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Chapter 127

Chapter 127                 A Terrifying Scene

“Red blood, which means these drowned undead were newly formed, probably not more than a month . ”

Ye Shaoyang stood up, went back to the barrel, and used a blank talisman paper to wipe up some blood from it . He burned it, and it released black fumes . After this simple evaluation, Ye Shaoyang concluded, “Very dense undead Qi, which means this blood has been used to cultivate at least ten drowned undead . ”

Xiao Ma instantly became nervous, “Where are the other drowned undead?”

“Maybe they were used for Gu cultivation . I’m not sure . I don’t really know much about the Gu arts . ”

Old Guo looked at the drowned undead and asked, “How did this guy get so many corpses? Grave digging?”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “Don’t know . Xiao Ma, could you use your phone to take a photo of all this and send it to Xie Yuqing? Maybe she can find some info . ”

After he said that, Ye Shaoyang went to the room on the other side . The house only had wooden doors, and they all lacked locks . When he pushed open a door, he found a storeroom that contained big and small bottles . Ye Shaoyang gave the bottles a good sniff and smelled cinnabar, realgar, and other commonly used sorcery items .

Then, they entered a side room which was barely livable . After some they looked through the area, they only found some items that Gu masters used .

Xiao Ma picked up a blackish blanket that seemed very dirty and said, “Eww, this guy really is something else . He really doesn’t care about his living conditions . Even if he has no money, at least, he can try and keep clean… . Ouch! Something bit me!”

He instantly threw away the blanket and checked his finger . His middle finger was bleeding . Blood flowed out profusely, and his finger swelled at a visible rate .

Ye Shaoyang immediately pinched off the base of Xiao Ma’s middle finger . Then, he burned a talisman paper close to that finger . Instantly, when the fire approached, something under Xiao Ma’s finger wiggled, as it tried to escape the heat . Because Ye Shaoyang closed off the other end of the middle finger, the thing had nowhere to go . Soon, it could not resist the heat and climbed out from the wound .

It was a small and inconspicuous white bug . However, Ye Shaoyang did not take it lightly . He swiftly reached into his belt and took out two Great Coins of Molding, which he used to catch the white little bug . Then, he squashed it and a green liquid flowed out . When the green liquid sprayed onto the blanket, it instantly corroded a large hole .

“Wow . . . what is this little bug!?” Xiao Ma intently looked at his finger and exclaimed .

“A Gu . You’re lucky that I’m here . If I didn’t pinch your finger, it would have probably entered your body . By then, it wouldn’t just be a swollen finger,” Ye Shaoyang explained, “This is a Gu master’s house, so don’t go touching things . Even though you have realgar powder on you to repel them, they will still bite you if you get close enough . ”

Xiao Ma nodded and asked, “When will my finger be fine?”

“Three days and it’ll recover . ”

The three of them left the room and walked up to the last door . Ye Shaoyang did not rush to open it . Instead, he approached the door, closed his eyes, and sensed what laid behind . He instantly frowned and turned to tell the other two, “There’s a strong demon Qi and spirit Qi in there . I want you guys to take out your cinnabar guns and follow closely behind me . ”

“Hold on, hold on . I need to take a leak . I’m feeling a bit nervous . ” After saying that, Xiao Ma turned and ran out .

Old Guo felt impatient and asked, “Why can’t you do it here? There’s no one around… . ”

Xiao Ma replied, “Of course, I can’t do it here . There are poisonous creatures here . What if I got bitten down there? I have to think of my future wife you know!”

Xiao Ma ran out the door and came to a corner . As he unbuckled his pants, he heard a scream from somewhere . Immediately, he lost his urge to piss, Are you serious; can you spirits give me a break?

After he listened carefully, the screams really seemed like someone crying, and it seemed like multiple people . Xiao Ma held his cinnabar gun in hand and went around the perimeter to investigate . It seemed like the sound came from a wall, Is there a hidden passage?

Now, Xiao Ma’s curiosity completely controlled his actions . He backed up a few steps; he was determined to find out where the sound came from . The wall seemed smooth; it did not seem to have any trap doors . As he stood and thought about the possibilities, Ye Shaoyang and Old Guo ran out .

When they saw that Xiao Ma was okay, Ye Shaoyang felt relieved and asked, “Are you done urinating? We thought that something happened to you because you were out for so long . ”

Xiao Ma explained what he noticed to them . When they careful listened, they also heard a cry . They too tried to find a trap door, but their search bore no fruits . Then, Ye Shaoyang looked up and saw a chimney . He let out a smile and said, “That’s where the sound is coming from!”

The roof was not high, so Ye Shaoyang stepped on something and got himself up to the roof . Xiao Ma also got up with the help of Ye Shaoyang and Old Guo . When they got close to the chimney, the crying sound grew louder . Ye Shaoyang did not sense a spirit down there, so he immediately went down to investigate .

He found a small, dark room, 10 square meters in size . The room had no windows . With the dim light from his glow sticks, Ye Shaoyang saw three large Chinese jugs placed near the wall . Even though he had seen some terrifying things in his lifetime, what he saw in those jugs made his feet tremble .

Three women were inside the jugs with their heads sticking out!

All three had very messy hair, and it almost seemed like a very large scab covered their eyes . The three women were silent now, probably because they heard some noises and thought that it was the Gu master .

Ye Shaoyang went closer to examine their faces and saw a terrifying scene, which caused him to kneel down and vomit .

Xiao Ma and Old Guo heard Ye Shaoyang vomiting . So, they also jumped down . Immediately, they noticed that the jugs contained humans . Curious as to what had happened, the two of them approached and saw the faces of the three women . Without fail, the scene also horrified the two of them, so they too kneeled down and vomited .

The three women had their eyeballs dug out and large centipedes had replaced their eyeballs! A dark string firmly stitched in the centipedes .

This terrifying scene had even shocked Ye Shaoyang . No one was psychologically prepared for it .

After Ye Shaoyang finished vomiting, he stood up, took a deep breath, and said, “I’m a Daoist from Maoshan sect . Please do not feel afraid, as I’m here to kill whoever did this! But in order for me to help you . . . please tell me what happened to you?”

When the three women heard that it was someone who wanted to help them, they immediately broke down and started to cry out . Ye Shaoyang waited patiently for them to calm down… . Then, one of the women started to explain, “We’re villagers from a nearby village . . . this evil person kidnapped all of us . He chopped off all of our limbs and stuffed us into these jugs… . We really don’t know why he did this… . ”