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Chapter 149

Chapter 149                Who Gave Me Tissue 2

Xiao Ma paled as he looked at Ye Shaoyang, “Please don’t scare me, Little Ye . Come look at the paper that I’ve not used . It’s on the floor . ”

Xiao Ma walked into the washroom and flipped the light switch, but they did not turn on . Xiao Ma was in a slight panic, so he took out his phone and cast a light to where he threw the paper . When he saw what was there, Xiao Ma’s legs went weak and he sunk to the floor . The tissue paper he thought he’d used had turned rough and ancient looking!

“But-- no, it was tissue paper just now . How could this happen, Little Ye? Little Ye?” Xiao Ma looked up and saw that the door to the washroom had closed and Ye Shaoyang was nowhere to be seen .

A rush of fear filled him and without speaking a word, Xiao Ma rushed to the door and tried to open it, but the door did not open . Then, something eerie happened: a flushing sound came from one of the stalls .

Someone else was in one of the stalls!

Xiao Ma got goosebumps and immediately stood up . He turned around and saw the row of stalls with half-closed doors . However, it was dark so Xiao Ma could not see anything more .

“Little Ye? Little Ye…?” Xiao Ma knocked on the door to the outside, but there was no reply . Then, there was another flush from one of the stalls .

Xiao Ma became impatient and his fear slowly became anger . Since Ye Shaoyang was around and he was alone for now, Xiao Ma thought that it was pointless to just stand in terror and do nothing .

Why don’t I just go and take a look at what is going on? Worst come to worst, I’ll just fight it!

He remembered that both Old Guo and Ye Shaoyang mentioned that the first requirement of becoming a sorcerer was courage . Seeing this as a great opportunity, Xiao Ma took a big breath and slowly walked toward the stalls . He kicked open the first door, but there was nothing . He let out a breath of relief and went to kick open the second door .

Xiao Ma kicked open four of the five stall doors and found nothing . Now, there was only one left .

Xiao Ma stood outside the stall . He knew that he would lose confidence if he continued to let his mind run wild, so he stopped thinking and kicked open the last door .

The door opened wide, but there was nothing in the stall .

Xiao Ma felt pretty proud of what he did; however, that feeling did not last long . His pride melted to fear as he watched a shadow fall from the ceiling . It was a baby covered in black tar with blood-shot eyes . The baby smiled at Xiao Ma and slowly crawled toward him .

The baby held a piece of paper in his hand and said in a cute yet evil voice, “Big brother, here’s your paper . I have paper for you . ”

Xiao Ma plopped onto the floor . Twice he tried to get up, but he failed, so he crawled backward until his back hit the wall behind him .

The baby crawled toward him with paper in his hand while giggling in a scary manner . When the baby got close to Xiao Ma, he tore a piece of paper off and stuck it to Xiao Ma’s face . Immediately, Xiao Ma tried to pull the paper off, yet no matter how hard he tried he was not able to take it off .

“Big brother, I give you paper . ”

The baby took more and more paper and stuck it onto Xiao Ma’s face . Soon, Xiao Ma had trouble breathing . He collapsed on the ground and frantically tried to get the paper off while screaming desperately .

“Oh, big brother doesn’t want paper,” the baby stood up beside him with his finger in his mouth thinking . Then, he said, “Then you must want this . ”

He tore a piece of flesh off himself and stuck it onto Xiao Ma’s face .

“O' mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!”

A red string came from behind the baby, wrapped around his neck, and held it back . Then, it formed a knot and the string became redder . The baby screamed in pain as Black Qi shot out of his body .

Xiao Ma was relieved as all of the paper on his face was torn off, and he was able to breathe again . Xiao Ma looked up and saw Ye Shaoyang pulling a string around the baby’s neck . Even though Ye Shaoyang was not in an advantageous position, Xiao Ma did not feel worried at all . He sat on the floor and complained, “Glad you finally joined the party . ”

Now that Ye Shaoyang was here, Xiao Ma had no worries at all .

Trapped by the red string, the baby tried to reach Ye Shaoyang by changing his form to make his arms longer .

However, Ye Shaoyang was one step ahead of the baby . He took out The Great Coin of Molding and pressed it onto the baby’s forehead . Instantly, the baby screamed louder . His body shook and his hands grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s hands to pull them off, yet Ye Shaoyang’s remained still as if they were stuck onto the baby’s head . Ye Shaoyang continued to chant and repel the Evil Qi of the baby .

When the Spirit Qi within the baby was weak, Ye Shaoyang quickly released the coin and stuck a talisman paper on the baby easily . The baby was captured and Ye Shaoyang could finally relax . He looked at Xiao Ma and asked, “How’re you holding up?”

“Almost died!” Xiao Ma looked at the bloody paper on the floor and asked, “Are these pads that it got from the women’s washroom?”

Xiao Ma got up and went to the basin to wash his face . He did not smoke normally, but he lit one and gave it a few good puffs to ease his trembling . However, when he thought about what had happened, he was still scared . Seeing Ye Shaoyang standing there, he scolded, “Where the f*ck were you? Why didn’t you follow me into the washroom?”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulder and told him that he was about to go into the washroom when he saw a baby spirit rush out . He tried to give chase and was unaware that there was another one .

“So did you catch it?”

“I was a bit too slow . It ran down the stairs and went into a wall,” Ye Shaoyang shrugged and said, “When I came back, I immediately knew something was off in the washroom . I guess it was good that it had all its attention on you, so I was able to catch it easily . Even though they have low cultivation, these baby spirits are quite agile . It’s hard to chase them if they decide to run . ”

Xiao Ma asked, “So these are the baby spirits that the underworld midwife controls?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded and said, “They come out at night to absorb Yang Qi for their cultivation, and because the whole hospital is sealed by the formation, they can only roam around the hospital . “

Xiao Ma then asked, “Then why aren’t other people affected? Like the patients, or nurses? Why did it only try to kill me?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and explained, “Well, other people usually get the f*ck out when they see something strange . You, on the other hand, approached it, so it mistook you as a sorcerer and tried to kill you . ”

Xiao Ma paused for a while and scolded, “F*ck, I was just trying to test my courage . If I knew something like this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have gone in . Oh yeah, what are you going to do with the baby spirit you captured?”

“I’ve purified all its Evil Qi, but I still need to kill that underworld midwife in order to break its control . Otherwise, it's not safe to let the baby’s soul go back to its body . ”

Xiao Ma nodded, “Yeah, kill that thing . Kill that old pervert!”

“Big Brother Shaoyang, Brother Xiao Ma, are you guys in there?” Xu Yajuan’s voice came from outside the washroom . The duo immediately pushed opened the door and came out .