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Chapter 166: Chapter 166 Undead Fish

Chapter 166                Undead Fish


The Black Mountain Dam was north of the village . The village head chased away the curious crowd and led Ye Shaoyang and the others to the dam . Ye Shaoyang then asked about the dam .

The village head answered, “This dam has been here for at least a few hundred years . I heard there was a mouth of a spring underneath the dam, and the dam was built to regulate the water . Nothing strange ever happened, but then, around two years ago, the quality of the water became bad and the fish mutated .

“The strange thing is that when the water travels around two hundred meters from the dam through the irrigation channels, the water quality becomes normal again . The farmers that use the water to farm have no problem . The things they grow are unaffected, but the fish farms around the dam are all gone . ”

They walked along one of the irrigation channels for about two to three kilometers . Then, the village head pointed at the dam and said, “Mr . Ye, that’s the water that flows from the dam . Do you see the clear delineation of dark water and clear water?”

The group looked down and saw the clear change from dark water into clear normal water . The strange sight gave all of them an eerie feeling .

Xiao Ma was puzzled .

“If there was something in the water, and it was purified as it left the source, wouldn’t it be a gradual, not an instant, change? This is not logical at all . ”

“There’s a simple explanation,” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the point of change and said . “From here and up is all within the formation . This place is different from the village that was affected by hateful Qi because it’s under the influence of Spirit Qi . The Spirit Qi only affects the water . That’s why things aren’t affected if they are not touching the water . If the point of change is here, then this is also the boundary of the formation . ”

Even though the others didn't understand his explanation, Xiao Ma did . So he asked, “So this formation is the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation?” Ye Shaoyang nodded . He then continued, “So what spirit lives here?”

“Probably a river spirit, but I’m just guessing . I’ll have to see it to be sure . ”

Everyone walked along the side of the dam to the top . The top of the dam had resting spots for people . Ye Shaoyang looked at the dam and the river behind it . They formed a triangular shape with the river widening as it got closer to the dam .

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “Three corners hangs spirits . Triangular ponds of water are easily haunted . Even if only one person died here, it would become haunted . ”

Zhou Jinru asked, “Why is that?”

“It’s related to Fengshui, you won’t understand even if I explained it,” Ye Shaoyang continued . “Anyways, just remember not to swim in ponds or lakes with are triangular in shape . ”
[TL note: Fengshui believes that squares and round shapes are good, but triangles attract evil . ]

Zhou Jinru replied, “I never swim in ponds or lakes . You think I’m a guy and can just swim in random ponds?”

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and thought she was not wrong . Ye Shaoyang’s naked body had been in most of the rivers, ponds, and lakes of Maoshan .

“Let’s go down and have a look,” Ye Shaoyang said and quickly rushed down to the riverside . When he turned back he only saw Xiao Ma and Zhou Jinru . The rest of the people were still far away as they were too afraid to get close .

Ye Shaoyang stood beside the water and observed it for a while . The rocky river bank was tar black . Nothing green grew on the river’s banks, so he went back a bit and plucked a cattail . He returned with it and dipped it in the water for a second .

He took out the Great Coin of Molding and put the cattail through the hole in the coin . Ye Shaoyang then proceeded to form a hand seal and chanted an incantation . The coin immediately began to glow, and the glow expanded to cover the whole cattail . Slowly but surely, the cattail began to emit black Qi .

“This level of Spirit Qi must come from a supreme spirit,” Ye Shaoyang threw the cattail away and explained .

He then went back to the river and squatted beside it . He pulled out his peach wood sword and swiftly stabbed it into the river . When he took it out, there was a fish stuck on it .

The crowd became curious, so they all came to look at the fish . Its body was black, and its eyes were bloodshot red . It struggled strongly and opened its mouth to reveal rows of sharp teeth .

Zhou Jinru shouted, “My God, what kind of fish is this?”

“These fish really have become undead . ” Ye Shaoyang looked at the fish and continued, “These fish had already been killed by the Spirit Qi, but because they were separated from the outside world by the spirit Qi, their bodies did not rot . Not long after, they became undead fish . ”

Xiao Ma shook his head and said, “This is the first time I’ve heard that fish can become undead . Does that mean they have souls too?”

“Of course . Their souls are just like human souls . Souls become animals because they are being punished for their past life . ”

Ye Shaoyang took the fish off and threw it back into the river .

“More than half of the Spirit Qi in the water is from these fish . They are dead, yet they cannot transcend because of the water spirit . ”

After some thought, Ye Shaoyang turned to the village head and asked, “Are there any boats around here?”

The village head was slightly surprised, “Why do you need a boat?”

“Obviously, I’m going to search for the water spirit . Do you want me to swim?”

The village head immediately waved his hands and said, “That is still very dangerous, Mr . Ye . In the beginning, there were some ignorant fisherman who used their boats to fish, but all of them capsized and died . Their bodies were never found . ”

Li Ansheng also warned him, “Mr . Ye, I know your powers are superior, but water is not like land . It’s far more dangerous because you can capsize and drown . I think it’s best we think of another plan . ”

“There is no other way . The pond is too large and it still has a current . It would be impossible to suck out the water . ” Ye Shaoyang thought for a while and told Li Ansheng, “Help me find an average-size boat with a motor . ”

Seeing that he was so determined, Li Ansheng could only follow his orders . The village head told them that there were a few boats not far from where they were . All of them had been left behind by the fisherman who were afraid .

Ye Shaoyang got him to take him there . Sure enough, beside the river were a few boats . Some were rowboats . Others had motors .

Ye Shaoyang picked a boat he thought was okay, and pointed at the motor, “How do I use this?”

“That’s a diesel motor . It’s easy to operate . The boat is not too big, so it should be easy to handle,” the village head explained .

Ye Shaoyang nodded and said, “I’ll use this then . Director Li, please help me get some stuff . Deduct it from the seventy thousand . ”

Li Ansheng got angry when he heard this, “What are you even talking about Mr . Ye? It’s an honor for me to help you, so don’t even talk to me about money . Don’t worry about money!”

Ye Shaoyang chuckled and said, “Then I won’t hold back . Please get me 150 kilograms of lime and fifty kilograms of realgar . Mix them together and put them in the boat . Oh, get me a shovel too . ”

Director Li memorized the list and called someone to get everything ready .