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Chapter 123

Chapter 123                Spirit’s Illusion

Ye Shaoyang opened the car door and rushed toward them . The girl turned around . She watched as he approached . The sight of the faceless head with pigtail braided hair instantly disgusted Ye Shaoyang . He waved at Xiao Ma, “Quick! Go back inside the car!”

Xiao Ma clumsily bolted toward the car .

As Ye Shaoyang ran, a layer of black mist suddenly appeared and blocked his path .

“Spirit mist!” Ye Shaoyang raised his arm and flicked the mist away . When the mist had finally dispersed, the road was already empty . The spirit they just encountered had disappeared, nowhere to be found . Ye Shaoyang got back into the car .

Xiao Ma had already sat in the car again, but his body still shook . He recounted what he had just seen . He scratched his head, and he asked, “Little Ye, is my head still here, or am I really dead?”

“It’s a spirit’s illusion . Don’t worry about it,” Ye Shaoyang said, “What we saw just now was a kind of hill spirit . It’s called a Girl with Hair . They only have hair on their heads . They are known to have the ability to confuse humans with illusions . However, they are low-leveled spirits . Why did she dare to show herself in front of me?”

Xiao Ma asked, “She could summon that black mist . Is she really low-leveled?”

“She was not the one that summoned the spirit’s mist . ” Ye Shaoyang carefully looked around, “Spirit Qi fills this place . Some kind of high-level spirit must be around here . ” As he said this, he took out a talisman paper and wiped some of his blood onto it . Then, he stuck it onto the car roof . He turned to Old Guo, “Close the window . Or else, spirit Qi might get in and confuse us all . Keep driving . ”

Old Guo pointed at the junction, “Which way?”

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“Any one of the paths . Let’s just get out of here . This place is haunted . ” Ye Shaoyang turned back to look at the man, who held his daughter’s body in his arms . They could not depend on him for the right directions . They needed to get out of this place first . Then, they could think about other matters .

Old Guo took a left turn . He drove for another mile, and the road started to sharply curve to the right . Under the moonlight, they could see their current location—the hill’s midsection . At the right side of the car was a dangerous cliff .

“Drive carefully,” Ye Shaoyang reminded Old Guo, “Bump into a spirit and we might still make it out alive . Fall from this cliff, and we will all die . ”

“Trust my driving skills,” Old Guo reassured him, “I have twenty years of experience . ”

Xiao Ma quipped, “Twenty years of dirty experience you mean?”

Merely a few miles after their last left turn, they faced another junction .

The trio stared at each other in disbelief .

“How could this happen?” Old Guo exclaimed, “Since when was this road this confusing? And it doesn’t even have road signs!”

Ye Shaoyang frowned . He observed the surroundings . He opened the car window and threw a coin onto the ground, “This time, take the right turn . ”

They took a right . However, before long, another sharp left curve appeared before them . This situation baffled Old Guo, “This is not right! We just turned right, yet the road is leading left!”

Ye Shaoyang frowned . However, he remained quiet, as he observed the road ahead .

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They followed the curve, but yet another junction greeted them .

“This . . . this is not right!” Old Guo started to realize that they were in deep trouble .

Ye Shaoyang instructed Old Guo to stop the car . Then, he got down from the car and started to search the road . He picked up a shiny metal object and re-entered the car . He showed it to the group; it was a copper coin . He bitterly smiled, as he said, “I threw this at the previous junction . ”

Xiao Ma was baffled, “How is this possible? Are we back at the same junction again?”

“We took a left turn, followed by a right turn, and we passed by three junctions . It’s not possible that we circled back to the same junction . This is not a maze . ” Ye Shaoyang inhaled deeply and announced, “We are trapped in an illusion of spirit’s barrier . ”

Old Guo frowned in disbelief, “This is unbelievable! No wonder there’s spirit Qi all along this road! Is this whole route an illusion of this spirit’s barrier? How powerful is this creature!”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “ Spirit Overlord . Only a spirit overlord can accomplish this . ”

Old Guo was perplexed, “That is impossible!”

