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Chapter 177: Chapter 177 Killing the Hairy Gu 2

Chapter 177                Killing the Hairy Gu 2

The thick white sh*t flew toward the female corpse, and when it hit its head, it melted its skin and flesh like acid . Bones appeared, and it was a horrific scene .

The female corpse turned around and ran toward Ye Shaoyang .

Ye Shaoyang did not rush . He used some cinnabar ink to draw a trigram on his left hand then he leaped toward the female corpse . He dodged its hands and smacked its forehead with his left hand .

“With the revolution of the universe and the mysterious Yin and Yang, up!”

After Ye Shaoyang chanted the incantation, he raised his hand up and held the female corpse into the air . He walked toward the wok of sh*t . The female corpse struggled and clawed deep scratches into Ye Shaoyang’s arm .

However, Ye Shaoyang did not let go . He yelled at Xiao Ma, “Don’t just stand there! Throw some of that sh*t on her!”

“Oh crap, I thought you could handle it on your own,” Xiao Ma mumbled, “Okay, watch out now!” He shoved some sh*t up and threw it toward the female corpse . He missed, so he picked up another scoop and, with some aiming, threw it with confidence .

The sh*t flew toward the female corpse, but at the last second, the corpse moved and forced Ye Shaoyang to move back slightly . Then, the saddest thing happened: all that sh*t was now on Ye Shaoyang’s head .

The mixture would not affect mortals the same way it affected corpses, but there was still one problem: the stench . The stench filled Ye Shaoyang’s nose immediately, and his eyes teared up as he tried hard to shake the sh*t off .

Some fell into his face, so he used his right hand to wipe it off, but that did not help . Instead, he made it worse by spreading it all over his face .

“Fu*k!” Ye Shaoyang screamed . He ran toward the wok and threw the female corpse into the wok .


Globs of sh*t splattered everywhere, and a great puff of white fumes shot into the air . The female corpse screamed as it tried to pull itself out . The female corpse melted quickly . At a rapid speed, its nose, ears, and face disappeared so that only bones were left behind .

Every villager witnessed and was greatly disturbed by the scene . All of them were either watching in awe or were vomiting up their lunch .

“With the power of Yin Yang, destroy!” Ye Shaoyang chanted and smacked the female corpse back into the wok before it could escape . It tried to escape a few times, but Ye Shaoyang was there to smack it back in . Even when the corpse had lost nearly all of its flesh, it still tried to crawl out from the wok .

This scene was even scarier . Xiao Ma was so scared that he stood still as white splats of sh*t landed on him .

Suddenly, a loud bang sounded . The abdomen of the female corpse burst open; then, a black ball-like thing shot into the air and flew toward Wu Mei .

Wu Mei had already been scared out of her mind . By the time the black thing approached her, she had already lost her ability to run . She sat on the ground and watched the thing rush through the air towards her . At the last second, a purple ray of light intercepted the black thing . It exploded mid-air and fell to the ground .

Wu Mei opened her eyes after realizing that nothing had happened to her . Ye Shaoyang was in front of her kneeling on the ground with his long sword in his hand . Ye Shaoyang’s pose was simply dashing like something out of a movie .

However, he did not remain in the pose long . After only a few seconds, Ye Shaoyang jumped up and yelled, “Oh my God, the stench! Where’s the water? I need water!”

“Come with me!” Wu Mei said as she brought him to a clean river .

When Ye Shaoyang was close enough, he jumped in and frantically washed his head . Another splash came from behind him . He looked up and saw that it was Xiao Ma, and he had jumped in to wash up as well .

“How can it be so stinky? Only a few drops of this sh*t is enough to make me puke!”

“You piece of sh*t!” Ye Shaoyang launched himself at Xiao Ma and strangled him . “You know it’s stinky too, yeah? Then, why the f*ck did you throw it on my head? Why you little--!”

“I . . . urgh . . . didn’t do it on purpose,” Xiao Ma pleaded as he tried to break free .

After about ten minutes, the two of them walked back to the area .

Ye Shaoyang looked up and saw that even though they had been gone for a while none of the villagers had dared to get close .

Only Old Guo was there . He was beside the black ball thing using a stick to examine it .

Among the black hair lay a fleshy red ball that was the size of a fist . The surface of the thing was uneven . From the looks of it, Ye Shaoyang figured it originally had hair all over it and lost it after being sliced by the Qixing Dragon Sword .

Xiao Ma stood behind Ye Shaoyang rubbing his neck and asked, “Little Ye, is that the Hairy Gu?”

“Yup,” Ye Shaoyang sighed . “Never expected it to be powerful enough to control the corpse to do such complicated acts . ”

After saying that, he threw a piece of talisman paper on it and burned it .

Ye Shaoyang turned and looked at the female corpse that was still in a ‘climbing out’ position .

He sighed and thought, What a tragedy . Killed by a torturous method, and now, suffering through something like this as a corpse .

“Where are the family members?” Ye Shaoyang looked around . Then, a few people stood out from the crowd . All of them were sad . The husband was the most emotional . The family saw everything . If the village head had not stopped them, all of them would have run toward the corpse when was burned .

The family followed Ye Shaoyang’s orders and prepared a reed mat for the corpse . Ye Shaoyang picked the remains of the corpse out and laid it on the reed mat . After that, the family rolled it up and took it to the river to wash .

Ye Shaoyang stood beside them and said, “I’m really sorry for doing this, but there was no other way . Rest assured that her soul has already left . This corpse was only a shell . Again, for the sake of the whole village, I hope you all will forgive me . ”

When the family heard this they shook their hands in protest, “Please don’t say that, Master Sorcerer . You’ve saved our village from evil . How would we dare to be angry at you?”

The elder who said this was about to kneel before him, but Ye Shaoyang quickly stopped him and comforted them .

Then out of nowhere, Zhu Zi came running nervously . Before reaching Ye Shaoyang he yelled, “Master Sorcerer, please come and see what’s in my wife’s belly!”