his right mind . It’s a waste of time to ask him . I’ll ask this girl for directions instead . ” He quickly opened the car door and ran toward the girl .

“Hey! Hey! Sister, I need to ask you about something!”

As Xiao Ma chased after her, he tried to call out to her loudly . However, this did not cause the girl to slow down . On the contrary, the girl seemed to walk even faster, and she did not turn her head around .

Xiao Ma thought to himself, Now, I get it . It’s the middle of the night, and she is walking alone . Of course, she would feel scared when a total stranger tries to stop her . Xiao Ma quickly explained, “Sister, I’m not a bad guy . We are just passing by . We just need you to point us in the right direction . ”

As much as he tried to explain, the village girl did not even turn her head . So, Xiao Ma started to run in an attempt to catch up with her, but she picked up her pace too .

“Xiao Ma, come back here!” Ye Shaoyang yelled at Xiao Ma . He had started to sense that something was wrong here .

Xiao Ma could not catch up with the girl . He had already run out of breath, so he stopped and gave up the chase . Surprisingly, the girl also stopped in response . However, she did not turn around . She simply stood there with her back facing Xiao Ma .

This left Xiao Ma pleasantly surprised . He walked up to her with a smile on his face, “That’s more like it! Sister, we really are not bad guys, so don’t worry . ”

Xiao Ma walked passed her and turned to look at her, as he said, “We are just looking for directions . How do we… . ” Once his gaze landed on her face, Xiao Ma was suddenly at a lost for words . The rest of the group noticed Xiao Ma’s frozen state from the car . His eyes had opened wide, and his face did not move . He stood motionless like a statue .

Old Guo honked at him and asked through his car window, “What’s the matter now?”

Xiao Ma’s face gradually turned pale . As he stared at the pigtail braided hair, he could feel his energy drain away from him . He thought he had grown immune to all kinds of disgusting faces after all this time . However, once he looked at this girl’s face, panic had somehow struck him! This was because the girl had no face on her head . Nothing but the pigtail braided hair!

Gulp .  Xiao Ma swallowed his saliva as he took a few steps back . On the other hand, the girl stepped up toward him, as she took down the basket from her shoulder . She passed the basket to Xiao Ma . She had no mouth on her, yet a voice came from her, “Let me show you something . ”

A hand with fair skin reached into the basket and pulled off the cloth that covered it . This action revealed a bloody human head . The head displayed all sorts of painful faces . Xiao Ma reflexively took a closer look . The view left him thunderstruck . He felt as if electricity had shocked him . He jolted and fell to the ground in a sitting position . His own head laid inside the basket!