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Chapter 179: Chapter 179 Spirit Bind

Chapter 179                            Spirit Binding Chain

Old Guo nodded, “Yup . I got this from the underworld midwife . You told me to collect it, but afterward, I realized that it's a Spirit Binding Chain .

Ye Shaoyang was shocked . Spirit Binding Chains were made of dark steel . They were forged with underworld fire and made for Spirit Commissioners . Like the soldiers of the mortal world, Spirit Commissioners followed a ranking system . Those who are able to wield a chain were usually pretty high ranking .

Ye Shaoyang immediately shook his head and said, “This is impossible . How could an underworld midwife get hold of this? She couldn’t have killed a Spirit Commissioner . The netherworld council would have ended her if she had . ”

Old Guo replied, “I’m also puzzled by this, but this really is from the midwife . How else could I have gotten this thing?”

The Spirit Binding Chain was like a gun . They were only issued to specific officers, which was why Ye Shaoyang thought it was impossible for it to have been stolen or simply picked up . If it really had been lost, the netherworld council would have done an investigation .

Then, Ye Shaoyang remembered that the underworld midwife had a Spirit Badge too, If it was just the Spirit Binding Chain, then it might be a coincidence, but it also had the Spirit Badge .

There was no way that the underworld midwife could have taken it from a Spirit Commissioner, so what was the truth?

Ye Shaoyang spoke his thoughts aloud, and Xiao Ma chipped in, “Could the Spirit Commissioner have given it to her?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and said, “Would Yuqing give me her badge and gun?”

Xiao Ma scratched his head and did not respond .

“Junior Brother is right; something is definitely wrong here . However, without any clues, we can only leave the questions for the future . For now, Junior Brother, why don’t you use this as your weapon?”

Ye Shaoyang was taken aback, never would he think about using it, but this was a weapon forged with hellfire that had immense evil-repelling capabilities .

Ye Shaoyang held the Spirit Binding Chain in his hand and released some Gang Qi into it . Immediately, the chain absorbed the Qi, and it emitted a purple aura . Ye Shaoyang was impressed . The responsiveness of the chain was very good and far better than any human-made weapons .

Old Guo smiled and said, “There use to be a lot of lingering Spirit Qi on it, but after I soaked it in cinnabar water for a few days, it has cleared, so don’t worry and just use it . ”

Ye Shaoyang frowned and said, “This doesn’t seem right though . It still belonged to a Spirit Commissioner . ”

Old Guo then asked, “What’s not right about this? This thing must not have an owner, or else, how could the underworld midwife have used it? Plus, you’ve killed the underworld midwife, and this is your prize . Even if Ox-Head and Horse-Face came looking for you, you can just return it . ”

Ye Shaoyang wiped his sweat and said, “Why does it feel like you’re trying to persuade me into doing something bad? Why don’t you use it then?”

Old Guo shook his head and explained, “Oh, I am too weak for this . I don’t have the power required to wield this thing . I mean, if you don’t want it, I can always sell it on the black market for a high price . ”

“If that’s the case, I think it’s best I hold on to it . ”

Ye Shaoyang decided to use it, so he took the hook at the end, cut his finger, and slowly infused it with his blood .

Special weapons like the chain needed to be imprinted in order to release their full potential .

After it was ready, Ye Shaoyang brought it to an empty area and used it for a while . He felt that it was a good fit . The chain was not too thick . He was also able to wrap it around his waist, so when he needed to, he could easily access it .

Old Guo was pretty happy when he saw that Ye Shaoyang liked it .

“Junior Brother, why don’t you use some of that Maoshan whip technique? It’ll probably perform pretty well . ”

Ye Shaoyang thought it was a pretty good idea .

“Senior Brother, thank you for your advice, but there is something I need your help with . ”

Ye Shaoyang kept the chain and took out eight gold taels . Old Guo was stunned .

“What’s with all this gold?”

“Don’t get all excited . It’s not for you to spend . I need you to make me a golden net and arrow . You know how to make them, right?”

“Count on me,” Old Guo said confidently . “But I’ll go back in a while to start . Give me two days!”

Ye Shaoyang looked at him and asked, “Why don’t you go back now and work on it?”

Old Guo smiled and replied, “Well, the village head said that he would treat us to a great local feast . Since I don’t come here often, I might as well eat before I go . ”

Ye Shaoyang was speechless .

That night, Li Laoxing treated them to some really good local food . Old Guo had a great time and even agreed to take back two big bags of local specialties with him and left happily .

After everyone was gone, Xiao Ma went back to his room to draw talisman paper . Ye Shaoyang went behind the guest house to train with the chain .

When it was nighttime, Ye Shaoyang returned to the guest house, took a shower and laid down on his bed . Before he slept, he searched for a love quote and sent it to Rui Lengyu . After a few minutes, he got a reply: corny .

Ye Shaoyang shook his head in despair . He tried simpler messages before like ‘I love you’, or other short quotes, but the replies he got were either ‘boring’ or ‘not sincere’ .

Ye Shaoyang really felt that chasing girls was harder than hunting spirits . However, he was not going to give up .

When he woke up, it was around eight in the morning .

After washing his face and whatnot, Xiao Ma came and asked, “What are we doing today?”

“Nothing much . We can only wait until Old Guo gets the things ready . ”

Xiao Ma laughed slightly and asked, “Since that’s the case, why don’t you come along with us to swim? I’ve asked Wang Ping out for a swim . ”

Ye Shaoyang gave him a cold look and said, “Since you’ve already asked her out, why do you need me?”

“Well, it’s my first date, so I’m a bit nervous . Hehe, come and support me?”

“Hell no . I will not be the third wheel . ”

Ye Shaoyang was annoyed with him because Xiao Ma was able to get a date, yet he was still stuck at the texting level .