Xiao Ma asked in total confusion, “What is a Spirit Overlord? What are you guys talking about?”

Ye Shaoyang ignored Xiao Ma and said to Old Guo, “I know that a Spirit Overlord does not exist in the mortal world . However, only a Spirit Overlord can create an illusion of spirit’s barrier that covers such a long distance . ”

Old Guo’s face instantly paled . Although he was only an outer disciple of Maoshan Sect, he had heard the rumors about the Spirit Overlords of the four directions before . He shook his head in denial, “There’s no way I will believe that . If a Spirit Overlord is allowed in the mortal world, they will throw our world into total chaos . Junior brother, are you capable of cracking this illusion?”

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Ye Shaoyang stared at Old Guo with hidden meaning, “This is too powerful . I can’t crack it . Since someone has set up this illusion of spirit’s barrier, I think that they mean business . This is no joke . Just keep driving and take whichever road you like . Let’s see what they want . ”

Old Guo hesitated, “But… . ”

“Trust me . ” Ye Shaoyang reassured .

Old Guo stepped on the pedal and took a left turn . Ye Shaoyang calmly looked into the rearview mirror and adjusted his hair .

Xiao Ma nervously asked, “Little Ye, are you out of your mind? This is not the right time to care for your hair . ”

“The wind ruined my hair . ” Ye Shaoyang gently patted his own hair .

They drove along . Soon enough, they were back at square one . Ye Shaoyang did not take his eyes off the mirror . Instead, he instructed, “Keep on driving . We’ll keep this going until we are out of fuel . ”

Old Guo knew that Ye Shaoyang had his own plans . So, he did not press for an explanation . He kept on driving just as instructed .

Ye Shaoyang reached into his pocket and held onto a Great Coin of Carving . He toyed with it in his hands, as he looked at the village man from the rearview mirror, “Uncle, which village are you from?”

From the rearview mirror, Ye Shaoyang could see the man, but the man could not see Ye Shaoyang’s face . The man lifted his head and looked at the back of Ye Shaoyang’s head with a blank face, “The Xiatang Village . ”

“Xiatang? I see . Is it far from here?”

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The man kept his silence .

Ye Shaoyang looked down . He placed the Great Coin of Carving in his mouth and bit his tongue tip . Then, he quietly took out the coin and tied it up with a thread of red string . After that, he scribbled a rune on a talisman paper and wrapped the coin in it .

He had completed this series of actions discreetly, and Old Guo was the only witness . In his mind, these actions surprised Old Guo . An ancient coin wrapped in red string was known as Maoshan’s Lock of Death . However, Ye Shaoyang had further enhanced it . He had added his own blood from his tongue and wrapped it all up with a Talisman Paper of Universe . This enhancement turned the Lock of Death into a Lock of Ultimate Death . Ye Shaoyang must have depleted half of his energy to create this .

Old Guo would never doubt the power of this method . This could badly injure, if not kill, even a supreme spirit . However, it was the middle of nowhere here, and the creature responsible for this mess was nowhere to be seen . Why did Ye Shaoyang make such a tool at this time?

Just as Old Guo had submerged himself in his own thoughts, he suddenly felt all the muscles in his body uncontrollably tense up . His foot had fully stepped down onto the pedal, so the car reached full speed in a few seconds .

“Damn! Old Guo, are you crazy?” Xiao Ma screamed, “There’s a sharp corner ahead! Why are you speeding? Stop the car!”

Ye Shaoyang turned to Old Guo . His face looked pale, and his facial expression had frozen . Only his eyes could move, and they starred nervously into Ye Shaoyang’s eyes . It seemed like Old Guo needed help .

Ye Shaoyang turned to Xiao Ma, “He is possessed! You have to drive!”

Xiao Ma quickly tried to get up from his seat . Just as his hand was about to reach the gear, the dead girl in the man’s arms sat up straight and grabbed Xiao Ma’s throat!

Finally, the creature took action!