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Chapter 131

Chapter 131                 The Commitment of the Three-tailed Centipede

Twice, the Six-Eyed Child evolved when it realized it was in mortal danger . It underwent a horrifying transformation . The skin over its whole body split open and blood spilled out; both its arms vigorously expanded . A jet of red specter Qi resembled a raging fire, surrounded it .

“Arrgh… . ” The Six-Eyed Child let out a wail . The specter Qi surged as it sprung toward Ye Shaoyang . Ye Shaoyang stabbed its head, but it held his sword with its specter Qi . Both of them were stuck in an awkward position .

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang saw something landing on the Six-Eyed Child back . It shuddered and raised both heads; roared as it jumped away from Ye Shaoyang .

To Ye Shaoyang’s surprise, he saw a giant centipede lying on the back of the Six-Eyed Child! The centipede buried its fangs into the Six-Eyed Child’s back and chomped until the skin was heavily wrinkled .

Where did this centipede come from? Why did it fight with it?

Ye Shaoyang was rather confused . However, he understood once he saw the three tails behind the centipede – it was the centipede that grew inside a soul-bound undead’s abdomen . Old Guo kept it after they killed the soul-bound undead . He wanted to cleanse the evil Qi in it and keep it as a ‘pet’ and he’d apparently succeeded .

The Six-Eyed Child rolled on the ground, trying to shake off the Three-tailed Centipede . It turned around, grabbed the centipede’s body, and brutally tore it apart . The belly of Three-tailed Centipede burst open, and its guts flowed out .

But the Three-tailed Centipede didn’t seem to feel any pain . It snapped at the Six-Eyed Child’s abdomen and constricted it . The latter attacked with both of its heads . But both of them ended up rolling on the ground, furiously biting at each other .

For a moment, jets of black blood spurted into the air and internal organs spilled onto the ground .

Ye Shaoyang was stunned . Even with many years of experience in capturing spirits and demons under his belt, he had never seen such a strange scene . A demon and a specter fighting in the most basic fashion .

The cultivation level of Six-Eyed Child was many times higher than Three-tailed Centipede . But the latter fought fearlessly under Old Guo’s instructions . It constricted the Six-Eyed Child and never let go no matter how the Six-Eyed Child tore and hit it .

Ye Shaoyang gained time from the attack; he quickly raised his Qixing Dragon Sword and recited, “I beseech the almighty Dao . Eradicate evil in all directions! Align now the seven stars in Heaven and punish all evil!”

Ye Shaoyang chopped down on the two entwined around each other .

“Xiao Wu, come back now!” Old Guo shouted . Surprisingly, the Three-tailed Centipede understood . Immediately, it shrunk back to its small size and quickly crawled to Old Guo .

The fight provoked the Six-Eyed Child . It planned to launch another attack on Three-tailed Centipede, but a purple sword aura suddenly stabbed into its head . It quickly turned around, extended its arms, and caught the sword’s blade with its flame-red specter Qi, trying to toss the sword aside .

Ye Shaoyang bit the tip of his tongue, spat a mouthful of blood on both Six Eyed Child’s hands and suppressed most of the specter Qi and shouted, “Destroy!”

Then the Qixing Dragon Sword chopped the Six-Eyed Child in half… .

Ye Shaoyang’s legs gave out . He sat on the ground and exhaled deeply . However, he quickly stood up after he exhaled, as he hadn’t finished his job .

He took out a talisman paper and silently chanted . After a gradual fifteen minutes, the talisman paper absorbed all red specter Qi in the room .

“Is the Six-Eyed Child really dead?” Xiao Ma timidly asked as he stood up from a corner . He was relieved after Ye Shaoyang confirmed the kill . He kicked the Six-Eyed Child’s dead body and happily said, “I contributed a bit in killing it! Tell me that I didn’t screw up this time . ”

Ye Shaoyang ignored Xiao Ma . He walked to Old Guo . Old Guo held the Three-tailed Centipede in his palms and petted it in anguish .

Ye Shaoyang fixed his gaze upon the Three-tailed Centipede . It was seriously injured: its abdomen was split open, and it was on the verge of death .

“How is it?” asked Ye Shaoyang .

“Its abdomen is torn apart . I don’t think it can survive . ” Old Guo was upset . “I spent a lot of time cleansing and cultivating it . It’s such a shame . ”

Xiao Ma said, “This centipede saved our lives . It considered dying gloriously . Old Guo, you must find an auspicious feng shui location to bury it . If you want it to be grander, you can organize a funeral and cherish its memory . ”

Ye Shaoyang said to Old Guo, “Who told you that it’ll die after its abdomen is torn apart? It’s a demon, not a common animal . It can survive as long as its head is still attached . ”

Old Guo’s eyes shone with happiness . “Of course, how could I have forgotten that? Junior brother, do you think you can help—”

Ye Shaoyang cut his middle finger and let a bead of blood drop into the centipede’s mouth . The centipede shuddered as it quickly drank the blood .

Ye Shaoyang said, “Keep it safe and don’t let it come out for the next few days . ”

Xiao Ma was fascinated . “Little Ye, I thought your blood was used to expel evil beings . Why can your blood heal a demon?”

“I removed the Gang Qi and preserved the cultivation in my blood,” Ye Shaoyang replied . “Once it accepts the blood, its recovery is hastened . ”

Xiao Ma wanted to ask more questions, but he smelled something strange . He turned around and shouted, “Oh no, there’s another monster! It’s releasing poisonous gas!”

Ye Shaoyang was shocked . He turned around and saw smoke filling the room . He sniffed and shook his head . “This is real smoke, not evil Qi!”

As Ye Shaoyang finished, the Gu master’s malevolent voice boomed from the rooftop, “Ye Shaoyang, how dare you kill my Six-Eyed Child! Well, all of you will die together with it . I will burn you to death… . ” The voice was growing distant .

Sheets of thick smoke crept in from the gap in the chimney . However, the process was slow because the smoke was drifting down . Even though they were safe for the moment, suffocating to death was the most life-threatening issue .

The walls were burning hot as a stove . The air thinned . Meanwhile, Ye Shaoyang jumped into the flue with Maoshan Qinggong, but he failed to push away the slab that blocked the exit . He had no choice but to suggest that Xiao Ma and Old Guo to stick close the ground, cover their noses with clothes and calmly wait for Xie Yuqing’s rescue .

Finally, they heard Xie Yuqing’s voice outside . She nervously shouted, “Little Trickster, where are you? Ye Shaoyang?”

The three of them shouted in for help . Xiao Ma tapped on a wall with an entrenching tool and created a thunderous sound . Eventually, water droplets fell to the ground through the slab that blocked the exit .

“They’re using a high-pressure water jet,”Old Gu said . “It means that the fire is pretty strong . We must hold out . ”

Slowly, the walls became cooler . After ten minutes, someone climbed to the rooftop and removed the slab . Immediately, the three of them breathed easy . The people on the roof dropped a line of rope and rescued the three of them one by one .

Ye Shaoyang looked around when he got to the rooftop . He saw fire everywhere . He sighed, “It seems like the Gu master purposefully burned away all evidence related to him . ”