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Chapter 147

Chapter 147                 Corpse Cosmetics

The duo walked around the hospital for a while and Ye Shaoyang memorized the special characteristics of all the buildings . As it got close to noon, Ye Shaoyang asked Xiao Ma to look for a restaurant while he went to the obstetrics department . When he arrived, Ye Shaoyang saw Xu Yajuan at the nurse’s station . Happy to see him, she asked him to wait for a bit so she could change, then they went off together .

As they walked out from the hospital, quite a number of nurses looked at them curiously and gave Xu Yajuan sweet smiles . Some of the nurses even jokingly asked if they were a couple .

“Master Ye, please don’t mind them . They are all jokes,” Xu Yajuan explained with a red face . “It’s just because we look about the same age . ”

Ye Shaoyang chuckled, “Well, as long as they don’t think I’m your sugar daddy . Also, don’t call me Master Ye . I’d prefer you calling me Brother Shaoyang since I’m only slightly older than you . ”

Xu Yajuan nodded and accepted it .

Ye Shaoyang called Xiao Ma to find out where he was, then he brought Xu Yajuan over . The three of them mixed well not long after they met . This was only natural since all of them were about the same age and were outgoing .

As they ate, the three of them began to talk about the supernatural things that had happened . The video that Ye Shaoyang watched was protected and hidden from most of the staff of the hospital; hence, Xu Yajuan did not know the contents of the video .

However, Xu Yajuan knew something about that day had been odd and that things weren’t that simple .

“I recall feeling really cold,” Xu Yajuan answered Ye Shaoyang . Her eyes were fearful, “I remember the door opened and a gust of cold air crept in . To be honest I really felt that someone invisible had walked in and stood beside me .

“Also, when the patient started to bleed profusely, I noticed the blood on the floor moving slightly and slowly vanishing . As though something was slowly sucking the blood away . I don’t know if I was just paranoid that day, but I think I saw a strange woman's reflection in the pool of blood .

I told my colleagues, but none of them believed me . Then when we got out to the corridor, we saw hell notes on the floor . All of us were puzzled and wanted to check the surveillance but the director took it . Brother Shaoyang, do you know what’s going on?”

“It’s . . . probably haunted,” Ye Shaoyang paused . He thought he would probably need help from her soon, so it would be almost impossible to hide things from her . As such, he told her and Xiao Ma briefly what had happened . Both of them were shocked and speechless as they listened .

Xu Yajuan sunk back in her seat with a pale face and muttered, “Brother Shaoyang, I think I was better off not hearing that . Thinking about how close I was to that thing . Argh, good thing you’ve come to kill it . ”

“It’s not that easy,” Ye Shaoyang let out a bitter smile and asked, “Were there similar events in the past?”

“I haven’t worked here for long, so I’m not sure, but in total, I’ve encountered two incidents . Our hospital is the biggest one in town, so all the women nearby come to it to give birth . These major hemorrhages happen once in a while annually in the obstetrics department, but usually, doctors are able to save them . ”

As she said this, she suddenly recalled something, “However, incidents like this occur less in hospitals of the same size . I think the occurrences here are definitely unusually high . I heard there have been four to five similar incidents over a three year period . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded and thought, If we attribute all of the cases in this hospital to that underworld midwife, that means it’ll have four to five child spirits under its control . It might not be a good idea to go head on with it .

“Oh yeah, you told me about some haunted event previously, was it this one?” Ye Shaoyang asked .

“No, there’s another strange case . It seems like our hospital has really become a haunted house . Even though no one has been hurt, this event was just… creepy . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, indicating her to continue .

“Hmmm, where should I start?” Xu Yajuan thought for a while and said, “I’ll just say whatever that pops into my head . Anyways, because the town here doesn’t have a funeral parlor, the morgue in our hospital not only houses dead patients, but it also houses people that were killed in accidents . These corpses sit here until their family members come and take them, that’s why our morgue is usually pretty full .

“But something strange started happening last month . Every morning when we arrived at the O . R . , we would discover the corpse of a woman on the operating table . Her lips were always colored red with blood . Her eyebrows were highlighted too, but not with a cosmetic pen . ”

She paused for a bit, and her face scrunched up in disgust, “The black was from the black fluid from her own eyeballs . ”

“F*ck!” Xiao Ma immediately pulled a bin over and spat out a piece of meat that was a lot like a pig’s eye .

Ye Shaoyang was disgusted . He drank some tea to push down the food then asked, “Where did the corpse come from?”

“From the morgue in our hospital, but we don’t know who moved the body . The director checked the surveillance, but surprisingly, all the video footage at that timeframe was just blank white . The director asked old Wu who works at the morgue, but he said he fell asleep around midnight so he didn’t know what happened .

“When nothing could be explained, the director ordered an information lockdown . Only a few of us knew what happened . The director also tried ways to prevent it from happening again, he told us to lock up the OR at night, and leave the keys in the duty room . But it still continues to happen, and it was always the same female corpse, on the same table, with the same makeup . ”

Xiao Ma shook his head in disgust and asked, “Who is this pervert?”

Xu Yajuan continued, “After that, it became really serious . Surveillance still showed nothing . Everyone denies opening the O . R . doors, and the workers in the morgue deny moving anything .

“Recently, the hospital arranged two guards for the morgue and two outside the O . R . , but it still happened . The same female corpse still appeared . When the guards were asked what had happened, all of them said they had fallen asleep . That’s when the hospital got desperate and thought maybe something was wrong with the female corpse . They got rid of it and posted even more guards on night duty .

“However, things did not get better . When we went to the O . R . the next morning, we found another female corpse laying on the table with the same makeup . Every day this occurs, and since the hospital is not losing anything, no one takes it seriously anymore . All the staff in the obstetrics department knows about it and have become numb to it too . It’s almost a habit now: every morning we see a female corpse laying on the table then move it back to the morgue . ”